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This is a list of quotes from Skip and Sqak XD.

Welcome to Galaxian High

  • Coo Koo Klux: (introducing himself to the class) Hello everyone. My name is Coo Koo Klux and I will be your class teacher in Galaxian High.
  • (The class stares at Klux in terror)
  • Coo Koo Klux: Whats with you all? Did ya see a zombie?
  • Croco: (under his breath) I think we are..!
  • Sqak: Uh excuse me, poo poo clucks?
  • Coo Koo Klux: (correcting Sqak) Coo Koo Klux!
  • Sqak: Right, sorry but wheres our old teacher Mr. Owl? He's suppoused to come to Galaxian High to be our teacher.
  • Coo Koo klux: You mean my brother? Old wiser broke his wing tumbling down the stairs on a pair of roller skates. Lucky I was able to replace him.
  • Imp: An old man wearing Roller Skates?
  • Coo Koo Klux: Nephews.
  • Imp: Oh...

Dorm Service

  • (Peachy snoring very loud)
  • Dib: Oh, I just can't take it anymore! I think my ear drums are going to explode! (grabs a bottle cork and shoves it up Peachy's trunk; her loud snoring stops)... Finally, some peace and quiet for a good night sleep!

The Reveal

  • Melvin: (over the communicator) Hello, filthy Elite Heroes! Are you all ready for the most painful demise you will ever suffer in?!
  • Sqak: Ok, I don't know who you are but we'll take on whatever you can give us! Mister..?
  • Croco: X2! It's Professor X2 isn't it?! Back to get revenge on us?!
  • Sqak: Uh, he looks kinda taller to be X2...
  • Tubby: I know who it is! It's Rexes!
  • Skip: Emperor Dante rises from the dead!!!
  • (Everyone begins squabbling over who the mysterious villain is)
  • Melvin: Uh, excuse me? Hello?! Evil bad guy talking here!! Can everyone just pipe down for just, OH FOR THE LOVE OF..! (blows an air horn, stunning everyone) Can't you all just SHUT UP for at least 5 seconds I can barely hear myself think!
  • Skip: (nervously) Sorry! Go on!
  • Melvin: As I was saying, me and my team are going to throw you and your Elite Hero friends into a pit of eternal torture and suffering! Oh I just loved that line! Makes me sound vicious!

Ready, Aim, DUCK!

  • (Melvin shows the New SSSSS his plan to destroy Galaxian High by hiding a bomb in an engine)
  • Melvin: When the Blue Ants come to pick up their new engine, it will be the last engine they will ever pick up!
  • Egghead: Yeah! Ha Ha! All we need to do is let them install it in Galaxian High's ship and wait for them to push this button! (pushes the button)
  • Melvin: DUCK!
  • Egghead: What??
  • Melvin: Did you fuse the bomb?!?!?!
  • (We hear the sound of a bomb ticking)
  • Egghead: I got this one...Whoops, oops and... Uh oh!
  • (The bomb explodes all over the New SSSSS, leaving them all covered in ashes)
  • Keef: (screams) AAAAH! That nuclear formula isn't replacable! I'm going to rip you fat bill off for this Egghead!
  • Egghead: (picks up a ruined remote switch) Look Keef! Your remote switch for anything didn't break! (gives the remote to Keef)
  • Keef: (angrily crunches the remote with his hand) Now it is! And something else is going to break too!
  • (Keef, Ty, Lance, Bruno and Priceless angrily walk over to Egghead, angrily pounding their fists to beat up the duck.)
  • Egghead: (nervously) Come on fellas! At least the bomb worked! It's a blast! Ha Ha Ha! Get it? Blast, because it exploded? Get it? Anyone? (Everyone begins growling vicously at Egghead)... Uh oh..!
  • (The scene cuts to Priceless's throne room)
  • Melvin: Egghead Duck! You have done alot of damage to our plans! We must destroy SSFF and all the other Elite Heroes to get our long waited vengeance and you're stupidity blocks our path to victory!
  • Egghead: (panicing) W-W-What are you going to do to me???
  • Priceless: Only the most despicable sentance imaginable to any Skip and Sqak Search and Smash Squad member! Egghead, as queen of planet Xoon, I sentance you OUT of the New SSSSS! You are EXPELLED! DEPORTED! KICKED OUT! PERMANENTLY EXILED!!!!
  • Egghead: Y-You mean... I'm fired?!
  • Priceless: Exactly!
  • Egghead: B-B-But where will I go? What can I do for money?!
  • Bruno: Jeez, relax would'ja? When we finish the Elite Heroes and take over earth, you will work as an employer in one of our billions of ceterian factories.
  • Egghead: But I don't wanna be a factory worker! I want to be a planet ruler like you guys are gonna be!
  • Ty: Look Egghead, you're just not worthy of being one of us! Your stupid, clumsy and very dimwitted! Your just not a threat to anyone, not even a little fly.

That is a Prom-ise

  • (Ravi walks over to Sqak and Tara)
  • Ravi: Here Tara, I have these picked from the fields of heaven... (pulls out a boquet of flowers) for this little angel.
  • Tara: Um... Thanks Ravi...
  • (Ravi gives a smirk at Sqak, who glares at him)
  • Tara: (sees a bee flying to her) Shoo! Shoo!
  • Ravi: Get lost, you stinging pest! Go find your own flowers!
  • (Lots of bees begin flying to Tara, and begin stinging her)
  • Tara: OW! OW! OW! OW!
  • (Ravi and Sqak make a run for it)
  • Ravi/Sqak: (screaming) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!


  • (Rocko, Tham, Crush and Glug are all asleep in their hideout)
  • Roshan: GUYS! Wake up!
  • All: (waking up) Huh?
  • Roshan: The Blue Ants! They know where we are! We need to get outta here!
  • Rocko: Screaming giraffes! I can hear the police siren! We all have to blow!
  • Tham: But we can't go outssside! What if they're waiting for us?!
  • Roshan: Quick! Out that window!
  • (Rocko, Tham, Crush and Glug all jump out the window and everything is dark)
  • Crush: Man, I can't see a dang thing! Someone turn on the lights!
  • (The lights turn on, revealling they are inside a police saucer)
  • All: HEY! Roshan help us!
  • Roshan: Gotcha! Your all brought to justice!
  • Rocko: You setted us up! You little goody goody! (the saucer drives away) I'll get you for this, you goody goody nerd!

Doin Bright

  • (After Croco wasted SSFF's ship electricity)
  • Dib: What are you doing?! You wasted all our ship's power you dumbadile!
  • Croco: Aw, it's no big problem! All we need to do is........
  • Robin: Is..?
  • Croco: Is to..... recharge it??
  • Sparky: Croco, saucer batteries cannot be recharged. Without any electricity in our ship we can't be able to get out!
  • Croco: Then theres only one thing to do! (grabs a baseball bat) OUTTA THE WAY FELLAS! I'M BUSTING US OUTTA HERE! (runs to a window to break it)
  • All: NO CROCO! (everyone yanks back Croco)
  • Oswald: We can't go in space! We'll suffocate out there without our space helmets!
  • Croco: Then let's go get them!
  • Oswald: Uh, there all in the supply closet that needs POWER to open it.
  • Croco: Aw man! We're all straned in this dead ship!

Recurring Arachnophobia

  • (Priceless wailing in her bed after reading Robin and Cynder's story of her eating spider eggs)
  • Priceless: WHYYYY?!?!?! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO MEEEEE?!?!?!?!
  • Melvin: There there, your magesty. Your still the beautiful ruler all Red Ants in Xoon bow down and worship too...
  • Keef: (on his laptop laughing) HA HA HA HA HA! Look Priceless! You got over 3 million likes on your story! 4 million, 5 million, 6 million! Man its getting popular by the second! (continues laughing)
  • (Priceless angrily grabs Keef's laptop and slams it in his fingers)
  • Keef: (screams) YOOOOOWCH! My simian fingers!

Howl of the Candy

  • (Sqak wants to get the Milky Way Bar with the help of a sugar crazy Blinky)
  • Sqak: Blinky! Wanna help me get the only thing I need on this planet!
  • Blinky: I got what I need right HERE! (mauls a giant piece of chocolate, drinks the caramel like a vampire and roars viscously) RAAAAWR!!!! (begins rolling on the floor insanly)
  • Kyra: Sqak, enough already! We need to take this squirt here home!
  • Sqak: WHAT?! And let Ravi rub his glory all over my face again?! Not gonna happen!
  • (Blinky starts howling like a wolf)
  • Sarah: Sqak he had enough!
  • Sqak: Blinky! Do you wanna go home? Or are ya ready for the top score?!
  • Blinky (grabs a big marshmallow and rips it up with his teeth) TOP SCORE! TOP SCORE!
  • Sqak: See? I told ya he's fine! (Sqak and Blinky run up to the candy mountain)

Melvin Gear Solid

  • (Melvin, Ty, Bruno and Lance are kreeping down the dark hallway)
  • Lance: When are we at that engineering place... thingy?
  • Bruno: We're close! I can smell the ship's gasoline!
  • Lance: How can you smell? Your a toad.
  • Bruno: Don't ask, just keep moving!
  • Melvin: WAIT! I sense something up ahead... (puts on his night vision goggles) Ok false alarm it's no one.
  • (Ty jumps up)
  • Ty: WILD WOMBAT APPEARED! (Melvin, Lance and Bruno yell startled)
  • Melvin: SHHHHHHHH!
  • (Bruno punches Ty in the face)
  • Ty: OW!
  • Melvin: Ok the engineer room is close by, and so are the blue prints for our ceterian army.

To Love A Frog

  • (Skip's and Priceless's wedding is starting)
  • Egghead: (sobbing) Weddings always make me so weepy! *sniff*
  • (Skip is seen wearing a bow tie next to a Red Ant wedding priest)
  • Skip: When are we gonna have wedding cake??
  • Red Ant Priest: We will, our future king...
  • Bruno: By the way, kid? Sorry for trying to, you know... Going around trying to kill you and threaten you and all that evil stuff...
  • Ty: Yeah, we were just playing a game called....
  • Keef: "Kill the Froggy"?
  • Skip: WOW! I really love Kill the Froggy! How do we play?
  • (Ty smacks himself on the forehead)
  • (Priceless is walking down the wedding hall wearing a beautiful wedding dress, with two Ant Maids holding her long gown in the back; Skip has 2 hearts popping in his eyes like a slot machine)
  • Skip: Holy..!
  • Red Ant Priest: We are all gathered here today, to bring togethor Skip the frog and Queen Priceless. Your highness, do you take Skip for your lovable husband to have and hold for the rest of your whole life?
  • Priceless: (Picks up Skip with her arms) Of course I do!

Road Rat

  • Skip: Hey guys! Look at me! (hops on a Dune Bike and imitates motor sounds) I'm da toughest dune rider in Desert!
  • (A dune biker sees Skip on his Dune Bike)
  • Biker: HEY!
  • (Skip makes a scared face when seeing the biker)
  • Skip: Ummm... It's a great size! Just wanted to see if it was big for me...;;
  • Biker: Hmmm... It sure is dang hot on dis ball of sand. Maybe I can just take a nice cold fruity drink with your tongue as a STRAW!
  • Sqak: Lay a finger on him, and I'll serve a fruit punch to your FACE!
  • Biker: (weeps) You didn't had to yell! (sniff) Why do they always have to yell??
  • (Everyone glares at Sqak)
  • Tubby: Way to go, Sqak! You made a tough thug cry! Shame on yourself!
  • Robin: Yeah, you should give that guy an apalogy.
  • Sqak: (walks to the biker) Uh... Hey man...
  • Biker: CAN'T HEAR YA! LA LA LA LA LA! I wanna talk to the blue guy!
  • Skip: Yeah, the blue guys has to talk! (sees everyone staring at him) What?

Redbot Wars


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