The list below contains a description of each stage present in Super Smash Bros. Supernova, based on their order of appearance on the stage-selection screen (which is, in-turn, in order of series by time of release with priority on series with more than one character reprsentative).

SSB Super Smash Bros. SymbolSuper Smash Bros. stages

Final Destination

An entirely flat stage of a rather small size, it has been a staple feature of every Super Smash Bros. game since the original on the Nintendo 64. Each time, it has received a new design, but this time, it now has 105 unique designs; each design is based on either a past version of this stage or any of the 98 other stages in this game (with Battlefield as the sole exception).


A stage about as large as Final Destination, but with three thin platforms floating over the stage in the arrangement of a triangle. The stage has a much calmer background than that of Final Destination, but similarly has 105 alternate designs, based on past variations as well as other stages in this game. The Fighting Teams are battled here.

SSB64IconMeta Crystal

Originally from Super Smash Bros. 64, serving as the stage for Metal Mario in Classic mode, it has returned after an absence for the last four games. It is a short, uneven stage with just a single platform over the left side. The Metal Character is fought here.

SSBB IconSubspace

Not truly a stage, it is still based on the location of the same name in Super Smash Bros. Supernova; important to story mode, it is essentially a dark world. The stage consists of four black-and-blue platforms unevenly assorted and slightly tilted. The Subspace Clone is dueled here.

SSB Super Mario SymbolSuper Mario stages

SSBM IconPeach's Castle

SSBB IconLuigi's Mansion

Comet Observatory

Airship Raid

Wingo's Keep

Great Tower of Bowser Land

Paper Mario X

SSB4 IconMario Circuit 8

SSB Donkey Kong SymbolDonkey Kong stages

SSB64IconKongo Jungle

SSB4 IconJungle Hijinxs

Volcano Dome

SSB Yoshi SymbolYoshi stages

SSBB IconYoshi's Island

SSB64IconYoshi's Story

SSB4 IconWoolly World

SSB Wario SymbolWario stages

SSBB IconWarioWare Inc.

SSB4 IconGamer

SSB The Legend of Zelda SymbolThe Legend of Zelda stages

SSB64IconHyrule Castle

SSB4 IconSkyloft

SSBM IconTemple

Twilight Realm

SSBB IconGreat Sea

Dark World

SSB Metroid SymbolMetroid stages

SSBM IconBrinstar Depths

SSBB IconNorfair

Phendrana Drifts


SSB Kid Icarus SymbolKid Icarus stages

SSB4 IconPalutena's Temple

SSB4 IconReset Bomb Forest


SSB Fire Emblem SymbolFire Emblem stages

SSBB IconCastle Siege

SSB4 IconArena Ferox


Serenes Forest

SSB EarthBound SymbolEarthBound stages

SSBM IconOnett

SSBM IconFourside

SSB4 IconMagicant

SSB F-Zero SymbolF-Zero stages

SSB4 IconMute City

SSBM IconBig Blue

Cosmo Terminal

SSB Kirby SymbolKirby stages

SSB4 IconDreamland

Clay Dreamland

SSB4 IconThe Great Cave Offensive

SSBB IconBattleship Halberd

Another Dimension

SSB Star Fox SymbolStar Fox stages

SSB64IconSector Z

SSBB IconLylat Cruise

SSB4 IconOrbital Gate

SSB Pokémon SymbolPokémon stages

Pokémon Stadium X

SSBM IconPokéfloats

SSB64IconSaffron City

Cerulean Cave

Sky Pillar

Temporal Tower

SSB4 IconKalos Pokémon League

SSB Pikmin SymbolPikmin stages

SSB4 IconGarden of Hope

Formidable Oak

SSB Xenoblade SymbolXenoblade stages

SSB4 IconGaur Plains

Bionis Tour

Single stages

SSB Game & Watch SymbolFlat Zone X

SSB Punch-Out SymbolSSB4 IconBoxing Ring

SSB Duck Hunt SymbolSSB4 IconDuck Hunt

SSB Tetris SymbolTetris

SSB Balloon Fight SymbolSSB4 IconBalloon Fight

SSB Excitebike SymbolExcitebike

SSB Ice Climber SymbolSSBB IconSummit

SSB Wrecking Crew SymbolSSB4 IconWrecking Crew

SSB R.O.B. SymbolGyromite

SSB Mach Rider SymbolAplocalyptic Highway

SSB Pilotwings SymbolSSB4 IconPilotwings

SSB Golden Sun SymbolVenus Lighthouse

SSB Animal Crossing SymbolSSB4 IconTown & City

SSB Nintendo DS SymbolPictochat X

SSB Electroplankton SymbolSSBB IconHanenbow

SSB Nintendogs SymbolSSB4 IconLiving Room

SSB Wii Sports SymbolSSB4 IconWuhu Island

SSB Endless Ocean SymbolEndless Ocean

SSB Fossil Fighters SymbolTreasure Lake

SSB Wii Fit SymbolSSB4 IconWii Fit Studio

SSB Find Mii SymbolSSB4 IconFind Mii

SSB Miiverse SymbolSSB4 IconMiiverse

SSB Tomodachi Life SymbolSSB4 IconTomodachi Life

SSB Wonderful 101 SymbolGeath-Wakhsay

SSB NES Remix SymbolNES Remix

SSB Splatoon SymbolTurf War

SSB Pac-Man SymbolPac-Man stages

SSB4 IconPac-Land

SSB4 IconPac-Maze

SSB Mega Man SymbolMega Man stages

Light Labs

SSB4 IconWily's Castle

SSB Sonic SymbolSonic the Hedgehog stages

SSBB IconGreen Hill Zone

Lyric's Lair

Other Third-Party stages

SSB Rayman SymbolGlade of Dreams

SSB Professor Layton SymbolMolentary Express

SSB Etrian Odyssey SymbolYggdrasil Labyrinth

SSB Bayonetta SymbolThe Gates of Hell

SSB Fantasy Life SymbolStarlight Garden

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