Statistics, usually shortened to Stats, are an important aspect of the combat system in Shadows of the Forsaken. Stats can be increased through certain skills, as well as all forms of equipment.

List of Stats


Health is one of the most essential stats in almost any game; Shadows of the Forsaken is no exception. Represented by a blue bar along the top of the Wii U GamePad. It falls as the player's Avatar takes damage, and will lead to a Game Over if it falls to zero.


Special is a stat represented by a red bar just underneath the Health bar. It will slowly regenerate on its own, but performing normal attacks will also refill it. It is used in order to perform the Special action on a weapon.


The Power stat is one of the most important when it comes to fighting in this game. Unlike most games, this stat is used regardless of the form of combat; even magic-based weapons will use this stat to calculate damage. This stat can be increased by equipping any weapon, but there are also a number of skills which can provide bonuses.


Defense is a stat used to reduce the damage Avatars take from opposing attacks. The higher this stat, the less damage the character receives. Enemies also have this stat, and it has a similar effect in that it reduces the damage you deal to it.


The Agility stat has three purposes; on one side, it slightly increases the speed at which the player's Avatar moves, but it can also increase the speeds of both attacking and sidestepping.

Base Stats

Race Health Special Power Defense Agility
Human 1000 500 300 100 50
Trainer 1000 600 250 75 55
Hylian 900 550 300 150 45
Mii 1000 500 300 100 50
Toad 900 550 275 100 55
Ape 1100 450 350 125 45
Villager 900 450 300 75 40
Bounty Hunter 1200 500 325 125 45
Angel 1000 550 275 75 55
Game & Watcher 1100 400 275 50 50
Robot 1100 450 325 125 50
Animal 800 500 325 100 60

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