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A list of episodes from Super Mario TV series. The first one was aired August 17, 2002 and aired the last one November 25, 2006.Each season has 20 episodes.All 4 seasons and 94 Episodes were released on DVD

Season Episodes Originally Aired DVD release date(R1)
1 33 August 17, 2002 - September 6, 2003 May 24, 2005
2 22 September 20, 2003 - June 12, 2004 October 18, 2005
3 15 October 23, 2004 - July 30, 2005 February 21, 2006
4 21 August 20, 2005 - November 25, 2006 June 19, 2007

Season 1 (2002-2003)

Season 1 first aired on August 17,2002 & finished on September 6,2003

# Name Plot Airdate
1 Good Morning Mario wakes up and says Good Morning to every citizen in Mushroom City August 17 2002
2 Give me your best shot Mario tries to beat Luigi at tennis. August 24 2002
3 Costume Contest Mario and his gang have a party and have a costume contest, and Daisy wins when she is dressed as Dorothy From the Wizard Of Oz.  August 31 2002
4 Pizza Night Baby Peach and Baby Daisy order a pizza and accidentally leave withought paying. September 7 2002
5 Fall time!  Fall arrives in the mushroom kingdom. September 14 2002
6  Sarasaland  Daisy visits her family in Sarasaland for a week, and Mario and the gang find that they can't do any fun sports withought her. September 21 2002
7 Fall Fair Fall Fair starts its official opening, and Toad goes on his first roller coaster. September 28 2002
8 Yoshi near Hibrenation It's autumn and Yoshi and Birdo get  ready for their time spending time indoors until spring October 5 2002
9 Oh Yeah! Leaves Leaves are falling and Mario gets busy raking. October 12 2002
10 First Scream on Halloween Mario thinks about creating scary Jack-O-Lanterns to scare some trick or treaters, but ends up scaring himself! October 19 2002
11 Ahhhh! Mario and the gang have a scary movie marathon, and each of them have nightmares that night. October 26 2002
12 Party Bus Professor E. Gadd creates the Party Bus November 9 2002
13 Agent 10 Baby Mario has an agent themed birthday party. November 16 2002
14 Bario! When Mario gets trapped,A new Mean version Bario is formed, and Peach and Luigi must defeat him. November 30 2002
15 I love Mondays It's Monday and Toadette decides to try something new, so she opens a flower shop that is only open on Mondays!  December 21 2002
16 Gum Terror Mario has a nightmare about gum. January 18 2003
17 Shuffle up some Fun Wario opens a casino, but Waluigi wants to take over the casino. January 25 2003
18 Mario vs Bario Mario is seen again with Bario February 8 2003
19 Day of Love This episode is related to Valentines Day.Mario plans on having a romantic day with Peach, but it keeps getting ruined when they see people they know at the fancy restauraunt.        February 14 2003
20 Mario Clones Mario accidently makes himself a clone March 8 2003
21 Joke's on You Baby Luigi begins to be obsessed with pranking people March 22 2003
22 Tower of Candy Bowser steals candy to create many things out of it March 29 2003
23 Flowers Yet? Mario sees the Spring time has sprung and in need to see the flowers at Toadettes flower shop. April 12 2003
24 Pie for Breakfast  Mario takes Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Birdo to a pie shop for breakfast. April 26 2003
25 Ahhh!! It's raining Mushrooms Magikoopa turns rain into Mushrooms, and it really gets on the people of mushroom kingdom's nerves. May 10 2003
2 Suprise Peach! It's Princess Peach's Birthday and Mario and his fellow sidekicks make it a suprise May 17 2003
27 Party at the Football game Mario and Peach go to a football game, but Peach ends up getting hurt at the football game by getting hit by the ball. May 24 2003
28 Last day of school!  Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Bowser Jr., and Baby Bowser get out of school for summer vacation. June 7 2003
29 Tooth ache Baby Daisy has a bad tooth ache after not brushing her teeth so Mario plays dentist for her. June 14 2003
30 Beggining of Summer Fair It's the Beginning of Summer and Mario decides to see the opening of the Summer Fair July 5 2003
31  Fireworks!  Mario and his friends go to the beach to see the fireworks. July 19 2003
32  Room renovation.  Bowser gets his bedroom renovated. August 16 2003
33  Mario vs Bario and Wario  Bario and Wario team up against Mario. September 6 2003

Season 2 (2003-2004)

Season 2 began its run on September 20 2003 and ended June 12 2004

# Name Plot Airdate
34 Secret of Bario Part 1 Bario first shows off Mario his Secret September 20 2003
35 It Came from Mushroom City Professor E. Gadd accidentally creates a monster that eats citizen's of mushroom kingdom. September 27 2003
36 Ghost Kong  Donkey Kong buys a halloween costume. October 4 2003
37 Battling Band Mario joins a band October 11 2003
38 Birdo Scouts Rosalina tries to become the leader of the birdo scouts, but they reject her. October 11 2003
39 Sleepover madness When Mario plans a sleepover party, it goes crazy. October 18 2003
40 Halloween Night  Mario and his friends go trick or treating on Halloween. October 30  2003
41 I,Yoshibot Yoshi transports himself in a Robot November 8 2003
42 Mario and Wario Power Hour A croossover between Mario and Wario November 22 2003
43 Secret of Bario Part 2 Bario's Secret Continues November 29 2003
44 Christmas Mario Mario brings christmas to Mushroom City December 13 2003
45 The Talent Show The Mushroom Kingdom are going to have a talent show tonight. Who ever wins the talent show, wins the prize. January 17 2004
46 My Pants!!! When Mario gets dirty,his Secondary members force him to wash his uniform by them and loses Mario's Pants February 7 2004
47 Beggining of Crime When Mario and others watch a movie,he trys to not be bad February 21 2004
48 Swimming with Dangerous Fish Mario oredres a new swimming pool and doesn't want anyone he doesn't know in it March 13 2004
49 Wario's Gold Mine Wario was busy working in the mine then suddenly something danger was up ahead. March 27 2004
50 Easter Yoshi The Easter Yoshi comes around Mushroom Land with Eggs April 10 2004
51 Are you mad?!!!! Luigi is mad because of people bugging him April 17 2004
52 Mario Mayhem Mario had gone crazy in the Mushroom Kingdom, but he can't stop April 24 2004
53 Spring has sprung Spring comes to Mushroom Land May 1 2004
54 Doughnuts for dinner Yoshi decides to eat doughnuts for his dinner May 22 2004
55 All aboard the train Mario and the crew go to a fancy resort taking three days to get to.Also:Wario and Waluigi make a stinky prank the second day June 5 2004
56 Ready to Rock A rockband of different creatures performs June 12 2004

Season 3 (2004-2005)

The Season began on October 23 2004 and ended on July 30 2005

# Name Plot Airdate
57 The Ghostlight Yoshi is frightened of a blue light on Tuesday nights November 13 2004
58 To Scared to Scare It's Halloween and Mario tries to be scary October 23 2004
59 25711 gumballs Mario and pals must guess the correct gumballs in a giant dispencer to win a mystery prize November 27 2004
60 Mini-Golf Fools Mrio tries the most trickiest mini-golf hole which other people did not beat yet February 26 2005
61 Barbaque Party A barbaque with a dinner and fun activities takes place April 23 2005
62 Funny Yoshi Yoshi finds himself as a funny character April 30 2005
63 Table Number Whatever Mario and pals try to get a table at the most popular 5 star resturant of Mushroom land May 7 2005
64 Whistle Mushroom Stooges Mario and Wario compete to see who's better at blowing Whistle Mushrooms May 14 2005
65 People Never Sleep Mario and the crew try staying up late to watch a monster movie May 21 2005
66 I'm Lucky Mario encounters a leprechaun May 28 2005
67 Shocked Mario (AKA:Saftey Mario) When Mario takes an injury,He decides to stay inside with Wario,Waluigi and Donkey Kong for the remainder of his days. June 4 2005
68 The Day Nothing Happened ???? June 11 2005
69 A Show with Mario Mario and the crew decide to sign up for a TV Show June 18 2005
70 Fortune Bookie Mario reads a book of fortunes July 16 2005
71 Attack of the Goombas Dangerous Goombas are encountered causing chaos July 23 2005
72 The Pink Poshi Yoshi finds a Pink Yoshi and has a relationship with her July 30 2005

Season 4 (2005-2006)

# Name Plot Airdate
73 Mushroom Wars (Note:A parody of Star Wars).Mario watches a Mushroom Wars movie and actually happen at his place August 20 2005
74 Trapped! A trap for the city is set August 27 2005
75 King Donkey Kong Donkey Kong becomes a king September 10 2005
76 Double Mario Mario has another version of himself and his pals decide to keep the new one and throw the original out. September 17 2005
77 Sheireff Mario Mario visits Western Times and becomes a Sheireff October 15 2005
78 Boo! ???? October 22 2005
79 Scardey Mario It's Halloween again and Mario decides to be scary October 29 2005
80 Party Awaits! Mario and pals throw a special up late party which some of their other friends invited to November 19 2005
81 Luigi's Special Heart Gift Luigi gets a Valintines Day gift February 18 2006
82 When Franchises Collide Mario and other Nintendo franchises collide together April 15 2006
83 Room 410 Mario and pals try to booka stay at the hotel to see the Nintendo show April 22 2006
84 A Day Without Work ??? May 6 2006
85 Painted City Boswer paints the Mushroom land May 13 2006
86 War of Stars ??? July 1 2006
87 The Plumber who became King Mario becomes a King just so he can have what he wanted July 8 2006
88 Meet the Bad Boys ??? August 26 2006
89 Degrees of Mario ??? September 2 2006
90 Clash of Bowser (Bowser's Revange) Bowser has one last chance to not get beaten September 16 2006
91 Curse of the Were-Koopa Mario believes that a monster ate a Koopa Troopa October 14 2006
92 One Last Scare This is the last episode where Halloween in Mushroom City is shown October 28 2006
93 Rule of Smart Mario becomes incredibly smart November 18 2006
94 Super Mario Finale This is the last episode of the show November 25 2006

DVD releases

Reigion 1 (USA,Canada)

Name Release Episodes Discs Special Features
Super Mario: The 1st Season May 24, 2005 33 5 Super Mario Theme Song music video and casting
Super Mario: The 2nd Season October 18, 2005 22 5 Character facts,"Sleepover Madness" and "Shocked Mario" outtakes
Super Mario: The 3rd Season February 21, 2006 15 3 10 3 minute shorts
Super Mario: The Final Season June 19, 2007 21 3 Mario Character flashbacks and Mario sing-a-long video
Super Mario: The Complete Series August 21, 2007 94 16 Same Special features

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