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The Little Sphere is a small game console set to be released in Late 2016. It will run as both a normal Game Console and Console Emulator.


Little Sphere Boxart


  • Console Emulator
    • Xbox
      • 360
    • PlayStation
      • 2
      • 3
    • GameCube
    • Wii
  • Up to 8 Players during Games
  • Built in Recording and Livestreaming Features
  • 6 USB 3.0 Ports
  • 1080p and 4k graphics output, as well as 4:3 during Emulation


The Little Sphere will feature small Extensions Connected by USB. These Extensions include the below:

  • Cartridge Slot Extension
    • This Extension will create a slot for the Emulation of
      • NES/Famicom
      • SNES
      • N64
      • Atari 2600
      • DS/3DS
      • SEGA
        • Mega Drive
        • Genesis
    • (This Extension Requires 2 USB Ports)
  • 8th Gen Extension
    • This Extension allows the Console to read the discs of
      • Wii U
      • Xbox One
      • PS4
  • True Controllers Extension
    • Allows you to use the original controllers for the games emulated. Allowing support of:
      • Nes,Famicom (If Cartridge Slot Extension is connected)
      • SNES (If Cartridge Slot Extension is connected)
      • Xbox Line
        • Xbox One if 8th Gen Extension is connected to Console
        • Supports Kinect if Extra USB port is connected to Console from Extension
      • PlayStation Line
        • PS4 if 8th Gen Extension is connected
      • N64 (If Cartridge Slot Extension is connected)
      • GameCube
      • Wii

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