This is a list of all the characters on the Disney XD series Skip and Sqak XD.


Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters (SSFF)

  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Croco
  • Imp
  • Tubby
  • Oswald
  • Roshan
  • Cynder
  • Robin
  • Dib

Girl International Revolution Linc (GIRL)

Widen Arsenal Supreme Power (WASP)

Revolution Authority Vanity International

  • Ravi: The handsome falcon
  • Tara: The beautiful daughter of the president
  • Tek-5: The nerdy, but popular, robot
  • Cherry: The stinky loving skunk
  • Bruter: The iron robot


  • Sarina: A yellow bird who is Sqak's first crush.
  • Fetria: An australian accent flamingo and Sarina's best friend.
  • Poingo: A ninja/sumo penguin who is Fetria's boyfriend.
  • Blizr: A snow owl who is the gang's sorceror.
  • Rezan: The speedy roadrunner and Poingo's close friend.

Allies/Recurring Characters

  • Dr. Tron: Now works as the Galaxian High's Mechanic who builds gadgets for the Teams to use in missions.
  • Hip and Hop: Both former members of the SSSSS are now reformed and are now Dr. Tron's Assistants. Despite being on the good side, they both sometimes get mischievous.
  • Queen Kaida: Roshan's adptoptive mother and Galaxian High's commander.
  • Mia: Skip and Sqak's adoptive mother who works as Salt's cohourt in Season 2.
  • Koo Koo Klux: A black crow works as Galaxian High's Teacher. He is the older brother of Mr. Owl, and acts strict to his students. He also moves in a Wheel Machine.
  • Coach Becky: A fat gorilla who works as Galaxian's Gym Coach. She has a very bad temper and yells alot at her students.
  • Captian Salt: An old snail works as Galaxian High's General. He is also the school principle.
  • Sparky: A Blue Ant ceterian who is close friends with SSFF.


Revengeance Evil Doomsquad (RED)

RED is an organization of villains who are the Primary Antagonists of the show.

  • Melvin: The leader of the RED. He is fed up with "cool kids" picking on him so he decides to turn the tables around.
  • Ty Wombat: The "field man" of the RED. He decides to use his set ups for evil as revenge on SSFF.
  • Bruno: The muscle of the RED. He wants to get revenge on Imp for embarrassing him many times.
  • Keef: The brains of the RED. He was once a huge fan of Dr. Tron, until he realized he was involved in many crimes. He decides to get revenge on the ape who ruined his childhood.
  • Princess Priceless: The brat is now the Queen of the Red Ants on Xoon. She will do anything to destroy Cynder and have Skip for herself.
  • Lance: The commander of RED. He is good friends with Bruno.
  • Jerry: The spy of the RED. He wants to destroy Skip and have Cynder for himself.
  • Egghead: The lackey of RED. He is shown to be very dumb.
  • Darcy: The new member of RED in Season 2. He wants to have Robin all for himself and destroy Roshan and SSFF.
  • Flashers: Dark skinned reptiles with electric powers. They are very loyale to Melvin.

Skip and Sqak Search and Smash Squad (SSSSS)

The SSSSS are a group of criminals who work for Professor X2. They are the Main Antagonists of Season 3.

Other Villains

  • Viral: The Primary Antagonist of Season 2. He is a computer virus that possesed Tek-5's body.
  • Larry Lagoochie: An insane alien who abducted SSFF and RED to compete in a Game Show full of deadly obstacles. He first appeared in "Working as a Team".
  • Metal: An alien slug in a cyborg body who works as a bounty hunter and sent by Melvin to capture the president of Galaxian Inc. He first appeared in "President Evil"
  • Jack Frost: A magical ice being who is the Main Antagonist of the episode "Cold Mystery". He tries to turn Planet Forestria into a giant snowball to rule. He is defeated when Imp kicks him into the fireplace, where he melts and dies.
  • Captain Starkiller: The leader of the zombie pirates and the Main Antagonist of the episode "Pirates of the Outer Space". Back when he was alive, he collected the "Life Source" pendant that revived him after drowning in the sea. He's been collecting mercenaries to drain the life out of them to keep the pendant charging, but Tara destroys the Life Source and Starkiller disintegrates and dies.
  • Deadtroid: A virus created by Melvin programmed to corrupt electronics. It only appeared in the episode "Doctor, There is a bug inside me" where he tried to take control of T1na's brain, only to get destroyed by SSFF and GIRL.
  • Ray the Dog: A brown dog who is Cherry's first date, but he is actually using her just so he can be a member of RAVI. When Robin tells Ravi about this, he fires Ray and an upset Cherry breaks up with him. He first appeared in "Broken Heart".
  • Lady Meowla: A cat crime lord who is trying to find the missing Drag for years.
  • TBA

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