This is a list for all the characters within the show Super Smash Bros Universe.

Main Heroes: Mushroom Kingdom

Image Name First Appearance Description
Mario TBA

The plucky Plumber hero from the Mushroom Kingdom and the older brother in the dynamic duo: The Super Mario Brothers!

Mario's one of the main protaginists, being lighthearted and goal driven, having a sense of justice but always somehow goes headfirst into battle without looking at the consequences of doing so

Luigi TBA

The King of second bananas, Luigi is the younger brother of Mario and the second member of the Super Mario Brothers.

Being Mario's brother does have it's perks, however Luigi always seems to find himself getting dragged along for another adventure even when he wants to rest. Luigi in the show is cowardly and timid, but does have a good sense of humour and can be courageous when he needs to be

Princess Peach TBA

The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach has a very strange double life that not even Mario can explain. One minute she can fight of Bowser just fine and the next she's helpless and getting kidnapped.

In the show however, Peach is a more dynamic female, being able to trump even Mario in certain fights. She's also a very good actor, which is why Mario usually thinks she gets kidnapped just to perform an act.

What's the deal with this Princess? We may never know.

Yoshi TBA

This mysterious dino is neither male or female, but is it's own kind. This dino has been helping out Mario and the crew ever since he was rescued from Bowser's clutches long ago

As a fighter, many are baffled by how he can eat almost anything and turn it into an egg in almost milliseconds, however Yoshi does share an intense rivalry with Kirby that always seems to end in an eating contest.

Yoshi doesn't speak much seeing as his native language cosists of "Yoshi!" but he can be quite talkative...even if no one know's what he's saying

Rosalina and Luna TBA

The Queen of the Cosmos and the Mother to all Lumas, Rosalina is one of the more mysterious heroes in the Mushroom Kingdoms line-up.

Usually seen with a Luma, Rosalina is one to act very kind towards her foes, being almost as compassionate as Peach...even when she's losing.

In the series, Rosalina is usually seen appearing when Mario is at a critical state of health, she always reminds Mario to fight on for his "Special Someone", but now Mario is starting to put the pieces together about this womans mysterious past. 

What does Rosalina hide from Mario and Peach? Find out soon!

Main Villains: Mushroom Kingdom

Image Name First Appearance Description
Bowser TBA

Mario's archnemisis and King of all Koopas, Bowser is one of the most relentless villains in the entire show!

Coming up with new schemes to get rid of Mario, Bowser is always scheming and planning, he'll always be one step ahead and is usually seen teaming up with other villains to create some brand new giant machine or contraption to be rid of the Plumber.

However Bowser does have a soft spot for the Princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom, when he's not kidnapping them he's usually seen sparring or having tea with much to Mario's misjudgement of course.

Bowser Junior TBA

Bowser's mischief making son and second in command! Bowser Junior is another relentless opponent that Mario keeps on facing, granted when you have two Koopas that look-alike and even think-alike then you'll be sure to have something like Bowser Jr.

In the show Bowser Jr is usually one to be piloting most of Bowser Machines, if it isn't his own Koopa Clown Car then he's usually wielding his signature paint-brush in order to bring Mario down to a paint filled demise.

The Koopalings TBA

Bowser's band of mischevious children, the Koopalings have always been there from the start, and each one has their own deadly personality.

If it's not the brute strength of Morton and Roy, it's the cunning of Ludwig and Wendy, or the insaneness of Iggy and Lemmy. But the one's that most dangerous is their leader, Larry, he's got all of them trumped in his leadership...however they never truly get a chance to shine due to Bowser Jr. being their leader, will they ever get a chance to take-over Jr's role?

Wart by Tom
Wart TBA

Bowser's third in command and the king of the Subcon Army. Wart's quite the old fart and is usually seen talking to himself or mumbling, however he is a powerful general and is able to command almost any batallion of Bowser's Army.

In the show, Wart is only seen a few times, but there are plenty of times where Wart will be blamed for Bowser's failures. He can take a lot of hits though, so when he shows up, Mario better watch out!

335px-MP8 Birdo
Birdo TBA

Wart's right henchwoman, Birdo is usually seen alongside Wart and is always there when Yoshi's involved...however she does seem to have a slight crush on the Green dinosaur as well as Mario. Too bad they don't share the same feelings.

Birdo is quite sassy in how she speaks in the show, always being one to criticize all of Warts plans, ultimately Wart proves her wrong and the two bicker for a bit, many assume that the two of them are together but it's only a mutual alliance