This is a list of all default and unlockable shops in the Electroworld series.

See also: List of Services in Electroworld.


  • Beach Supplies, beach supply shop
  • Grocorey, Groceries
  • McDolands, fast-food chain

Convention Centre

  • China Core, Chinese takeaway.
  • Mercy Enterprises, business institute.
  • Neverand Cafe, cafe and bar.
  • Oscatto Flowers, florist
  • Realms, game shop
  • SushiToGo, sushi bar and restaurant

Electric City Central

  • AKB59 Idol Theatre, idol theatre.
  • Art Studio Merkolinas, art studio and pottery studio.
  • Bakka-Z, nightclub.
  • Cafe Del Isa, coffee bar.
  • Darling's, department store
  • Finlay's, breakfast bar.
  • Ghee, farm shop
  • Harajuku Fashions, fashion shop and designer.
  • Harlequin Fashion, furniture designer.
  • Inkea, furniture store.
  • ID, contemporary Asian restaurant
  • IU, vocaloid cafe/live performance cafe.
  • Jack's Juices, juice bar.
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum, exhibition and merchandise shop.
  • Kyoto Town, Japanese culture exhibition.
  • Lucy's, furniture shop
  • Moneybags, bank.
  • Neverand Cafe, cafe and bar
  • Ometesando Fashion, furniture store
  • OzazazaChocolataaaaaaaA!, chocolate furniture store, chocolatier.
  • ePerfume Shop, perfumery.
  • Queen Peraqua's Regality, regal furnishing.
  • Royal Designs Apricot Street, clothes designer.
  • Royal Designs Parkin Street, clothes designer.
  • Stupendous Bakery, bakery school, bakery
  • Stratospheric, arcade game store, game store.
  • Techno Techno Technologies, technology store, curio store.
  • Zero-X, game shop.
  • 7/11, department store.

Electric City East

  • Abercimey, underwear shop.
  • Bankol, private republic bank.
  • Bikini Talker, bikini supplies.
  • Carli Morton's, custom furniture designer.
  • Deli's Dehli Deli, Indian delicatessen.
  • Earl of Grey Tea, tea cafe.
  • Electroworld Souvenir Shop, special items relating to the day.
  • Forlorn Darkness, Gothic furniture and clothing.
  • Indian Treasures, Pawnbrokers for treasure and artefacts.
  • Karamor, Mountain supplies
  • Moon Skies, Harvest Moon furniture store
  • New Town Fashions, fashion store.
  • Orange Caramel Confectionary, confection store
  • Quadro-Genesis, Arcade game supplies
  • Rosie Riverbank Bar, Bar
  • Salon Dixon, Salon/Hairdresser
  • Tex Pool Side, Pool Side supplies
  • Vetological, Vets.
  • Winx, Clay workshop.
  • Yarra Los Dempa, Mexican/Japanese Cuisine

Electric City North

  • A-Dempa, Dempa Theatre
  • Akihabara Lights and Attractions, Akihabara-themed item shop.

Electric City South

Electric City West

Electrolaide River

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