Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series
Availability Default
Series Punch-Out!!
First Appearance Punch-Out!! (1983)
Home Stage WVGA Boxing Ring
Final Smash Giga Mac


Little Mac is a human boxer of the World Video Boxing Assoc. (or W.V.B.A.) from the Bronx, and the protagonist of the Punch-Out!! series. He has had various crossover encounters with Mario, Donkey Kong and other characters from the Mario series, some of which are via semi-regular cameos in the Punch-Out!! series itself.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Straight Lunge - A chargeable, dashing cross which covers more distance the longer it is charged, although damage does not increase. This attack has low heavy armor while charging and high ending lag when fully charged, but it becomes one of the strongest moves in SSBGE if fully charged, making it optimal to use after a shield break. If the Power Meter is fully charged, it turns into the KO Uppercut instead, an immensely fast and powerful uppercut that, despite its name, is not a a true one-hit KO. Rather, it can KO at very low percentages (such as Jigglypuff at 12%), while also having super armor on frames 8-9. (14%/12%/9% (uncharged ground), 25%/20% (fully charged ground), 10%/7% (uncharged air), 15% (fully charged air), 35% (KO ground), 13% (KO air))

> : Jolt Haymaker-  A Superman punch. The attack can be executed early by pressing the button again. It propels Little Mac quite a distance and grants intangibility in the first few frames. When used in midair, it travels slower and covers less distance, especially if his fist is swung early. It is advised not to use this attack around the edge of a stage, since it sends him into helplessness. However, it can be one of Mac's more useful recovery options off-stage, since it will quickly snap to the ledge. (14%)

^ : Rising Uppercut -  A right-handed, jumping corkscrew uppercut followed immediately by a left-handed uppercut. The first uppercut hits multiple times while the second uppercut hits once and deals respectable knockback. Goes higher with more maneuverability if used on the ground, while it only grants half the distance and maneuverability if used in the air. Deceptively powerful, to the point that it can reliably KO at high percentages and is Little Mac's only reliable aerial finisher. Gives some of the lowest distance and maneuverability of any recovery move, and only snaps to the edge if the move ends right next to one. (1% (loop), 3% (last))

v : Slip Counter -  Little Mac assumes a full crouch stance. If he is hit, he then dodges backward to avoid the hit and then immediately counterattacks by slipping inside to perform an invincible uppercut. In the air, this can be used to either give Mac a slight boost forward for horizontal recovery, though it can also hinder him due to its slip and the direction his opponent is at. (1.3x (min 10%))

F : Giga Mac -  Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac, which makes his ground attacks even more powerful than his normal form. Some attacks with Giga Mac can one-hit KO opponents at full charge, namely his forward smash angled up or to the side, his sweetspotted up smash, and a clean hit from Straight Lunge. His back throw also becomes stronger than Ness'. Giga Mac's aerial attacks are still fittingly weak, however, in-line with Little Mac's ground-based offense. (—)

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