Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. All characters, items, and locations are credited to [ Max2.

Chapter 1: Bronze

"You'we so lucky Cweffa. You can just snap youw fingews and the wowd is youws" Litle P commented. It was a boring summer day, and the four kids were hanging out in the forest. Literally hanging out. "It's so boring. All I do it sit around and get everything I could ever want. You're so lucky. You get to adventure and stuff and eat normal foods and stuff." Cleffa replied. "And besides, being royalty isn't all it's set up to be. There's important duties and stuff." "wait a second!" Randy shouted in. He and Lotey were laying on a curved branch, and Litle P and Cleffa thought he was asleep.

Chapter 2:Silver

"Lotey game me an idea. Obviously, Cleffa wants to be normal kids and Litle P wants to be royalty. So, why don't you to switch roles for a day?" Randy concluded.

After that, The King and Mrs. P talked about it, and the plans were set. Cleffa would be a normal kid for a day and live in the P's house, while Litle P will be prince (even though he called himself a king). However, all of Litle P's royal orders would be removed at the end of the day. Also, if an emergancy called for it, Cleffa had to return to the throne.

The next night, Mrs. P carried Sleep P over to Cleffa's Castle, while Cleffa's guards were carrying her to Litle P's house.

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