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Little Big Doodleland 3 is the third installment of the Little Big Doodleland saga. It features several new characters, settings, and villains. It also features comic pages, which will have panels and speech bubbles. This is to show more action, and there will be only about three.

Little Big Doodleland 3's storyline takes place two hours after Little Big Doodleland 2's, where Dan, Zak, and everyone else meets the Dragon Castle Militia, and find out what the Dark Scribble is. Dan and everyone else get sent to islands for suspicious activity.

It is split into three acts, each focusing on a certain aspect of the story. Act 1 focuses on Dan trying to find the rest of the main cast, while Act 2 focuses on the war that follows afterwards, and the last act goes into The Dark Labyrinth.

It's release date is on ???. It is way behind schedule, but it is 90% done. The reason it took so long was due to the fact that Sora took a break near the end of the third act.


Zak, Dan, and everyone else from the second Little Big Doodleland, goes back to Dragon Castle under the orders of Tom Lang. Dan gets sent to Winterfrost Island, while Zak is sent to Upside Down Lane, as a source of back-up. The Dark Scribble begins attacking the islands.

Dan escapes through Ramona, who is looking for her sister that went missing about a week ago. Framework and Skaten tag along, to avoid being sucked in.

More plot will be posted soon.

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