This is a list of all the areas in Team Namco: Herbert's Sucess.


Name Description Dungeon No.
Overworld The main area of the map. All dungeons are linked here N/A
Herbert's Old Lair An dungeon filled with ice slide puzzles. The area looks old and has lots of sticky cream soda. It was abandoned due to a failed evil attempt. 1
Mappy Cat House Acts like a game of Mappy. Lasts 5 rounds, and 6 is the boss. 2
Dig Dug Underground Acts like a game of Dig Dug. Lasts 20 rounds, and 21 is the boss. 3
The Pac-Maze Zone Acts like a game of Pac-Man. Lasts 5 rounds, before going into Ms. Pac-Man Mazes for another 5 rounds. Round 11 is the boss. 4
Outer Space Acts like a game of Galaga. Lasts 20 rounds, as 21 is the boss. A fun fact, every character has a unique ship. 5
Herbert's Lair You can only acess after beating all 5 other dungeons. Until then, you are sent away to the entence of the dungeon if you try to go in. Skills are tested here. At the end lies the final boss... 6 (Last)

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