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List of Super Mario 3D World 2 World and Levels

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This page shows the list of levels and bosses of world:

World 1: Overworld

  • 1-1: Tanooki Tree Hill
  • 1-2: Snake's Underground Cave
  • 1-3: Cat's Scratch Mountain
  • 1-A: Snifit
  • 1-4: Fire Flower Garden
  • 1-Ghost House: Nighthouse of Overworld
  • 1-5: Fun at the Carnival
  • 1-B: Magigoomba
  • 1-Castle: Mouser's Industry Castle

-Boss: Mouser

  • 1-Toad: Toad Seeks Away!

World 2: Desert

  • 2-1: Conkdor's Overworld
  • 2-2: An Oil Tower

-New Element: Oil

  • 2-A: Rattlesnake Grand Goomba
  • 2-3: The Pyramid of Goombas
  • 2-Tank: Snake's Tank

-Boss: Tryclyde

  • 2-4: Skipsqueak's Cheesy Home
  • 2-B (Hideout Enemy Blockade): Sand Whomp
  • 2-Secret Ghost House: Bomb Boo's Cave
  • 2-Castle: Bob-omb Factory Castle

-Boss: King Bob-omb

  • 2-Challenge: Mystery Mini-battle

•Yellow Shy Guys



World 3: Autumn

  • 3-1: Cat Playground
  • 3-2: Stingbee's Beehive
  • 3-3: Classic Mario Run

-Remake of Super Mario Bros 3 1-1

  • 3-Tower: The Tree of the Waddlewings

-Boss: Prime Minister Waddlewing

  • 3-4: Mario Kart Run

-Remake of Mario Kart 7 Coin Runner

  • 3-5: Fizzlit's Electrical World
  • 3-Ghost House: Boo's Shifty Airship
  • 3-A: Tail-Grand Goomba
  • 3-Train: The Snake Express

-Boss: Wart

  • 3-Toad: Toad's Stairway Mission

World 4: Jungle

  • 4-1: Beverly Jungle-hill
  • 4-2: Fizzlit's Big Cavern
  • 4-3: Mini Overworld
  • 4-Airship: Steel Ride on the Ship

-Boss: Fryguy

  • 4-4: Boat Sails Over
  • 4-5: Sprixie Seaside
  • 4-A: Mini Purple Chomp
  • 4-Castle: Diggin' Cave Castle

-Boss: King Hissocrat

  • 4-Challenge: Mystery Obstacle

•Use a Baseball to Throw at a Sharp-Pidgit to earn a star

•Use a football to bounce it up to get the star

•Use Tanooki suit to hover to a cloud to get the final star

World 5: Orange Mountain

  • 5-1: Ant's Dusty Hole
  • 5-A: Gritty Goomba
  • 5-2: Mega Mushroom Peaks
  • 5-3: Caramel Dipping Candyland
  • 5-4: Subcon's Sub-world
  • 5-Train: The Tweeter Express

-Boss: Bombshell Tweeter

  • 5-5: Beanstalk Highway
  • 5-Ghost House: Unknown Ghost Hallway
  • 5-Castle: Panser Hall Castle

-Boss: Boss Brolder

  • 5-Toad: Toad Goes to the Post Office

World 6: Snowy Cloud City

  • 6-1: Cloudball Park
  • 6-2: Spring Speedrun
  • 6-Airship: Ka-thunk Funk

-Boss: King Ka-thunk

  • 6-3: Freezeflame Hand-on-Hall
  • 6-A: Hammer Goomba
  • 6-4: On top of a Storm Cloud
  • 6-5: Skating Road
  • 6-B: Eerie
  • 6-Tank: Nightshift Roll

-Boss: Clawgrip

  • 6-Challenge: Mystery Jump-Off

•Jump three times to get star 1

•Jump five times to get star 2

•Jump six times plus knock a Shy Guy to get the final star

World 7: Lavaland

  • 7-1: Freezeflame Boat Run
  • 7-2: The Piranha Pool Run
  • 7-3: Military Area 55
  • 7-A: Lava Cheep-Cheeps
  • 7-4: Bully Lava Bubble Tower
  • 7-Train: The Frog Express

-Boss: Wart

  • 7-5: Underground Mashup

-Remake of Super Mario Bros 1-2 and other underground levels.

  • 7-B: Prince Bully
  • 7-Castle: Octopus' Cog Castle

-Boss: King Kaliente

  • 7-Toad: Captain Toad's Magma Row

World 8: Wart's Carnival

  • 8-1: Sharp Trap in a Tower
  • 8-2: Sandstorm in a Twister
  • 8-3: Roller Coaster Ride
  • 8-Tank: Snake's Tank Parade

-Boss: Hawkmouth, then Queen Hissocrat

  • 8-4: Bumper-Ice-Skate Ride
  • 8-Ghost House: Boo's Mirror Funhouse
  • 8-5: Mine Car Rumble
  • 8-Airship: Airship Ride

-Boss: Green Tryclyde

  • 8-6: The Ferris Wheel of The Swamp
  • 8-Castle: The Great Tower of the Great Wart

-Boss: Squirrel Wart

  • 8-Challenge: Mystery Brawl

•Avoid the Grrrols

•Hit the Dino Rhinos

•Free the Tutanchomp

•Hit the Grand Tail-Goombas

•Use the Brolder to hit the P-button

•Hit the Giant Shy Guy

World Star

  • Star-1: Rainbow Rundown
  • Star-2: The Comet Observatory
  • Star-3: Ice Age Planet
  • Star-4: Chameleon in the Dark
  • Star-A: Blue Prince Bully
  • Star-5: Rusty Car Drives
  • Star-6: Construction in Io
  • Star-7: Fly High in the Galaxy
  • Star-Boss Blitz:
  • B1: (Green-Eared) Mouser
  • B2: (Red) Tryclyde
  • B3: (Purple) Fryguy
  • B4: (Helmet) Clawgrip
  • B5: (Red-Eyed) Bombshell (Big) Tweeter, then Hawkmouth
  • B6: (Dry) Wart

World Sarasaland

-This world is the first to have remakes of some of the levels.

  • Daisy-1: Lucky Bell Hills
  • Daisy-2: Statue Leaf Tower
  • Daisy-3: Chameleon's Hilltop
  • Daisy-A: A school of Biddybugs
  • Daisy-4: Submarine Dive
  • Daisy-5: Jet-plane Hover
  • Daisy-6: The Three Goombateers
  • Daisy-Tank: Tanks! Fire!

-Boss: Tatanga

  • Daisy-Toad: Toad Vs. Goombo

World Yoshi

-In this World, you have to find 3 Yoshi eggs in each level, that will unlock Yoshi as a playable characters.

  • Yoshi-1: Eggs in Tanooki Tree Hill
  • Yoshi-2: Eggs in Skipsqueak's Cheesy Home
  • Yoshi-3: Eggs in Cat Playground
  • Yoshi-A: Eggs in Eep-Cheep
  • Yoshi-4: Eggs in Sprixie Seaside
  • Yoshi-5: Eggs in Beanstalk Highway
  • Yoshi-B: Eggs in Big Galoombas
  • Yoshi-6: Eggs in Skating Road
  • Yoshi-7: Eggs in Underground Mashup
  • Yoshi-8: Eggs in Mine Car Rumble
  • Yoshi-Airship: Eggs in Jungle Jump Along

-Boss: Lord Fang

  • Yoshi-Challenge: Mystery Golden Eggs

•Find GE #1 by Defeating Fangs

•Find GE #2 by Jumping 4 times

•Find GE #3 by Throwing a football at a clear pipe

World Mushroom

  • Mushroom-1: Ice Flower Gardens
  • Mushroom-2: Black and White Run
  • Mushroom-A: Notorious Goomba Bros
  • Mushroom-3: Boat Sails Off
  • Mushroom-4: Under a Storm Cloud
  • Mushroom-5: The Pyramid of Goombos
  • Mushroom-B: Green Prince Bully
  • Mushroom-6: Subcon's Subspace Area
  • Mushroom-7: The Ruined Industry Castle
  • Mushroom-Toad: Toad Plays Giant Checkers

World Flower

  • Flower-1: Star Pine Hill
  • Flower-2: Ant's Cheesy Home
  • Flower-3: The Moss Tree of Waddlewings
  • Flower-4: The Secret Sprixie Cavern
  • Flower-5: Fizzlit's Dusty Hole
  • Flower-Ghost House: Bomb Boo's Eletrical House
  • Flower-6: Spring Jump-off
  • Flower-7: Chomp Lava Bubble Tower
  • Flower-8: Bumper-Mine-Car Ride
  • Flower-9: Destruction in Io
  • Flower-10: Snake Tank's Jungle Finale
  • Flower-Challenge: Mystery's Finale:

•Dino Rhino

•Jump 4 times

•Run before Sand Whomps fall on you

•Climb 4 Falling Platforms


•Run before Whimps fall on you

•Jump 8 times

•Grand Tail-Goomba

•Find 10 Purple Coins

World Crown

  • Crown-1: Grandmaster Trainyard
  • Crown-2: Greatest Tank Junkyard
  • Crown-A: Metal Battle





  • Crown-3: Airship Antic-al Crash
  • Crown-Boss Blitz: King of the End

-B1: King and Queen Hissocrat

-B2: King Bob-omb

-B3: Prime Minister Waddlewing

-B4: Boss Brolder

-B5: King Ka-thunk

-B6: King Kaliente

  • Crown-Toad: Toad's Exercising Finale

People Saved

  • Green Sprixie: World 1
  • Yellow Sprixie: World 2
  • Blue Sprixie: World 3
  • Purple Sprixie: World 4
  • Orange Sprixie: World 5
  • Cyan Sprixie: World 6
  • Red Sprixie: World 7
  • All Sprixies: World 8
  • Rosalina: World Star
  • Princess Daisy: World Sarassland-Tank
  • Yoshi: World Yoshi

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