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List of The Kirby Show Episodes

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Each episode of the show is 30 minutes long, being made up of 3 segments. One starring Kirby, one starring Dedede and one starring Meta Knight.

Season 1

Episode 1: A Date With Dee/ The episode 1 Kirby segment. After saving a Waddle Dee from a rock slide, the Waddle Dee falls in love with Kirby. However, when Kirby tries to ditch her, she begins stalking him. Eventually, Kirby manages to get the Waddle Dee to fall in love with Rick the Hampster

Hammer Problems/The episode 1 King Dedede segment. While fighting kirby, Dedede's famous hammer is destroyed, and the segment follows his efforts to fix it

Knight on Ice/The episode 1 Meta Knight segment. Meta Knight is forced to go into the snowy mountains to find and save his friend Blade Knight, who sent out a distress signal. But in order to save Blade Knight, Meta Knight must do battle with a group of Chillies

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