Little Big God
Little Big God
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, Multi-Player (Online)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Strategy, Creation, God, Sandbox
Series Little Big Planet
Predecessor Little Big Planet 4
 Little Big God is an upcoming Sandbox-Strategy Game for the Playstation 4 and Visus Sphere. The game is a spin-off to the previously Playstation Exclusive, Little Big Planet. The game differs from its predecessors by being about the creation aspect of Little Big Planet rather than the platforming aspect and introduces a Strategy Element through its various modes of gameplay.


While there is no Story Mode the game does introduce itself with a simple narrative and a tutorial on how to play. This is the narrative.

"Long before the little Sackboys and Sackgirls roamed the wild lands of wonders created by the mysterious beings from beyond there existed the Sack God. No one knows where the Sack God originated from and some believe he was the one who created all the planets in the universe, said to be the ultimate creator and destroyer the Sack God possessed unfathomable power although was just in its actions neither opting for absolute peace or absolute anarchy.

As the Sack God created more and more planets they began to realize they were getting a bit old for all this One-person Workforce Architecture and decided to create a lot of middlepeople known as the Sack Gods, although not as powerful as the original, the Sack Gods were able to control the destiny and fate of a single planet each. The Sack God watched over his little Sack Gods as the Sack Gods watched over their little planets.

Every time the Sack God felt a new planet should be created he would create a new planet and a new Sack God, you, yes you, the player are one of these Sack Gods and it is up to you to decide how your little planet will make its mark on the rest of the universe. Many have come before you, some wishing to know their purpose while others conquested for ultimate power however in the end it's still just a game, especially to the Sack God."


The Gameplay of Little Big God is rather different from its predecessors. In it the player controls a planet, while initially their planet is young and still quite simple in design the player can affect things such as nearby Asteroids to have them crash into the planet or increase or decrease the temperature. As the player progresses with their planet once they find one of the many sweet spots in which life can develop they move onto the next phase, this repeats with each phase until the planet reaches a near self-sufficient state. While the player can create a planet akin to Earth they are not limited by that potential solely, instead they can create a planet of molten lava or a planet completely frozen over, or many other varieties of options to differently affect the player's planet. As the player experiments more with their planet they can unlock Planet Features which can affect how the planet develops such as having the planet constantly be shaded creating nocturnal creatures or having the planet become robotic through a replicator. Options expand and differ in scope from each other with some of the more simple options having the largest impacts.


In the game there are a variety of phases which while akin to phases encountered throughout Earth's History can differ quite drastically.

Phase Phase Number Scope Trigger to Next Phase
Young Planet 1 Planetary Life Phase - Life Created
Life 2 Planetary

Intelligent Life Phase - Sentience Developed

Twin Planets - Enough Debris to Create Second Planet

Intelligent Life 3 Continental

Structured Society Phase - City Founded

Warring Species Phase - Divergent Evolution of Species

Twin Planets 3 Planetary

Cataclysmic Crash Phase - Planets Crash into each other

Inter-Planetary Intelligent Life Phase - Same Species becomes Sentient on Both Planets

Double Intelligent Life Phase - Different Species become Sentient on Each Planet

Structured Society 4 Civilization

Fractured Civilization Phase - Civilization develops multiple ideals

Freedom Phase - Freedom becomes main Ideal

Order Phase - Order becomes main Ideal

Autocracy Phase - Autocracy becomes main Ideal

Warring Species 4 Planetary

Life Phase - Intelligent Species kills itself

Structured Society Phase - Species learns to Co-exist

Fractured Civilzation Phase - Intelligent Species develop hatred through ideals

Cataclysmic Crash 4 Planetary

Life Phase - Planet recovers and life appears again

Young Planet Phase - Fail to recreate life

Inter-Planetary Intelligent Life 4 Inter-Planetary

Development of Society Phase - Society Develops for the Species

Warring Species - Species begin fueding within own planets

Double Intelligent Life 4 Planetary

Development of Society Phase - Society Develops for both Species

Rise of Structured Society Phase - Society Develops for one Species

Fractured Civilization 5 Continental

Warring Species Phase - Tension becomes too great and species devolve into war (possibly again)

Formation of Countries Phase - Due to differing ideals Countries are formed to represent the ideals

Freedom Phase - The ideal of Freedom dominates other ideals in some manner

Order Phase - The ideal of Order dominates other ideals in some manner

Autocracy Phase - The ideal of Autocracy dominates other ideals in some manner

Freedom 5 Continental

Democracy Phase - A Government forms from the Freedom of the species to control

Free Liberty Phase - Individuals become unbound to law

Order 5 Continental

Democracy Phase - A Government forms from the Order of the species to control

Network of Survival Phase - Individuals work in absolute synchronization to sustain each other

Autocracy 5 Continental

Dictatorship Phase - A Single individual rises to absolute power

Hierarchy Phase - Formation of layers of rights is formed

Development of Society 5 Inter-Planetary Fractured Civilization Phase - Civilization develops multiple ideals

Freedom Phase - Freedom becomes main Ideal on both planets

Order Phase - Order becomes main Ideal on both planets

Autocracy Phase - Autocracy becomes main Ideal on both planets

Freedom Phase & Order Phase - Freedom develops on one planet while Order develops on the other

Freedom Phase & Autocracy Phase - Freedom develops on one planet while Autocracy develops on the other

Order Phase & Autocracy Phase - Order develops on one planet while Autocracy develops on the other

Rise of Structured Society 5 Planetary Fractured Civilization Phase - Civilization develops multiple ideals

Freedom Phase - Freedom becomes main Ideal

Order Phase - Order becomes main Ideal

Autocracy Phase - Autocracy becomes main Ideal

Formation of Countries 6 Continental

Peace Phase - Countries develop tolerance for each other and are able to co-exist in peace

Global War - Countries develop high intolerance for each other and result in a Global War

Micro Wars Phase - Some countries have wars although there is both peace and war at the same time

Democracy 6 Continental

Peace Phase - Advancement of technology and sustainability of structure of society

Fractured Civilization Phase - Democracy fails and society caves in on itself

Religious Phase - Religion forms forms the coexistence of differing beliefs

Free Liberty 6 Planetary

Democracy Phase - Species forms together a government of control and structure

Dictatorship Phase - Species follows an indvidual who acquires absolute control

Hierarchy Phase - Species forms a hierarchy to control the population and its needs

Network of Survival 6 Planetary

Systematic Control - A System develops from within the Network creating absolute control

Fractured Civilization - Species fails to rely on Network of Survvival and caves in on itself

Dictatorship 6 Planetary

Military Phase - Species grows exponentially aggressive becoming both technologically and militarisitically advanced

Religious Phase - Religion forms from the coexistence of differing beliefs

Hierarchy 6 Continental

Peace Phase - Advancement of technology and sustainability of structure of society

Fractured Civilization Phase - Hierarchy fails and society caves in on itself

Peace 7 Planetary

Modern Phase Phase - Technology advances to a certain point without major destruction

Global War Phase - Tension arises from a source and causes the species to go into a global attack

Micro Wars Phase - Tension arises although is also controlled and while some wars are fought many can remain at peace

Global War 7 Continental

Intelligent Life Phase - All forms of technology and society are destroyed and the species starts anew

Peace Phase - Society somehow recovers and is sustained, peace becomes the outcome

Micro Wars 7 Continental

Peace Phase - Wars between countries fade away and peace becomes the eventual outcome

Global War Phase - Wars between countries/religions escalate and expand creating great divides in opinions leading to an all out war

Religious 7 Civilzation

One Religion Phase - A single religion becomes the supreme religion uniting all under its beliefs

Peace Phase - Religions coexist without turmoil

Global War Phase - Religions aim to destroy each other and influence the species into taking sides

Micro Wars Phase - While some religions are able to coexist some create turmoil and develop small wars

Systematic Control 7 Civilization

Peace Phase - The System is overcome and while control still exists the species is able to adapt to survive

Global War Phase - The System is overcome however without a structured society the species devolves into chaos in an attempt to control the remaining resources

One Religion Phase - The System is altered into a Religion that all follow under

Military 7 Civilization

Global War Phase - Tensions arise from a source and causes the species to go into a global attack

Modern Phase - The Species evolves past its militaristic ways and into modern life

Modern 8 Continental Beyond Phase - Technology advances to a point in which exploration beyond the planet becomes possible
One Religion 8 Continental Beyond Phase - Technology advances to a point in which exploration beyond the planet becomes possible
Beyond 9 Inter-Planetary

Ending 1 - The Species finds their Sack God

Ending 2 - The Species discovers the secrets of the origins of the Universe

Ending 3 - The Species helps their Sack God find the Sack God (Requires Game to be Beaten Once)

Ending 4 - The Species conquers the Universe through Military Methods

Ending 5 - The Species conquers the Universe through Passive Methods

Ending 6 - The Species destroys itself for unspecified Reasons

Planet Features

Planet Features are additional Features the player can earn while playing the game to add unqiue and different aspects to their planet. Some Features will change the appearance of the planet and its species while others will impact the interaction the species has with various factors

Planet Features
Volcanic Planet Tropical Majesty Cold Freeze
Desert Planet Arid Planet Savannah Land
Marshy Planet Semi-Flooded Planet Flooded Planet
Silver Screen Toonified Holiday Land
Perpetual Summer Perpetual Autumn Perpetual Winter
Perpetual Spring Shadowscape Perma-Light
No Spine Planet All Spine Planet Very Weak Gravity
Weak Gravity Stable Gravity Heavy Gravity
Very Heavy Gravity Cuboid Planet Spherical Planet
Hourglass Planet Pear Planet Planet Sackboy
Pyramid Planet Dodecahedral Planet Crescent Planet
Fire Storms Electrical Storms Rain Storms
Short Grasses Standard Growth Mega Flora
Reverse Climate Ocean Flip Islander Life
Planet of the Skies Under the Ground Under the Sea Life
Planet of Breakfast Planet of Dinner Planet of Dessert
Giant Planet Micro Planet Great Forests
Giant Lakes Giant Pits Global Tear
Wonderland Nightmareland Fantasyland
Paper Planet Painted Planet Planet of Light
Monsterous Creatures Living Plants Elementals


While the species overall physical appearance, features, size and vocal range can differ from planet to planet there are set Species formats for each type of planet.

Species Format Planet Type Planet Features Required
Sackboy Earth-Like None
Mammalian Earth-Like None
Reptilian Earth-Like None
Avarian Earth-Like None
Amphibious Earth-Like Semi-Flooded Planet
Piscian Earth-Like Flooded Planet
Insectoid Earth-Like No Spine Planet
Crustacean Earth-Like No Spine Planet & Flooded Planet
Living Stone Rocky None
Magnetic Rocky Electrical Storms
Cave Monster Rocky None
Worm Rocky None
Shadow Creature Rocky Shadowscape
Classic Alien Rocky Silver Screen
Living Stone Molten Lava None
Lava Being Molten Lava None
Living Gas Molten Lava Semi-Flooded Planet
Dragons Molten Lava Silver Screen
Crystal Creature Molten Lava Electrical Storms
Mammalian Frozen None
Ice Being Frozen None
Piscian Frozen Flooded Planet
Yeti Frozen Silver Screen
Snowman Frozen Holiday Land
Mammalian Amazonian None
Reptilian Amazonian None
Living Plant Amazonian None
Swamp Monster Amazonian Silver Screen
Giant Turkey Amazonian Holiday Land
Insectoid Gaseous None
Living Gas Gaseous None
Living Gas Gaseous None
Rain Creature Gaseous Semi-Flooded Planet
Starlight Gaseous Shadowscape
Cartoon Toon None
Living Colour Toon None
Blobby Toon None
Sackboy Toon None
Giant Rabbit Toon Holiday Land
Mermaid Toon Flooded Planet & Silver Screen
Starlight Toon Shadowscape
Mammalian Hollow None
Reptilian Hollow None
Shadow Creatures Hollow Shadowscape
Franken-Species Hollow Silver Screen
Bat Monsters Hollow Silver Screen
Pump-Kin Hollow Holiday Land
Living Metal Metallic None

Species Customization

After reaching the 5th Number of Phases in Little Big God, the player has the option to aesthetically customize their species. This can include adding clothing, accessories and costumes as well as affecting their colours, material composition and also their faces and features.

Species Customization is also able to be done outside of the main game as the player can customize what each species looks like. While playing through Little Big God the player may randomly find various customization pieces for a species while playing, although the customization piece (in the case of skins) may not be for that species. A few customization pieces are also available through the in-game shop on the menu screen and can be purachased by gaining money from playthroughs of the game, they are incredibly expensive however and usually require at least 3 or so playthroughs to buy one.


Each Species has a variety of Skins which can be unlocked randomly while playing Little Big God as well as bought from the store with the in-game currency. Each species has a total of 16 skins including their original.

Original Wooden Leather Wool
Glass Iron Alien Rainbow
Musical Electronic Paint Splatter Bubbly
Plastic Chalk Robotic Cuboid
Fruity Squid Ceramic Cosmic
Original Pangolin Dog Wolf
Lion Tiger Polar Bear Rhino
Elephant Giraffe Kangaroo Mouse
Panda Goat Platypus Loris
Tapir Mole Echidna Flying Lemur
Original Gecko Snapping Turtle Iguana
Komodo Dragon Gharial Crocodile Flying Gecko
Python Rubber Boa Rhinoceros Viper Galapagos Tortoise
Mata Mata Turtle Thorny Dragon Frill-Neck Lizard Gila Monster
Chameleon Armadillo Girdled Lizard Leaf Tailed Gecko Salefin Water Lizard
Original Toucan Falcon Pigeon
Pelican Penguin Ibis Long Wattled Umbrellabird
Marabou Stork Shoebill Magnificent Frigate Bird Ribbon Tailed Astrapia
Humming Bird King of Sacony Bird of Paradise Superb Bird of Paradise Sage Grouse
Vulturine Guinea Fowl Spoonbill Inca Tern Potoo
Original Salamander Atretochoana Glass Frog
Pignose Frog Bull Toad Ornate Horned Frog Mossy Frog
Axolotl Malagasy Rainbow Frog Newt Caecilian
Crested Newt Reed Frog Tree Frog Desert Rain Frog
Diplocaulus Koolasuchus Temnospondyli Fowler's Toad
Original Hammer Shark Tiger Shark Sunfish
Swordfish Stone Fish Piranha Angler Fish
Cichild Fish Pufferfish Flying Fish Goldfish
Fighting Fish Butterflyfish Regal Tang French Angelfish
Banggai Cardinalfish Rainbow Paintfish Clownfish Lion Fish
Original Fire Ant Leaf Ant Rhino Beetle
Praying Mantis Bee Hornet Butterfly
Moth Grasshopper Centipede Dragonfly
Cicada Ladybug Mosquito Spider
Scorpion Golden Stag Beetle Weevil Gerridae
Original Shrimp Lobster Fiddler Crab
Spider Crab Crayfish Mantis Shrimp Hermit Crab
Ghost Crab Wharf Crab Beach Flea Pillbug
Rock Slater Barnacles Trilobite Skeleton Shrimp
Remipede Anchor Worm Masked Crab Gaudy Clown Crab
Living Stone
Original Basalt Diorite Dolerite
Granite Obisidian Pumice Chalk
Diatomite Flint Limestone Sandstone
Shale Anthresite Gniess Marble
Phylite Quartizite Slate Tiger's Eye
Original Alnico Ferrite Neodymium
Nickel Iron Cobalt Awaruite
Wairauite Magnetite Maghemite Jacobsite
Trevorite Pyrrhotite Troilite Goethite
Lepidocrocite Magnesioferrite Ilmenite Ulvospinel
Cave Monster
Original Rocky Golem Giant Insect Cyclops
Cave Troll Blind Giant Six-Armed Giant Ogre
Giant Bat Mossy Skeleton Lava Spitter Cave Lake Mer
Giant Leech Armoured Dinosaur Thorned Beast Frog Man
Giant Worm Diamond Eyes Skull Faced Beast Cave Painting
Original Earthworm Sea Urchin Inchworm
Palouse Earthworm Red Mangrove Flatworm Olive Flatworm Spoon Worm
Tube Worm Fire Worm Medusa Worm Feather Duster Worm
Gastrotrich Ribbon Worm Furry Worm Horsehair Worm
Fake-Eyed Worm Armour Worm Spiked Worm Ball Worm
Shadow Creature
Original Shadow Pet Shadow Beast Winged Shadow
Shadow Reach Shadow of Light Liquid Shadow Shadow of Lunar
Ghostly Shadow Legless Shadow Monstrous Shadow Shadowskin
Dark Sackboy Bone Shadow Gazing Shadow Grinning Shadow
Rocky Shadow Cosmic Shadow Dripping Shadow Horned Shadow
Lava Being
Original Molten Rock Golden Lava Silver Lava
Glass Lava Rusted Lava Blue Lava Black Lava
Soot Bubbling Body Vibrant Red Charcoal Grey
Tar Metallic Shine Pyroclastic Solid Cracks
Mystic Green Lava Mystic Purple Lava Hydro Pyro Sparkling Lava
Living Gas
Original Red Steam Watery Plasma Burn
White Smoke Black Smoke Green Steam Sulphur Gas
Fireball Cold Chill Thundercloud Rainstorm
Snowglobe Aurora Purple Smoke Pink Smoke
Orange Steam Sparkling Gas Bubble Gas Chameleon Gas
Original Drake Wyvern Wyrm
Basilisk Chinese Dragon Naga Hydra
Slavic Dragon Japanese Dragon Ismenian Dragon Rainbow Feather Dragon
Bearded Dragon Legless Flying Dragon Storm Dragon Crystal Dragon
Sol Lunar Ridgeback Craggy
Crystal Creature
Original Ruby Emerald Sapphire
Topaz Diamond Onyx Amethyst
Carnelian Pyrite Jasper Malachite
Lapis Lazuli Opal Quartz Citrine
Moonstone Bloodstone Hematite Peridot
Ice Being
Original Snowflake Bullet Ice Rhombic Prism Ice
Crescent Ice Half-Cube Ice Snowfall Cracked Ice
Flowing Turquoise Indigo Magenta
Steaming Foggy Misty Black Ice
Ice Ball Icicle Ice Coil Splash
Original Black Furred Striped Sunset
Sky Blue Furred Purple Furred Spotted Cosmic
Red Furred Orange Furred Swirls Aurora
Metal Fur Golden Furred Eye Patterns Candlelight
Lime Furred Navy Blue Furred Wool Fur Sasquatch
Original Turnip Nose Classic Snowcoat
Beanie Ushanka Leafy Cleaning
Wealthy Black Ice Blue Ice Purple Ice
Construction Worker Scrooge Santa Elf
Sandy Clay Suit Ornate
Living Plant
Original Monkey Face Orchid Moth Orchid Rafflesia
Psychotria Elata Subterranean Plant Beehive Ginger Anguloa Uniflora
Parrot Flower Snap Dragon Seed Pod Caleana Major Birds of Paradise
Passion Flower Corpse Lily Protea Pinwheel Voodoo Lily
Brazilian Dutchman's Pipe Star Flower Tropical Pitcher Plant Flame Lily
Swamp Monster
Original Shelled Mossy Vined
Tree Growth Amphibious Rocky Draconic
Ogre Weeping Willow Finned Spiny
Long Limbed Glow Eyes Merr Flowery
Cyclopsian Crush-Mouthed Frog-like Serpentine
Giant Turkey
Original Beltsville White Black Turkey Bourbon Red
Bronze Turkey White Holland Turkey Slate Turkey Narragansett Turkey
Royal Palm Turkey Pigeon Pheasant Ostrich
Quail Guinea Fowl Rhea Partridge
Chicken Goose Duck Pelican
Rain Creature
Original Crystal Heavy Rain Storming
Snowing Hailing Acid Rain Steam Rain
Whispy Fluffy Pulse Raining Layered Bodies
Plasma Storm Dust Storm Fire Storm Foggy
Dew Misty Tiny Cluster Strato
Original Red Giant Golden Shine Blue Dwarf
White Dwarf Black Dwarf Brown Dwarf Quasar
Cosmic Dust Blue Giants Nebula Neutron Star
Binary Star Trinary Star Green Shine Indigo Shine
Red Shine Flare Star Blue Shine White Shine
Original Angular Anime Stylized
Semi-Realistic Monoshaped Fairytale Sci-Fi
Post-Apocalyptic Thicklined Rounded Sketchy
Heavy Shading Dramatic Simplistic Black & White
Faded No Line Cell-Shading Drawn
Living Colour
Original Red Maroon Orange
Yellow Gold Lime Green
Turqoise Cyan Blue Navy
Indigo Violet Pink Magenta
Ruby Sapphire Emerald Onyx
Original Slime Plastic Glue
Molten Rock Watery Concrete Mud
Glass Cream Putty Dough
Fiery Thunderous Floral Furry
Plasma Toxic Bubbly Fluffy
Giant Rabbit
Original Alaskan Fuzzy Lop Argente Bleu
Baladi Caldes Deilenaar Gabali
Lionhead Orestad Perlfee Sallander
Silver Fox Tan Vienna Wheaten
Blanc De L'Oural Swan Sussex Rhinelander
Original Double Tailed Coral Growth Anemone Growth
Sirens Harpies Crustamer Ship Savers
Clam Mer Spell Singers Songbird Voice of the Abyss
Octo Mer Eel Mer Shark Mer Star Mer
Weather Workers Whirl Conjurers Pearl Weepers Moon Dancers
Shadow Creature
Original Shadow Dog Shadow Wolf Shadow Bear
Shadow Elephant Shadow Lion Shadow Tiger Shadow Rhino
Shadow Condor Shadow Cockatoo Shadow Pelican Shadow Dove
Shadow Komodo Shadow Toad Shadow Axolotl Shadow Shark
Shadow Bee Shadow Mantis Shadow Slime Shadow Crystal
Original Anubis Liger Minotaur
Winged Lion Jaglion Griffin Zebroid
Wholphin Chimera Narluga Jackalope
Nue Cama Wolpertinger Dzo
Leopon Fenguang Savannah Cat Qilin
Bat Monster
Original Leaf-Nose Mega Flying Fox
Epauletted Fruit Bat Split-Nose Brown Long Ear Striped Yellow Ear
Horseshoe Bat Pipistrelle Red Bat Hog-Nosed Bat
Spotted Bat Hoary Bat White Bat Vampire Bat
Striped-Face Ghost Bat Pallid Bat Canyon Bat
Original Gourd Jarrahdale Lakota
Sugar Pumpkin Caribbean Squash Red Kuri
Buttercup Red Lady Black Peanut Italian Stripe
Orange Hubbard Green Hubbard Swan White Acorn Butternut
Dekita Golden Acron Table Queen Acorn Black and Silver
Living Metal
Original Iron Cobalt Gold
Silver Platinum Nickel Copper
Tin Palladium Lead Zircon
Titanium Manganese Brass Bronze
Steel Zinc Black Steel Aluminium

Head Pieces

Head Pieces
Head Neck Eyes Mouth
Top Hat Bow Tie Monocle Governer's Moustache
Regal Mohawk Lion's Mane Flared Eyebrows Meow Mouth
Wedding Wreath Necklace of Flowers Ringed Eyes Shining Smile
Halo Heavenly Beard Crescent Moon Golden 'stache
Devil Horns Bat Wings Fire Eyes Demon Fangs
Striped Mohawk Spiked Collar Crying Eyeliner False Scars
Rainbow Afro Spotted Tie Red Button Nose Clown Makeup
Court Dress Cravat Spectacles Mini Gavel
Jungled Mop Survivor's Beard Fought a Bear and Won Dirt'n'Grit
Duster's Brim Beard of the West Spiteye Grit Gunslinger's Marks
Marching Hat Saluting Whistle Glitter and Shine Mini Baton
Grass Hair Camo Beard Hidden Goggles Khaki Paint
Captain's Hat Swashbuckler's Cravat Eyepatch Scurvy Smile
HoHo Hat Jolly Ol' Saint Beard Rosy Smile Giftful Moustache
Little Miss Bonnet Sunset Necklace Baby Blue Eyes Fairytale Dimples
Featherhead Iron Brace Sir Grill-Sight Head of Armour
Brain in a Jar Stich-Up Seams Igor's Eye Face of the People
Count Headpiece Blood Bites Hypnotic Gaze Fangs of the Night
Furry Fuzz Face Full'O'fur Beastial Eyes Feral Fangs
Serenading Locks Pearly Necklace Scaled Gills
Automa-Light Bolt Brace Belt Cyber Eyes Mechanical Voice
Woodchip Beanie Lumberjack's Beard Forested Scratches Mini Hatchet
Miner's Light Coal Dust Beard Digger's Goggles Oil Slick Shine

Body Clothing




Special Effects



  • During the Game's Development, Darklight Studios hired assistance from Maxis on how to develop the game due to their previous work on The Sims, Spore and SimCity
  • The online version does not allow for conquering of inhabited planets although will randomly generate new planets every 48 hours and destroy species that have not been active for 30 days
  • In any Sackboy Species developed Planet there is a one-in-one million chance for a Golden Sackboy to appear in the population
  • Interestingly the player's Sack God actually has an influence over what species appears on a planet, if the player's Sack God has the same skin as a species that can develop on the planet type they've chosen, that species type will become 15% more likely to develop
  • All Space Phase Species speak in a garbled language however by reversing what they say and taking out every fourth word one will find they're actually reciting lines from various Shakespearen plays

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