Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. All characters, items, and locations are credited to [ Max2.

Litle P Kart is an upcoming racing game for the SNES* and Super P Box. It stars many characters from the Litle P and Sandslash Series, and was inspired by Super Mario Kart.

*Video Game Consoles are a fairly new thing in the Litle P and Sandslash Series universe. Super Nintendo is just the system the Super P Box is based off of.



A typical race. The player is Princess Cleffa, who happens to be in fifth.

Basic Gameplay revolves around racing computer-controlled racers thorugh courses based on the titular series. However, there are two distinct modes, Grand Prix and Time Trial.

Grand Prix involves racing the computer players through 4 courses at a time. In order to get to the next course, you must come in 6th place or above. After a race, you get points based on what place you came in. After all four races, you are awarded based on the final standings. If you get 1st Place in all, you unlock the next cup. Throughout the courses, one can find items which they can use against their opponents. These can range in function, but are always beneficial to the person who recieves them. Computer Characters always use the same item, though.

Time Trial places you on a track of your choice, with your only enemy being time. There are no items or computers, and this mode is only one-player. You unlock new cups by beating the default time on all of the previous courses. This mode can also help you prepare for Grand Prix mode.

In both modes, the races are hosted by Randy and Lotey. Randy starts the races, and Lotey pulls racers out of the water when they fall in.


The game features 8 characters, sorted into 3 different weight classes. However, only 6 characters have been revealed, with one character in the background of a race being unidentified.


Pre-Race Screenshot, showing several of the characters.

The weight classes are actually the only thing determining a character's stats.

  • Lightweight characters are the fastest, but they have the least control. They tend to go slower off-road.
  • Middleweight characters are balanced in speed and turning.
  • Heavyweight characters are the slowest, but they have the best control. They can also perform better off-road.
Name Weight Class
Litle P Light
Squirtle Light
Venonat Light
Jiggy P Middle
Princess Cleffa Middle
Sandslash P Heavy

The other two characters are unknown as of this point.


Items play a major part in the races. They are collected from Item Squares, which lie on the road, usually clustered at one point in the course.

For some moves, their effects are watered down for Grand Prix mode, such as Spark, which gives him only a minor speed boost.

Name Effect Item Holder (GP)
Spark Boosts your speed for a few seconds. Litle P and Jiggy
Pie Flies Forward and spins out another Kart on contact. Squirtle
Whistle Temporarily slows down everybody else ???
Cake Leaves behind a puddle of icing that spins out the first person to hit it. Princess Cleffa
Autopilot Causes your Kart to move automatically for a little while. N/A (listed as Jiggy in the manual)
Drill Knocks any opponents in front of you to the side. Sandslash
Homing Missle Chases that kart ahead of the user. ???
Bomb Seed Similar to the Pie, exept it moves backwards. ???


There are 5 cups in the game, each with 4 courses. Each course is different, but certain courses share the same theme. Different themes have different obstacles and hazards.

  • Sandslash Circuit - Reuses of Mario Circuits from Super Mario Kart.
  • Forest Circuit - Courses taking place in Castle Street Forest. They usually have splits in the path, and a lake/bridge.
  • Jiggy's Lab - These take place in Jiggy's Lab, and feature wide paths. The crash barriers, however, electrocute you.
  • Litle P Lake - One of the most recurring, these courses place you on an island or chain of islands. Water is a major hazard here, as there are no crash barriers.
  • Cleffa's Castle - The final course in every cup, these courses feature sharp turns and fountains you can fall into.

The cups are organized by difficulty, the order being:

  • Normal
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Thunder
  • Fire

Normal Cup

Name Description
Sandslash Circuit 1 A direct copy of Mario Circuit 1, this course eases newcomers into the game
Litle P Lake 1 A watery level composed of two islands, with a pair of bridges linking them. no real obstacles other than water.
Forest Circuit 1 A simple circle with a three way split in the middle. There is also a bridge at the end.
Cleffa's Castle 1 A square-shaped course with a body of water in the middle. Some parts of the inside crash barrier are gone, allowing people to fall into the water.

Water Cup

Name Description
Sandslash Circuit 2 A direct copy of Mario Circuit 2.
Jiggy's Lab 1 A course shaped vaugely like a sideways figure-eight. The left side has a piece of the crash barrier in the middle of it.
Litle P Lake 2 A chain of small islands. The water in between them isn't deep enough for you to sink.
Cleffa's Castle 2 A long and winding course with a lake in the middle. No obstacles, other than the narrow path.


A sequel was announced to be released 3 years after the original game, featuring brand new courses and more characters.