Little Mac (SSB Ultimate)
Little champion
Full Name Little Mac
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Little Mac is the main character from Punch-Out!! Mac is a boxer who dreams of becoming the world champion of the World Video Boxing Association. After many attempts at finding a trainer, he finally found Doc Louis, a former heavyweight champion, who accepted him. His games usually have Mac fighting many opponents, most of them bigger than him, with powerful special abilities. Despite his small size, he can still defeat most of them with enough practice.

General Information

Offense 5/10 Origin Punch Out!!
Defense 5/10 Release Date February,1984
Projectile 0/10 Home Stage World Circuit Arena (Wii U),Major Circuit Arena (3DS)
Height 4/10 Voice Actor/Actress Matt Harty
Weight 4/10 Friends Doc Louis
Speed 7/10 Taunt Up Little Mac hops into the air and does a few quick jabs in the area directly in front of him. This deals no damage.
Attack Speed 10/10 Taunt Down Little Mac looks down at his boxing gloves and then hits them together a few times.
Recovery 4/10 Taunt Side Little Mac wipes some sweat from his forehead.
Throwing 5/10 Entrance Little Mac appears on screen and does a few quick punches before the match begins.
Final Smash 8/10 Platform Little Mac’s platform is a portion of a boxing arena corner, complete with ropes.
Overall 5/10 Kirby Hat Kirby gains Little Mac’s hair and green boxing gloves.


Special Move

Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special  Star Punch 80% - 100% Time stops, allowing Little Mac to start a punch, if nobody is within one standard-sized character-length of him, he’ll do a simple uppercut with little effect. However, if somebody is within that range, he’ll perform his famous Star Punch, sending his opponent flying with heavy knockback.
Side Special Dodge 0% Little Mac quickly dodges to the left or right. Works similarly to his normal dodge, but is slightly faster.
Up Special Super Uppercut 15% - 28%  Little Mac uppercuts, sending him upward about the length of three standard-size characters. If he hits any opponents, they will be dealt a moderate amount of knockback.
Down Special Block 0% Little Mac puts his arms in a blocking position, blocking almost any attack, excluding most Final Smashes. If he blocks about five or six attacks, he’ll turn purple and become dizzy for about three seconds. 
Final Smash Giga Mac 95% - 156% Giga Mac can earn stars just by posing and doesn't need to attack. He can also refill his blue bar, but it's preferred to use it when the opponent is tired, since it can be countered to deplete the majority of the bar. One of the ways to get stars from Giga Mac is by hitting him when he taunts. Interestingly, Giga Mac can't recover from a KO/TKO.