Episodes for Super Smash Bros.

# The_title_of_this_episode The_plotline_for_this_very_episode
001 The Pilot of Heroes The forces are called together because the villains have teamed up to rule the world.
002 Troubles in Sarasaland Mario and Luigi return to Sarasaland and find some problems that only the heroes can solve!
003 Sweet, Sweet Metroid Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight kidnap Princess Daisy and take her to Metroid. But as it turns out, Daisy is actually food for Bowser's new monster.
004 Bungle in the Jungle Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight team up with King K. Rool in order to finally beat the heroes. But what happens when a certain brown gorilla joins the fight?
005 Beta Meta Greta Meta Knight's two cousins, Beta Knight and Greta Knight, come to visit, and he to use them for evil.
006 To Koop up a Koopa Bowser opens up the Darkshine Koopa Farms, which turns out to be cruel to animals. Can Mario and Samus save the animals?
007 The Siamese Sword After hearing the legend of the Siamese Sword, Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight set off to get it, but the heroes and the princesses do the same thing!
008 Green Hill Thrill When Dr. Eggman builds the ultimate robot, Blaze and Sonic must team up with the heroes to stop him.
009 The Missing Link Link gains amnesia when crashing from learning how to skateboard from Zero Suit Samus, and he is convinced he belongs in Mushroom Kingdom and believes he is actually princess Peach. Bowser plans to use this to his advantage.
010 A Foe to a Fox, part 1 Fox must return to the Lylat System because he, along with Falco, Krystal, Slippy, and Peppy, must fight Andross. Meanwhile, Wario and Bowser try to find a treasure in the system.
011 A Foe to a Fox, part 2 Follow-up to A Foe to a Fox, part 1.
012 Ganondorf's Revenge The heroes visit Link's hometown when they hear that Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight are going to kidnap Zelda.
013 Olaf the Midgit Viking While searching for a legendary treasure, the heroes accidently revives a ship belonging to Olaf, a midgit viking, who makes the heroes his crew. And to make matters worse, Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight join in!
014 Shroomy mistake The heroes visit Marios homeland, The Mushroom Kingdom, because of a monster that was accidently summoned by Toadette.
015 Gotcha!!!!!! Sonic is continuously pulling pranks on knuckles and Amy, so they decide to try and get him back. Meanwhile, Eggman Nega plans to do some pranking himself.
016 Ouch!!!!! King K. Rool loans Bowser a former member of his army named Kritter, who can turn knockout the heroes. How can the heroes fight what they cannot defeat?
017 A Super Smash Bros. Christmas Special During Christmas time, Bowser, Wolf, and Meta Knight kidnap Santa Claus, and the only one who can save him now is Daisy!
018 The Lost Little Hedgehog A baby Harry Hedgehog is abandoned, and Daisy takes him in. However, Baby Daisy doesn't like the new arrival.
019 Adventures in Babysitting E. Gadd visits the Mario gang to show them his latest invention, the Youthomatic 3000, which accidently turns Peach and Zelda into babies. Bowser then plans to capture them as babies.
020 Ghouls fools The heroes save a coffin from Waluigi's grasp. Soon, the coffin is found out to hold a cranky kong!
021 County Fair Scare Mario and Luigi compete against Peach and Daisy at the county fair while Rosalina wins a trip to.... Bowsers castle!!!!!
022 King for a Day Bowser finally takes over Mushroom Kingdom with the help of.... Link!?

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