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These are the boos in the game Luigi's Mansion:Queen Boo's Revenge.


Name          Health          Name                                                                                 Quote

Boont          30                 Pun of Bant and Boo.                                          Boont,the new console!

Boonker      30                 Pun of Bunker and Boo.                                   I am Boonker,from the Bunker!

KaBooM      50                 Pun on Kaboom! and Boo.                             Yes,I'm an exploding Boo! KaBooM!

ABooLa       50                 Pun on the username Abula in the game Elastomania.   Wanna meet ABooLa?

BooM-BooM! 100              Pun on Boom Boom's name.                                                BooM-BooM!

BaBooN         350             Pun on the animal baboon.                  I'm a monkey!To be more clear:I'm BaBooN!


Name                Health                Special

Booria               100                   Summons kisses,worth 5 HP damage.

Boolossus         350                    Summons 25 Boos.

Queen Boo       500                    The battle with her is in top of a tower which is surrounded by an electric

                                      gard.She runs to you.Try avoiding him and she will die because of the                                                             electricity.

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