Little 'Mon Quest is a game for the Wii U and 3DS. Little 'Mon Quest follows the adventures of the Pichu Brothers and their companions most of who are baby Pokémon in an attempt to save their new home region Chisku from the dark lord Darkrai with help from the light lord Cresselia and the over lord Arceus. Little 'Mon Quest is to be released some time in mid 2015.


Pichu Big and Pichu Little along wit their friends Smoochum, Magby, Teddiursa and Wooper have sneaked onto a Cargo Ship in hopes of finding a new home. Only 4 Days in a the ship crashes into a rock and the friends are all washed away and end up on a strange Island ruled entirely by Pokémon. The group are hurt when an elderly Blissey finds them and takes them back to her home. A few years pass and the children have been living with the Blissey ever since. Grandmother Blissey takes care of them like they are her own. After a few more weeks the towns mayor, Mayor Roserade, informs everyone that the evil sorceress Darkrai was messing with the balance of Energy in the Pokémon Universe. She warns Pokémon to stay inside during the 'Midnight Hours' as Darkrai lingers in the shadows. After a few days of the towns people going missing the Pichu Brothers decide to sneak off into the night in order to save the Pokémon from the darkness. Traveling far and wide, Pichu Big and Pichu Little come across Cresselia who gives Pichu Big a sword made of Light and gives Pichu Little a Shield made of Light. She asks them to find Darkrai and slay her as Cresselia is too busy trying to bring back light to the world. The Pichus' adoptive Brothers and Sister are able to track them down and help too each also gaining a Light Weapon. Darkrai takes note of this and makes her own group of Pokémon to go and slay Cresselia giving them each Dark Weapons to mirror the other group.


Light Warriors

Picture Name Weapon Description Unlockable
PichuBig Pichu Big Light Sword Pichu Big is the older Pichu Brother. Big is more witty and confident yet more stubborn often getting into trouble because of it. Default
PichuLittle Pichu Little Light Shield Pichu Little, the slightly younger Pichu Brother. Little is shy and less obnoxious than his brother but stays by him non the less. Default
SmoochumLM Smoochum Light Whip Smoochum is the third oldest out of her adoptive siblings. She has a very short temper and is very easily angered especially if someone insults her appearance. Joins after Level 5
MagbyLM Magby Light Shoes Magby is cocky yet shy. He enjoys time alone but does enjoy the company of his adoptive sister Smoochum. Joins after Level 7
TeddiursaLM Teddiursa Light Claws Teddiursa is very quiet and is easily frightened. He is very gluttonous and greedy with food and enjoys eating berries. Joins after Level 10
WooperLM Wooper Light Helmet Wooper is the youngest of all the friends. He doesn't have arms so he just uses his head or water to attack his foes. Joins after Level 10

Dark Warriors

Picture Name Weapon Description Mirrors
SneaselBigLM Sneasel Big Dark Sword Sneasel Big is a big bully who constantly tries to attack Pichu Big. Sneasel Big is very self centered and stubborn. Pichu Big
SneaselLittleLM Sneasel Little Dark Shield Sneasel Little is kind of shy but is very sly and two-faced. Sneasel Little likes to prank other Pokémon but in horrific ways. Pichu Little
MisdreavusLM Misdreavus Dark Whip Misdreavus is flirty and cold hearted. She will say anything to hurt peoples feelings and likes to take matters into her own hands. Smoochum
TyrogueLM Tyrougue Dark Shoes Tyrougue is fast, sharp and spiteful. Tyrougue hurts Pokémon both physically and verbally just for fun Magby
ZoruaLM Zorua Dark Claws Zorua is loud and obnoxious. He likes to break things just so he can blame it on other Pokémon. Teddiursa
SeedotLM Seedot Dark Helmet Seedot is the youngest yet darkest Dark Warrior. He enjoys watching people suffer and speaks in a very deep monster-like tone. Wooper

Supporting Characters

Picture Name Description Found At;
N/A Cresselia Cresselia has fought her sister Darkrai over control of Day and Night. Setteling the agreement that Cresselia will rule half the day and Darkrai the other. However Darkrai was jealous and stole the day away from her casting an eternal night. Quartz Palace
N/A Grandmother Blissey Considering herself to be too old to be called a Mother Grandmother Blissey tells her adopted children to call her Grandma instead. Blissey has been through many events in Chisku's history. The Cottage
N/A Mayor Roserade The mayor of Sea Shell Springs, Mayor Roserade is strern and strict yet kind and soft. She cares greatly about the well being of her citizens. Town Hall


Picture Name Description Found At;
N/A Darkrai Darkrai has fought her sister Cresselia over control of Day and Night. Setteling the agreement that Cresselia will rule half the day and Darkrai the other. However Darkrai was jealous and stole the day away from her casting an eternal night. Obsidian Palace
N/A Houndour This Pokémon followed Pichu and Friends to the island but was also washed ashore. He wants revenge on the group after they accidentaly hurt his back. The Beach

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