This is a list of Super Mario (Anime Series) episodes.

Season 1

  1. Welcome To The Mushroom Kingdom!
  2. Bowser Kidnapped Princess Peach!
  3. Hatch A Yoshi!
  4. Goomba Madness!
  5. Donkey Kong Goes Ape!
  6. Peach and Daisy, A Tale of 2 Princesses!
  7. Enter Wario and Waluigi!
  8. Here Comes Bowser Jr. and The Koopalings!
  9. Mario and Luigi Captured: Neil and Ella To The Rescue! (Part 1)
  10. Mario and Luigi Captured: Neil and Ella To The Rescue! (Part 2)
  11. Gadd Science, Inc.
  12. Nabbit, The Thieving Rabbit!
  13. Dawn Of The Dry Bones
  14. Bombs Away!
  15. Goonies In The Wind!
  16. Are You Afraid Of Boos?
  17. Fishin' For Cheep-Cheeps!
  18. A Road Full Of Thwomps!
  19. Wario and Waluigi's New Partners, Buzz and Helen!
  20. Lakitu Has Luck!
  21. Welcome To Diamond City!
  22. The Great Ashley, The Cruelest Girl You'll Ever Meet!
  23. Ella vs. The Great Ashley: The Battle For Friendship!
  24. Isle Delphino, The Tropical Paradise!
  25. Shadow Mario Messes Things Up!
  26. Cataquack Catastrophe!
  27. The Ninja Wars: Ninjis vs. Ninjapes!
  28. The Great Ashley vs. Kamek and The Magikoopa Army!
  29. Beware of Bandits!
  30. Crazy Crazee Dayzees!
  31. The Purple Invader Attacks!
  32. Chowing Chain Chomps!
  33. Bowser's Airship Armada! (Part 1)
  34. Bowser's Airship Armada! (Part 2)
  35. Vacation on Yoshi's Island!
  36. The Season of Super Leaves!
  37. Ashley and Ella: The Perfect Girl Team!
  38. Beware! The Pirahna Plant Forest!
  39. Wario Gets Greedier!
  40. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's Monkey Business!
  41. Bouncing Bumpties!
  42. Fiery Fire Flowers!
  43. Luigi's Bad Luck!
  44. Here Comes Boom Boom and Pom Pom!
  45. Reznor Rumble!
  46. Ella's Bad Day!
  47. Bashing Bullies!
  48. Wario's Wackiness!
  49. Into The Comet Observatory! Meet Rosalina! (Part 1)
  50. Into The Comet Observatory! Meet Rosalina! (Part 2)

Season 2

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