Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. All characters, items, and locations are credited to [ Max2.

Chapter One: Snow Dances and 7-Year Olds

"OK Guys. Wandy, you and Wotey do a Snow Dance. Me and Cweffa will do a Wain Dance. WE MUST GET SNOW!" Litle P said. "Um... how about we don't?" Randy said. "Fine. When it snows over MY house, I won't wet you guys pway in it." Litle P said. He then proceeded in Snow Dancing up to his room, getting the floor wet on the way. Cleffa followed him, but tripped on the porch and landed in something... White. She realized Litle P had walked through that spot. His snow dance had worked! Cleffa ran back to her friends and they spent the rest of the day Snow Dancing across the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Sandslash was picking up the Sugar he spilled on the porch and threw it away. He then saw Randy, Cleffa, Lotey, and even SQUIRTLE, doing a ridiculous dance outside, covering the entire neighborhood. "What are you guys DOING?!?" Sandslash asked, as Marill started dancing to. "Snow Dancing!" Everyone replied "Litle P did it and it snowed wherever he walked!". Sandlash realized they thought the Sugar was Snow. He didn't want to tell them this, though, so he let them be. He walked away as Poliwhirl and Litle P joined.

Chapter 2: Snow Cones = Brain Freeze

The next day, it snowed. The kids said it was thier Snow Dance, but the parents knew it was just the wheather. The kids didn't mind anyways, they just played in it. Randy and Litle P made the stupid mistake of having a Snow Cone-Eating Contest. In 20 Degrees weather. Eventually, they were both frozen solid. Well, at least their mouths. Immediatly after, Litle P, Randy, and Lotey had to spend the whole day inside. Luckily for him, Sandslash was inside too. He told the kids that their was a bag of "Snow" (Sugar) in the kitchen, and they should spray it around the house. Immediatly, they covered every corner of the huose with sugar. Jiggy walked inside. screeched and ran out. Sandslash, Litle P, Randy, and Lotey were grounded in 3 minutes flat.

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