These are the bosses in Team Namco: Herbert's Sucess.

Name Dungeon No. HP Attacks
Test Bots  1 50 A three-phase fight. All just use easy danmaku patterns.
Goro 2 70 He chases the character, unleashes meowkies, and releases a homing shot.
King Fygar 3 100 He acts like a fygar only he has more coverage.
Clyde 4 90 Uses wriggle's danmaku patterns.
King Bee 5 200 Uses kaguya's danmaku patterns. The author, when asked in an interview, on this, said "Yep! The game gets hard as CRAP at stage 5! Why? Three words: I LOVE HARD. Same goes for Herbert too."
Herbert 6 1000 Uses mokou's danmaku patterns.

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