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List of the Stickers in Paper Mario: Ultra Universe

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  • Worn-Out Jump - The Weakest Jump sticker in the Game.
  • Jump - A Simple Jump sticker.
  • Shiny Jump - This Jump sticker is more stronger.
  • Flashy Jump - This is a very strong Jump sticker.
  • Big Jump - A much bigger Jump sticker.
  • Big Shiny Jump - A much bigger Shiny Jump sticker.
  • Big Flashy Jump - A much bigger Flashy Jump sticker.
  • Megaflash Jump - The best Jump sticker there is.
  • Ultra Universe Jump - The Jump sticker of the Ultra Universe.
  • Iron Jump - A Jump sticker made of Iron.
  • Shiny Iron Jump - A much more shinier Iron.
  • Flashy Iron Jump - Very powerful Iron Jump sticker.
  • Big Iron Jump - A bigger Iron Jump sticker.
  • Big Shiny Iron Jump - A big & shiny Iron Jump.
  • Big Flashy Iron Jump - A bigger & powerful Flashy Iron Jump.
  • Megaflash Iron Jump - One of the Best Iron Jump sticker there is.
  • Ultra Universe Iron Jump - A Iron Jump made by the Ultra Universe.
  • Gold Jump - A Jump that is hard as Gold.
  • Shiny Gold Jump - A Gold Jump thats more shiny.
  • Flashy Gold Jump - A very cool Gold Jump sticker.
  • Big Gold Jump - This a much bigger Gold Jump.
  • Big Shiny Gold Jump - A much shinier & bigger Gold Jump sticker.
  • Big Flashy Gold Jump - A powerful Big Gold Jump.
  • Megaflash Gold Jump - A very powerful Gold Jump sticker.
  • Ultra Universe Gold Jump - The Gold Jump sticker of the Ultra Universe.
  • Crystal Jump - A Jump sticker as shiny as Crystal.
  • Shiny Crystal Jump - A much sparkly Crystal Jump.
  • Flashy Crystal Jump - One of the Best Crystal stickers.
  • Big Crystal Jump - A bigger Crystal Jump sticker.
  • Big Shiny Crystal Jump - A big & shiny Crystal Jump.
  • Big Flashy Crystal - A big & powerful Crystal sticker.
  • Megaflash Crystal Jump - One of the awesome Crystal Jump stickers.
  • Ultra Universe Crystal Jump - A Crystal Jump for the Ultra Universe.
  • Hopslipper - A Jump sticker that lasts longer.
  • Shiny Hopslipper - A shiny Hopslipper sticker.
  • Flashy Hopslipper - A very powerful Hopslipper attack.
  • Big Hopslipper - A big Hopslipper attack sticker.
  • Big Shiny Hopslipper - A shiny & bigger Hopslipper sticker.
  • Big Flashy Hopslipper - A powerful & big Hopslipper.
  • Megaflash Hopslipper - A very, very powerful Hopslipper.
  • Ultra Universe Hopslipper - A Hopslipper sticker made by the Ultra Universe.
  • Dizzy Hopslipper - A Hopslipper that makes enemies dizzy.
  • Shiny Dizzy Hopslipper - A much shinier Dizzy sticker.
  • Flashy Dizzy Hopslipper - A Strong Dizzy Hopslipper sticker.

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