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List of Sevii Islands locations in Pokemon Orange version

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list of Sevii Islands locations in Pokemon Orange version

See Pokemon Orange version for more info on the Game


Areas of interest
Knot Island
  • One Island
  • Kindle Road
  • Mt Ember
Boon Island
  • Two Island
    • Two Island Gym
  • Cape Brink
Kin Island
  • Three Island
  • Three Island path
  • Bond Bridge
  • Berry Forest
Floe Island
  • Four Island
    • Four Island Gym
  • Icefall Cave
Chrono Island
  • Five Island
  • Lost Cave
    • Chrono Island Gym
  • Five Isle Meadow
  • Rocket Warehouse
  • Resort Gorgeous
Fortune Island
  • Six Island
    • Six Island Gym
  • Water Path
  • Pattern Bush
  • Green Path
  • Outcast Island
  • Altering Cave
  • Ruin Valley
  • Dotted Hole
Quest Island
  • Seven Island
  • Sevii Island League
  • Canyon Entrance
  • Seavault Canyon
    • Tanoby Key
  • Tanoby Ruins
  • Tanoby Chambers

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