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Using his fists, Little Mac will be ready for the second call! He is very strong and he is also fast too! He is a Brick character and he hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Straight Lunge. Little Mac charges a strong punch which inflicts 20% of damage. The longer you charge the farther you go. When Little Mac's Power Meter is full, he will perform a KO Punch by using this attack.

Side Special: Jolt Haymaker. Little Mac performs an haymaker which can be used to dodge the projectiles too! If used to attack, it inflicts 12% of damage.

Up Special: Rising Uppercut. Little Mac performs an uppercut which makes him jump (but not high) and inflict 18% of damage.

Down Special: Slip Counter. Little Mac counterattacks an opponent's attack and he inflicts 15% of damage.

Final Smash: Three Star Punch. Little Mac performs a fist long the camp (similar to his Standard Special Move) which inflicts 43% of damage.

Special Ability: Power Meter. Combo and suffered attack will fill Little Mac's Power Meter and when fully charged he will perform a KO Punch.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or complete Event 23: The Ring!

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