Indigo League

Season 1: Pokemon

Number Title Description
1 Pokemon, I Choose You! Red desires to become a Pokemon Master, and decides to begin his journey when he turns 10. With his Poliwhirl at his side, he meets his rival, Gary, fighting a mysterious Pokemon, and heads to Professor Oak's lab to receive his first Pokemon. Once there, Oak mistakes Red for a thief, and both accidentally let a bunch of Pokmon out of their Pokeballs! Red and Oak head to the nearest City- Viridian City to chase after them. They manage to catch all of the escaped Pokemon, but face a Machoke in Viridian City's vacant gym. With the help of a Pokemon named Bulbasaur, Red manages to defeat the Machoke. Oak then gives him the Bulbasaur and a Pokedex, therefore starting Red's journey.
2 Pokemon Emergency! After the Machoke attack from the previous episode, Red makes it to Viridian City to get Pokemon healed. Once there, he learns of the crime organization Team Rocket, and their plan to take over Kanto. The Center is later attacked by a member of Team Rocket--James Kojiro--who plans to steal the injured Pokemon in the Center. Even though Red manages to defeat him, James still suceeds in his goal, and promises to be more careful shold he meet Red again. During the battle, Red befriends a talking Meowth, who joins him with so he could see the entire Pokemon world.
3 The Secret of Kangaskhan Arriving in Viridian Forest, Red meets up again with Blue after his Poliwhirl is accidentally knocked out by Blue's signature Pokemon, Charmander. Together, they meet a Kangaskhan that Blue was intending to capture. However, Red notices something wrong with Kangaskhan, and stops Blue from attacking it. It turns out that the Kangaskhan's baby is sick, and Red heals it. With the Kangaskhan calm again, it leaves the forest, much to Blue's dismay. As Red and Blue leae each other, Oak comments on their strength growing.
4 The Rogue Pikachu of Pewter City Red arrives at Pewter City and hears news of a mischievous Pikachu causing trouble in the city. Red decides to lend the people a hand, managing to weaken the Pikachu with Bulbasaur and capturing it. He is then challenged by Blue to see who could beat Pewter's gym first. Red tries to get his Pokemon healed, but realizes that the Pokemon Center was attacked by Team Rocket, making his only active Pokemon a disobedient Pikachu. Meanwhile, a female member of Team Rocket is assigned to steal a piece of the Moon Stone from Mt. Moon.
5 Showdown at Pewter Gym With only a disobidient Pikachu at full health, Red has no choice but to tackle Pewtwer City's gym with his weakened Pokemon. After witnessing Blue fight with his newly evolved Charmeleon, Ash begins his fight. Surprisingly, Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur manage to put up a good fight, but when Red reaches Brock, both of them can't do battle anymore. As expected, Pikachu refuses to help Red win, but after being assaulted by Brock's Onix, Pikachu remembers Red's kind words to it, and manages to defeat Onix, giving Red the Boulder Badge. After the battle, Red and Pikachu reconcile.
6 The Tomboyish Mermaid Fresh from defeating Brock, Ash encounters a girl trying to attack a Gyarados with her Staryu. However, the Staryu is easily defeated. Red decides to lend her a hand with Bulbasur, and both of them manage to defeat Gyarados. The girl, introducing herself as Misty, reveals that Gyarados was her Pokemon, and it went berserk thanks to Team Rocket's experiments. After Misty's Gyarados returns to its senses, Misty decides to travel with Red to her home of Cerulean City.
7 Mystery of the Moon Stone Red, Misty and Meowth manage to make into Mt. Moon, which is on the way to Cerulean City. Inside, they encounter a Team Rocket battalion led by a female admin- Jessie Musashi. After discovering of Team Rocket's intentions of finding the Moon Stone, Red accidentally collides with a RHyhorn- who turns out to be Jessie's! Jessie then injects Rhyhorn with a liquid that evolves Rhyhorn into Rhydon. As the battalion ake their leave, Red and Misty battle the Rhydon. In the process, Misty gets knocked out, but Pikachu manages to defeat the RHydon. After Red and Misty get out of Mt. Moon, Red reveals that he obtained the Moon Stone during the confusion inside the mountain.
8 The Water Flowers of Cerulean City Red and Misty manage to make it to Cerulean City. Red gets invited to stay at Misty's home- a big mansion- and meet her three sisters (whom Meowth begins to flirt with). However, after an argument between both of them about training for future battles against Team Rocket and Red's overconfidence, Misty storms off frustrated. The next day, Misty lets Red go to the Cerulean Gym, revealing herself to be a Gym Leader herself. Red tries to attack her Starmie with his Bulbasaur, but is soundly defeated. However, Red offers to train harder for Misty, much to the latter's relief. After a week of training, Misty gives Ash the Cascade Badge, and Red leaves Misty to continue his journey.
9 The Path to the Pokemon League On the way to the next city, Vermillion City, Red encounters a trainer named A.J.--a trainer with a winning streak of 98 Pokemon battles and 0 losses. Red decides to battle him, but is easily defeated by A.J.'s Sandshrew. It's later discovered that A.J. trains his Pokemon very hardly, making them train in a swimming pool. Red asks A.J. to have rematch with him, and an argument ensues which leads to Red and A.J. fall into the pool. However, A.J.'s Sandshrew is stolen by a greedy poacher, but A.J. manages to defeat him, earning him his 100th victory. Now satisfied with 100 victories, A.J. decides to set out and earn himself some Gym Badges, stating that he and Red will meet again at the Pokemon League.
10 Pokemon Tech While gathering firewood, Red and Meowth meet a group of kids picking on a younger child named Joe. They later discover that the kids are students of Pokemon Tech- a Pokemon school that offers classes that let you enter the Pokemon League without challenging gyms. Red, angry at the tutoring program, meets the head of Pokemon Tech--Giselle. While Meowth begins flirting with her, Red decides to challenge her to a battle. After an arduous battle, Red manages to defeat both her Graveler and Cubone with Poliwhirl. Joe then decides to quit Pokemon Tech to earn the Gym Badges needed to go to the Pokemon League, and Joe and Giselle become friends. Meanwhile, James gets a call from the leader of Team Rocket.
11 A Strange Switcheroo While Red is searching for more Pokemon to capture, he and Meowth come across a talking Rattata, who's actually a Pokemon researcher named Bill (stuck in a Rattata's body after a mishap with his transportation system). While he talks about him creating the system that hold on to any reserve Pokemon, he and Meowth are suddenly caught by a Fearow. Red decides to use his Poliwhirl to fight the Fearow. With the combined efforts of Pikachu and Poliwhirl, Red manages to rescue Bill. Bill manages to return to his usual body afterwards in his home, and discovers Red managed to catch the Fearow from earlier (much to his shock). Meanwhile, the boss of Team Rocket (face unseen and voice distorted) gives James a Pokemon containing an unknown Pokemon in it, and tells him to head for Vermillion City.
12 Electric Shock Showdown After saying goodbye to Bill, Red and Meowth manage to make it to Vermillion City. They discover about the powerful gym leader there, Lt. Surge, and Red heads to challenge him. However, Red is easily defeated by Pikachu's evolved form of Raichu. While at the Pokemon Center waiting for his Pokemon to be recovered, Meowth recommends to Red evolving Pikachu with the Thunder Stone, making it evolve into Raichu. Red declines, however, and Red rematches Surge, managing to defeat Raichu and earning the Thunder Badge. Elsewhere in Vermillion City, James infiltrates the S.S. Anne to begin Team Rocket's latest plan.
13 Battle Upon the S.S. Anne Fresh from defeating Lt. Surge, Red gets invited by him to board a luxury liner ship called the S.S. Anne. While there, Red trades his Poliwhirl for a magician's Raticate- a choice he begins to regret. Eventually, Red, Surge and Meowth are called into a room with the other passengers, and a Team Rocket battalion led by James attack. While the trainers are able to fight back with their Pokemon, James unveils his trump card--a Gyarados which produces waves that rock the ship back and forth. All the trainers manage to evacuate the ship, and Red gets his Butterfree back. However, James prevents Red and Surge from leaving (calling Surge a "traitor"), and a wave from Gyarados knocks them unconscious. Gyarados then manages to sink the S.S. Anne--with Red and Surge still on board.
14 Pokemon Shipwreck After the attack on the S.S. Anne, Red and Surge are both trapped indide the sunken ship. As the two people try to find a way to escape, Surge reveals that he was a member of Team Rocket--but defected after witnessing Team Rocket's motives, being replaced by James. With the combined efforts of both of their Pokemon, Red and Surge manages to free themselves from the sunken ship, only to be met face-to-face with James. Surprised Red and Surge managed to survive the sinking of the S.S. Anne, James call forth his Gyarados to fight them head on. The combined efforts of Red and Surge's Pokemon give him the upper hand, until James decides to summon a bunch of more Gyarados. James then commands them to use Dragon Rage, which forms a tornado in which Red ans Surge are sucked into.
15 Counterattacking Team Rocket After Red's second defeat at the hands of James, he and Lt. Surge are swept away to the holiday resort, Acapulco, which is inhabited by many Team Rocket grunts. Meanwhile, James gets promoted after his victory on the S.S. Anne. However, realizing Red still managed to survive, James decides to get rid of him once and for all. Meanwhile, Red takes refuge in a house not far from Team Rocket, and discovers from Lt. Surge that he's being targeted by James again. James suddenly reappears, ready to defeat Red for the last time. After almost of their Pokemon are knocked out by James's Gyarados, Poliwhirl is called upon, and manages to evolve into a Poliwrath, finaly defeating Gyarados. Professor Oak is also shown spying from a distance to see Ash's growth. As James orders his men to retreat, Lt. Surge gives Red a map to the next city, Celadon City.
16 Tentacool and Tentacruel Red arrives in Porta Vista, a town not so far away from Acapulco. There, he meets someone who is trying to build a luxury hotel, trying to turn a coral reef area into a tropical resort. However, the reef is inhabited by Tentacool. Red decides to help him, but when the Tentacools' leader--a giant Tentacruel--shows up, things might get tougher for the trainer.
17 The Great Bike Race Red enters a bike race competition that gives the winner $10,000 in prize money. Red later discovers that the race is also an obstacle course called the Pokemon Triathalon- an event where using your Pokemon will have an advantage. With that advice in mind, Red manages to gain a healthy lead, but is soon blocked by a giant Snorlax. Red still manages to lure it with the honey of a Beedrill, and manages to win the race. However, he had to spend his prize money to feed Snorlax fully.
18 The Ghost of Maiden's Peak Red arrives at a town called Maiden's Peak, that's celebrating a festival. Red decides to participate in the festival, tired from all the battles he won. It's there he sees a shrine of a beautiful woman and learns of the legend of Maiden's Rock- Apparently, the woman whom the shrine was made after was turned to stone 2,000 years ago after waiting for her lost lover to return from war. Every year, a young man's spirit gets stolen by the girl's ghost, and Red's spirit is her intentions this year! Red soons discovers that the ghost is actually a talking Gastly in disguise, who easily defeats all of Red's Pokemon. However, the sun happens to rise, causing Gastly to retreat until next year.
19 Lavender Town's Tower of Terror, Part 1 Arriving at Lavender Town, Red discoers from an old man named Mr. Fuji that the town is opulated by ghosts, which scared the people of the town so much, that they forgot how to socialize with one another. As Red tries to laugh it off, Fuji mentions about someone who tried to falsify the rumors 2 weeks before Red's arrival, but never returned- Blue. Concerned about Blue's safety, Red heads to Lavender Tower, where he encounters a group of Pokemon zombies. After figuring out the zombies can't leave a certain space in the tower, Red manages to eveade them and find Blue- who's been possessed by a mysterious fog...
20 Lavender Town's Tower of Terror, Part 2 Red discovers that another Gastly is possessing Blue, and manages to defeat it with Bulbasaur, freeing Blue. Blue then leaves immediately to findthe person responsible for his brainwashing- which turns out to be Jessie, the woman who attacked Red on Mt. Moon earlier. Jessie sends out her Arbok to deal with Red and Blue, but Blue's Charmeleon manages to defeat it after evading Arbok's acid. After the battle at Lavender Tower, Blue and Red part ways again.
21 Green, Master Thief Red's Bulbasaur manages to finally evolve into Ivysaur after defeating a wild Primeape. Red is then approached by a girl who offers to give him items to make his Pokemon stronger. Red accepts the deal without hesitation, and tries his new items on Pikachu during a battle with a Pinsir. However, Pikachu gets easily defeated. Professor Oak also contacts Red, commenting on Bulbasaur's evolution, and telling Ash about his stolen Squirtle. Angered at being swindled by the girl, Red find her. Realizing her cover was blown, Green tries to escpae on her Wartortle, the evolved form of Squirtle, but is stopped by Red's Snorlax. After Snporlax defeats Green, Red manages to take back his money and return to his journey. That night however, Red realizes his Boulder and Cascade Badges have been stolen.
22 Who Is Mew?, Part 1 After figuring out that Green stole his three Gym Badges, Red disguises himself as a Team Rocket Grunt after discovering they're after Green too. He goes into a secret laboratory, where he witnesses a mysterious Pokemon being created. He also discovers Team Rocket's reasons for hunting down Green- she has a disk that must be needed to find a Pokemon named Mew. Team Rocket eventually finds Green, and tries to get the disk back, but to no avail. However, when Red saves her from James's Tauros, Green blows his cover, and Tauros suddenly attacks Team Rocket's Pokemon (since it's actually a Ditto in disguise). However, James still manages to get his hands on the Mew disk.
23 Who Is Mew?, Part 2 Green reveals to Red that the disk Team Rocket retrieved was actually a fake one, and she still has the real disk. Green then shows Red what Mew looks like with her Ditto, and tells him about it being the legendary 151st Pokemon. Red remembers seeing it fighting Blue at the beginning of his journey. Meanwhile, Team Rocket discover they were tricked, and try and capture Green again. Meanwhile, Red and Green encounter the real Mew, and try to capture it, but James attacks, letting Mew get away. Red eventually saves Green and defeats James's Jynx with Poliwhirl, but Mew manages to vanish. Green then reveals she took a few snapshots of Mew during the battle, infuriating Red. However, his anger subsides when it's revealed that Green gave him back his gym badges stolen from before.
24 Primeape Goes Bananas Red calls Professor Oak about his progress so far, telling him about his encounter with Green and Mew. When Oak discovers Geen has a Wartortle, he remarks that Wartortle is the evolved form of Squirtle--which was stolen from his laboratory. Later, while eating onigiri, Red and Meowth encounter (and upset) a wild Mankey. The Mankey then steals Red's hat, and evolves into a Primeape. Red manages to quell the rampaging Primeape, and catches it, sending it to Oak's lab (not before retrieivng his hat back).
25 A Massive Poke-Mix-Up! Nearing Celadon City, Red literally runs into Blue, who was chasing after his newly obtained Porygon (obtained from Celadon's Game Center). This turn of events ends up switching Red's Pokemon and Pokedex with Blue's, as shown when Red tries to save to girls from wild Pokemon. As expected BLue's Pokemon become hostile with Red, and Blue trains Red's Pokemon harshly. Two days later, Red discovers his Pikachu fighting a Ninetales with Blue. Red tries to help with Blue's Machoke, making it evolve into Machamp. Blue then manages to capture Ninetales, and the mishap of switched Pokemon is resolved. However, Red and Blue discover nexpected changes about their Pokemons' personalities...
26 The Evolution Pokemon, Part 1 Arriving at Celadon City, Red encounters the city's Gym Leader, Erika, and instantly challenges her to a Gym Battle. The townspeople disagree, but Erika acepts Red's challenge- but only after Red captures a Pokemon called Eevee. Red then meets up with Bill, who tells him that Eevee could transform into three different Pokemon without evolving. Red and BIll then find Eevee, but the Pokemon shifts into different forms to pinpoint the weaknesses of Red's Pokemon. Red's Bulbasaur then wraps Eevee's ears with leaves preventing it from changing forms. Bill then disvoers a gadget in the Eevee's ear, finding why Eevee could change foms. Red then suspects Erika behind all this, then rushes back to Celadon Gym.
27 The Evolution Pokemon, Part 2 Red returns to Celadon Gym, with Bill behind him. As Red angrily searches for Erika, he discovers a book based off of Eevee Reconstruction. Erika then appears, congratulating Ash for capturing Eevee, and offers him the Rainbow Badge in return. However, Ash wants to fight her evenly, thus triggering the gym match. After Erika's Tangela and Bellsprout beat Red's Ivysaur and Poliwrath, her Victreebel nearly defeats Pikachu. As Erika taunts Red about his arrogance and about the Eevee he captured, Red orders Pikachu to use Subsitute and change the tide of battle, defeating Victreebel. Touched at Red's determination to defend Eevee, Erika offers Red the Rainbow Badge, in which he accepts. All this is watched by a mysterious Team Rocket admin.
28 Hypno's Naptime Red arrives in HopHopHop Town, a town in which cildren have recently vanished. Additionally, the Pokemon at the Pokemon Center also aren't feeling well. After Red discovers that a mysterious sleep wave is invading the town, Red takes it upon himself to figure out the source of said sleep wave. It is then discovered that the waves are being caused by a Hypno, eho wanted to help with HopHopHop Town's sleeping problems- but instead made drained the energy of the Pokemon in the Pokemon Center, as well as make the missing children think they're Pokemon. The children (and Pokemon) are eventually cured by a Drowzee.
29 The Punchy Pokemon Red comes across a Hitmonchan, and attempts to capture it with little thought. After being defeated by Hitmonchan, Red discovers that he has a Trainer who desires to win the P1 Grand Prix- a fighting tournament for Pokemon. Red himself decides to enter the P1 Grand Prix with Primeape. The tournament eventally climaxes in a battle against Red's Primeape and Anthony's Hitmonchan, with Red beating victorious. Anthony then offers to train Primeape for Red, and Ash tearfully leaves in in Anthony's care.
30 Do Magnets Dream of Electric Mice? Red enters the gloomy town of Gringy City, a city polluted greatly thanks to the factories located there. Pikachu begins acting weird, and the local Nurse Joy explains that it's the beginning of a Pokemon cold. As Joy trys to treat Pikachu, the city suddenly blacks out, leading to Red to find the problem behind it. There, Red discovers a group of Magnemite and Grimer, led by a Muk, are the culprits. Red manages to capture the Muk, and Joy finishes Pikachu's treatment, healing it.
31 Dig Those Diglett After being lost in the mountains, Red discovers a construction site trying to build a huge dam (called Giva Dam). The foreman of the operation is searching for new recruits in building the dam due to a group of Diglett interfering with their work. Red decides to rid the Diglett so Giva Dam could be finished. However, after discovering that the Diglett's home would be flooded if Giva Dam would get completed, the foreman cancels the construction.
32 The Ninja Poke-Showdown, Part 1 Red manages to reach Fuchsia City, and learns of its Gym Leader- Koga, who also turns out to be a ninja! After dealing with Koga's traps placed outside the gym, Red finally gets to face Koga. However, mid-battle, a group of Team Rocket grunts led by Jessie appears, with the intent of eliminating Koga. It's here that Red discovers a surprising secret about Koga--he was a former admin of Team Rocket.
33 The Ninja Poke-Showdown, Part 2 After discovering Koga's past life as a Team Rocket Admin, Red decides to put his trust in the ninja to help defeat Jessie's Golbat and Weezing. During the battle, Koga's Venonat evolves into a Venomoth, which manages to finish off Jessie's Pokemon. As Jessie retreats to report to her boss, Red and Koga resume their battle. The battle ends with Poliwrath managing to defeat Koga's Golbat, allowing Red to gain the Soul Badge.
34 The Kangaskhan Kid After defeating Koga, Red decides to take a look at Fuchsia City's Safari Zone. On the way there, he encounters a ranger looking for Pokemon poachers in Fushcia City. While helping the ranger with her search, Red encounters Tommy--a boy who leads a group of Kangaskhan. However, the poachers appear and captures a group of Kangaskhan, with the intent to selling them to get rich, and Tommy's parents come to look for him. In the end, the poachers are defeated, and Tommy's parents decide to be with Tommy and the Kangaskhans.
35 A Wild Trip Into the Safari Zone, Part 1 Red enters the Safari Zone, aided by to Pidgey Robots (called Pidgebots). Red decides to try and capture a Nidoking with a Pokeball he smuggled into the Safari Zone, but it misses the Nidoking and hits a Nidoqueen it was fighting over with another Nidoking. Enraged at losing the Nidoqueen, the Nidokings attack Red, destroying a Pidgebot in the process. The other Pidgebot then gives Red a Safari Ball--Pokeballs that can capture Pokemon in the Safari Zone- and Red tries to find his way out. After being ambushed by one of the Nidoking from earlier, Red gets caught by a Victreebel.
36 A Wild Trip Into the Safari Zone, Part 2 The Victreebel that captured Red goes deeper into the Safari Zone, and Red discovers a ritual for Bellsprout and Weepinbell to evolve- which involves him being eaten! After Red and the Pidgebot distract the Victreebel line, Red tires to escape the Safari Zone, only to be ambushed by the Nidoking from earlier again, having been waken up by Red's distraction. During the battle with the Nidoking, Red manages to capture a Victreebel, and uses it to capture the Nidoking. The next day, a group of Safari Zone members try to find Red, but find him and the Pidgebot with a bunch of Pokemon that he captured in the Safari Zone.
37 Ditto's Mysterious Mansion After being caught in a rain shower, Red heads to a mansion to fins shelter. Red then has the feeling that someone is with him- and soon discovers that he went inside the Copycat House, home to the trainer Duplica and her Pokemon, Ditto. The two tried to perform for people at her theater, but Ditto couldn't perfectly clone the faces of Pokemon. Ash decides to battle Duplica to help her and her Ditto. The ensuing battle allows Ditto to suceed in changing into Red's Pokemon, and Duplica decides to re-open her theater, thanks to Ditto's technique mastered.
38 There's Snow Way Out! Red gets lost when he reaches a fork in the road, and decides to take risk and climb a very steep mountain. However, when Pikachu gets lost, Red and his Pokemon split up to find him. However, when a snowstorm hits, Red almost gives up, but with the help of his friend and Pewter Gym Leader Brock, Red manages to find Pikachu. Afterwards, Red and his Pokemon find shelter in a cave, and the snowstorm passes. Red and Brock then part ways.
39 The Four Eevee Brothers Red find a female Eevee tied to a tree with the name of a Pokemon trainer and the trainer's adress. Red decides to take the Eevee back to its rightful owner. Red's Eevee also forms a good bond with the female Eevee. Red then makes it to the female Eevee's home- a luxurious mansion that's home to four brothers- each with a form of Eevee. Red returns to female Eevee to its owner, Mikey- who wants to become a professional Eevee trainer like his three brothers. Red decides to help Mikey by letting his Eevee battle Mikey's Eevee. Mikey eventually manages to defeat Red's Eevee, gaining his first victory, and becoming a full-fledged Eevee trainer.
40 Make Way For Magmar! Two people arrive at Viridian City's gym, commenting on how its leader has gone missing for a while. Meanwhile, Red meets up with a person whos studying the fossils of Pokemon, and aids him on his search. However, a couple of Magmar attack a Pokemon Fossil Research Center, forcing Red to protect the fossil researcher with his Pokemon. The man makes comments inside his head as he watches Red's battle unfold. After the two Magmar are defeated, the fossil researcher gives Red the Old Amber (a fossil that can revive aa certain Pokemon), and Red continues his journey. As the Magmar get up and try to pursue Red, the fossil researcher defeats both of them with a Cloyster, and reveals himself to be Team Rocket's leader!
41 Showdown at Dark City Red arrives at a ruined city called Dark CIty while traveling across a desert. While eating at a resturant (in which Pikachu is revealed to enjoy ketchup and Meowth is enjoying ramen), Red learns about two rival gyms, the Yas Gym and Kaz Gym, competing for glory since there can only be one gym in Dark City. In order to settle the dispute, Red disguises himself as Tom Ato, working for Yas. He then learns that Yas and Kaz's signature Pokemon- Scyther and Electabuzz, respectively- go berserk after seeing the color red. With that in mind, Red manages to pour tomato juice on the two rival Pokemon, causing them to attack their masters. Ash then defeats both Pokemon. Following these events, Yaz and Kaz try to attack Red, but Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on them, subduing them. The official gym inspector (a Nurse Joy) arrives and dismisses them, saying htey can't be Gym Leaders if they street fight.
42 The March of the Exeggutor Squad Red, exhausted after a battle with a Pokemon, gets a well-earned break by arriving at a carnival. While goofing off with his Pokemon and Meowth, he discovers a dull magic show being performed in a small cabin. The magician in charge of the show gets fired due to his performance, and begs Red to help him. Red accepts,and discovers about the magician's Exeggcute and its hypnotizing abilities. However, when the Exeggcute evolves into Exeggutor and hypnotizes a mob into destroying the carnival, Red must stop the mob before any more damage is done.
43 Meowth Heats Up Arriving at Mossgreen Village, Red discover's that Meowth's koban is overheating. If something isn't donesoon, Meowth may die. Luckily, a young girl named Cassandra helps Meowth get a little better by giving him some healing water. Cassandra explains that she wants her Paras to evolve into Paraset to make a miracle Pokemon medicine. Red decides to help Cassandra by battling the Paras. Will Paras evolve into Parasect, and more improtantly, will Meowth's life be saved?
44 The Song of Jigglypuff While looking for a place to sleep, Red arrives at Neon Town, a city that is always active 24 hours a day. However, while everyone loves to play, they rarely sleep, and are usually angry inside. While Red leaves the town, he spots Green trying to catch a Jigglypuff- one who can't even sing yet. due to a sore throat. Both Red and Green try to teach Jigglypuff how to sing. After Green feeds the Jigglypuff a berry to eat, Jigglypuff feels better and recovers its singing. Red and Green then use Jugglypuff's technique to lull ht epeople into sleep. Jigglypuff then decides to become Green's Pokemon.
45 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon Red arrives at an area called Grampa Canyon, and spy a group with picks and shovels. Blue then appear to Red and explains about the Fossil Rush, thanks to a great Pokemon discovery. However, a Team Rocket battalion led by James appears during the hunt, and succeeds blowing up the canyon, managing to steal two fossils. James then revives the fossils, containing the ancient Pokemon Omastar and Kabuto. James then explains the motives for their attack- to steal two ancient Pokemon for their boss. Red and Blue try to defeat James, but the two ancient Pokemon evolve into Omastar and Kabutops, turning the tide of battle, severly injuring Red and Blue's Pokemon...
46 A Chansey Operation After their defeat at the hands of James's two new Pokemon, Omastar and Kabutops, Red and Blue arrive at a nearby hospital, where the doctor there (Dr. Proctor) explains about a violent incident that involved James's new Pokemon attacking a truckful of Pokemon, making them in dire need of medical attention. Since thehospital is low on staff, Red and Blue decide to work for the hospital to treat their wounded Pokemon and the victims of James's attack. After sucessfully healing all of the Pokemon, Red and Blue part ways again.
47 Farfetch'd, the Sitting Duck While Red is going over the Pokemon he's recently captured, he learns about Farfetch'd--a Pokemon with a leek in its hand. Thanks to being hunted down by humans, Farfetch'd is an endangered Pokemon species- very few remain in the world. Red, impressed hearing these words, decides to catch one, and as luck would have it, a Farfetch'd appears right in front of him. Unfortunately, the Farfetch'd already has a trainer, named Keith. After Red and Keith protect Farfetch'd from Pachinko, Keith releases Farfetch'd, claiming it was his intention to do so in the first place. The Farfetch'd then decides to become Red's Pokemon, much to his happiness.
48 To Find an HM Arriving at Route 24, Red goes underwater to find the HM known as Surf, and is more determined to get it since Blue already obtained it. Red manages to find the TM--only for it to be guarded by a Dragonite! Red tries to distrat Dragonite with Pikachu so he could get the HM, but the Dragonite accidentally destroys the HM while targeting Red. As Red nearly drowns, a mermaid saves him, and a Gyarados defeats the Dragonite. The mermaid is eventaully revealed to be Red's friend, Misty.
49 Articuno's Island With the help of Misty, Red manages to arrive on the Seafoam Islands. Red then obtains Misty's Gyarados in exchange for his own Krabby, so he could at least have a Pokemon with Surf. After Misty leaves, Red discovers the legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno. However, Jessie of Team Rocket is also trying to capture Articuno for her boss's plans. Red tries to prevent this from happening, only to deal with a Muk that easily defeats the other Pokemon. Gyarados eventually manages to save Red, defeating Muk. While the Articuno is still free, Red compliments Gyarados for a job well done.
50 Too Hot To Handle!, Part 1 At Cinnabar Island, while a unit of Team Roket is searching for research materials, the lead grunt vows to capture the recent traitor of Team Rocket, Blaine. Red himself arrives at Cinnabar Island on his way back to Pallet Town, and sees a clash between a grunt's Gengar and someone else's Rapidash and Arcanine. After he accidentally blows his cover, the Fire-Type trainer, Blaine, orders the grunts to spare Red, since he's their true target. As Red's Gyarados clashes with the lead runt's Gengar, Red and Blaine manage to escape. Blaine then reveals to Red about his past as a scientist for Team Rocket (shocking Red), and encounters Moltres, who was captured by Team Rocket at the Indigo Plateau. During the battle, Blaine discover's Red Old Amber, and orders Rapidash to take Red to his lab.
51 Too Hot to Handle!, Part 2 At Blaine's laboratory, Blaine's Rapidash gives Red a book about Pokemon fossils, and Red decides to trust Blaine and use Blaine's revivication achine on the Old Amber. The Old Amber forms into a pterodactyl Pokemon called Aerodactyl, in which Red uses to save Blaine from Moltres. Upon seeing Aerodactyl's resurrection, the lead grunt orders his men to retreat. After Blaine gives Red the Volcano Badge, he directs him on how to return to Pallet Town. Meanwhile, James, Jessie, and the mysterious psychic admin meet, talking about Ash's endeavors. Meanwhile, Team Rocket's boss preapres for his plan to conquer Kanto...
52 Pallet in Ruins At Saffron City, both Blue and Green try to enter the city, only to be refused by the gatekeepers there. Green discovers that there's a barrier surrounding the city, and Blue decides to go to Pallet Town to ask Professor Oak for advice. Meanwhile, Red finally returns to Pallet Town, but strangely, nobody is at their homes. Red immediately goes to Professor Oak's lab, where Oak remains silent while Red explains about his current deeds. Suddenly, Oak attacks unexpectedly, and uses Psychic powers to try and defeat Red. Red eventually reveals Oak's true identity as a Kadabra, and the psychic admin (named Sabrina) meets Red. Explaining that Oak and the rest of Pallet Town's residents was kidnapped by Team Rocket, she and Kadabra vanish, leaving Pallet Town in ruins- thank's to Kadabra's previous illusion of the town being normal. Blue then arrives, explaining about the final battle between Team Rocket and the Pokedex Holders.
53 Breaking Through The Barrier Red and Blue arrive at Saffron City, with the attempt to break the barrier surrounding it. Blue discovers the barrier is actually a Light Screen created by a Mr. Mime. The two trainers argur but is interrupted by Green, and the two decide to cooperate to get into Saffron City. As Blue's Golduck scans the city, Red's Pikachu uses Subsitute to infiltrate the city's interior. Pikachu's clone eventually defeats the Mr. Mime, canceling the effects of Light Screen and allowing Red and Blue to reach Team Rocket's headquarters, Silph Co. Meanwhile, James watches from afar, and prepares for the battles ahead.
54 Team Rocket's Surprise Attack Red and Blue make it to Silph Co., where Red falls through a trap door. Blue tries to save him, but is intercepted by Jessie and her Muk. Red finds himself on Silph Co.'s first floor, where he encounters James. Red tries to attack James with his Pokemon, but James reveals his trump card- the legendary bird Pokemon Zapdos. Red's attempts at defeating James is witnessed by Blue on Jessie's Golbat, which aunches a Razor Wind at Blue. As Blue seemingly gets fatally wounded, James and Jessie laugh at their victories...
55 Shock And Awe! While Red and Blue are fighting James and Jessie, respectively, Green sneaks into Silph Co. through the back door... only to discover she's back outside. It's revealed that the outside scenary was only an illusion created by Sabrina, and both her and Green begin to fight. Green eventually gains the upper hand thanks to her Horsea's Snokescreen. Meanwhile, Red has trouble trying to defeat James and Zapdos, with Pikachu being knocked out. Red then uses Ivysaur and manages to sever Zapdos's power cords, sending its electricity to James and rupturing his insulating suit, defeating him and presumebly knocking him out. With James defeated, Red heads the the second floor, where Jessie is about to kill Blue!
56 A Cold Reception Just as Jessie is about to behead Blue, the trainer manages to surprise her by attacking with Pidgeot, revealing he was only pretending to be knocked out thanks to his reflective pendant. Enraged Jessie attacks with Articuno, revealing she has captured it. As Jessie gloats about Articuno's unlimited power, she freezes Red and Blue, believing that she has won. However, it's revealed that Blue had his Charizard on standby outside, melting the two trainers, and defeating Jessie. Red and Blue then split up- Red to find Green, and Blue to rescue Oak and Pallet Town's residents.
57 Team Rocket's Plan On the third floor, Green is stillhaving a hard time battling Sabrina, who is still able to fight despite Horsea's Smokescreen. Green manages to win when she releases Clefairy and Jigglypuff, and uses Growl and Sing on stunning Sabrina, and knocking her out with her newly-evolved Blastoise's Hydro Pump. Green then steals Sabrina's Marsh Badge before leaving. Meanwhile, Red discovers a device called a "Pokemon Badge Energy Amplifier", only to be caught by Sabrina. However, it's revealed that it was Green disguised as a Ditto. Elsewhere, Blue manages to find Professor Oak and Pallet Town's residents in Silph Co.'s basement. Red and Green due a trade- Red's Moon Stone for Green's Marsh Badge. However, the two are caught by James, who pretended to be knocked out after his battle with Red. James then reveals the amplifier's true purpose- summon an all-new powerful Pokemon. Summoning Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the new Pokemon is created...
58 The Winged Legends Outside of Silph Co., Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, and Koga all help battle the Tearm Rocket Grunts. Meanwhile, the new Pokemon is finally revealed- a fusion of the three legendary Pokemon, (which causes Green to faint to to her phobia of birds) dubbed Zap-Mol-Cuno by James. James then reveals that Eevee's experimentation was a prelude to this moment. As Blue returns with Charizard, Red continues to fight, using Green's Moon Stone to evolve her Clefairy into Clefable. Despite Clefable buying time for the three trainers, James orders Zap-Mol-Cuno to unleash Sky Attack on them. However, just when James thinks the battle is over, it's revelaed that Red's Ivysaur saved the three trainers with its vine web. Red, Blue and Green finish off Zap-Mol-Cuno with a combined attack (with Ivysaur evolveing into Venusaur in the process), defeating James once again and finally defeating Team Rocket. The Silph Co. building begins to collapse, however, the three trainers manage to escape. On Silph Co.'s first floor, Lt. Surge and Koga convinvce Sabrina to return to being a Gym Leader, and all three of them manage to escape the building as well. With the conflict finally resolve, Blue vows to meet Red at Indigo Plateau.
59 How To Catch a Pokemon A little girl gets lost in Viridian Forest while trying to find her way home. Red manages to find her and save her from an oncoming Dratini. Releizing that the girl is defenseless and doesn't have any Pokemon, Red helps her by teaching her how to capture a Ratatta. Red then tells the girl that know matter hoe Pokemon look, they'll always be kind to you if you treat them properly. Red then goes to Viridian City, hearing that the Gym Leader has returned. Red then encounters ssaid gym leader, who seems to know Red pretty well...
60 Viridian Gym Showdown, Part 1 The gym leader of Viridian CIty reveals himself to Red, revealing himself as the Fossil Guy Red met in Pewter City. He reveals about his rank as Team Rocket's boss, and reveals his tre name- Giovanni. Giovanni makes a bet with Red- if Giovanni wins against him, Red will be a member of Team Rocket. Red accepts the bet, and negins to fight against Giovanni, with his Poliwrath kncoked out easily. Red then sends out Snorlax to fight against Giovanni's Golem, and seems to defeat it, but is defeated by Golem's Explosion. As Giovanni corners Red with his Beedrill, he tells Red to give up. However, Red tells Giovanni to give up, as he summons Aerodactyl.
61 Viridian Gym Showdown, Part 2 Red's Aerodactyl seems to defeat Giovanni with a Hyper Beam, knocking out his Beedrill a creating a fog surrounding the gym. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, and Red manages to escape the collapsing gym, saving his knocked-out Poliwrath in the process. Giovanni reveals to still be alive, and releases the causes of the earthquake--his Ground-Type Pokemon. Giovanni's Rhyhorn manages to defeat Aerodactyl, and his Dugtrio prevents Red from opening his Pokeballs. As a last resort, Red uses a strategy to defeat Giovanni with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but Giovanni explains that Red'll be defeated before Pikachu launches it. However, Red's Pikachu charged Thunderbolt inside its Pokeball, with Red prtoecting himself with rubber gloves. At last, Red manages to defeat Giovanni, ending Team Rocket's reign for good.
62 Go West, Young Meowth! As Red goes to Hollywood to see a movie created by Cleavon Schpielbunk, Meowth recalls his past memories about the reason why he could talk and walk like a human. He soon meets the Persian Mewoth worked for prior to the events of the anime, as well as his past crush, Meowzie. Mewoth and Persian square off in a battle to determine Meowth's fate, and manages to defeat his past leader and admit his love to Meowzie.
63 The Ancien Puzzle of Pokemopolis While training for the Indigo Plateau, Red inadvertantly uncovers a hidden temple that contains many fossils. Red remembers about Giovanni saying to him about an ancient city in which people built temples to honor Pokemon. While investigating the temple, Pokemopolis, Red stumbles upon two artifacts, which transform into an Alakazam and a Gengar. What mysteries await in these ruins...?
64 The Indigo Plateau At last, Red enters the Pokemon League, and manages to make it to the final 4. Red discovers that Blue, Green, and a mysterious man named Dr. O also entered the finals. The first match begins with Green pitted against Dr. O. During the battle, Green shows her fear of birds again after Dr. O attacks with his Spearow. O recalls a girl being kidnapped by a bird Pokemon 6 years ago, and eplains that same girl stole his Squirtle. O then reveals his true identity, shocking everyone--Professor Oak. Oak defeats Green, and Green tells Oak that she wanted her own Pokedex (since she was from Pallet Town along side Red and Blue). Having pity on Green, Oak gives Green her very own Pokedex. Oak then decides to quit the next match, thus making Red and Blue's battle the final match of the Pokemon League.
65 A Champion Emerges, Part 1 Red and Blue begin their final battle with their starter Pokemon. After Venusaur damages Charizard, Red calls in Snorlax, while Blue calls in Machamp. Snorlax eventually gets tossed around by Machamp, cracking the arena's floor. As Machamp goes in to Karate Chop Snorlax, it's revealed that Red commanded Snorlax to use Harden- a plan that Blue sees through by ordering Machamp to Karate Chop the floor. As Red is presumebly disqualified with Snorlax going out of bound, Snorlax returns from the sky, damaging Machamp with a Double-Edge. Blue then switches out Machamp for Ninetales, and a shadowy group of four figures compliment on the battle ensuing.
66 A Champion Emerges, Part 2 Red tries to attack Blue's Ninetales with his Poliwrath, but Ninetales's Fire Blast lauches Poliwrath into the Plateau's ceiling, and does the same thing to Pikachu. Blue then calls in Charizard again, with Red returning to Venusaur. As Charizard goes to attack Venusaur, it's ensared by Venusaur's Vine Whip. Blue then notices a cloud in the arena, and Red reveals his plan that Pikachu and Poliwrath formed the cloud when they were blasted towards the ceiling. Using Venusaur's Vine Whip as a lightning rod, Red's closest three Pokemon defeat Charizard, allowing Red to win the Pokemon League. The award ceremony is then held, with Mew watching close by.

Season 2: Pokemon: Adventures in Kanto

Number Title Description
67 A Mysterious Challenger At the Silph Co. building, a mysterious lay finds the badge amlifier James used to vreate Zap-Mol-Cuno. Elsewhere, A mailman's Ponyta is going out of control, but is stopped by a Venusaur- Red's Venusaur. The mailman reveals about a letter offering him a challenge. Meanwhile, on Mt. Moon, two other people compliment on Red's strength. A few days later, Misty contacts Professor Oak about Red. Oak tries to assure Misty that he'd be fine, but someone wnters the lab... Red's weary and injured Pikachu- without his trainer!
68 A Trainer In Yellow As Oak and Misty try to ask Pikachu for information about Red who was presumebly defeated by the challenger in his letter (named Bruno), someone else enters Oak's lab- a young boy with a Doduo. The trainer, much to Oak's shock, actually seens toknow Red's Pikachu, and leaves with it to find Red. Oak chases after him, asking for reasons. After the boy refuses to answer, Oak attacks with his Spearow, only for the boy to use his Doduo to defeat it. Surprised, Oak gives the boy Red's Pokedex (since Red doesn't use it nowadays), and allows him to search for Red alongside Pikachu.
69 Seadra Sees All While fishing in the Viridan Forest, the boy allows Pikachu to go for a walk in the forest. Elsewhere in the forest, Bill is researching the ecology of the forest when he meets Pikachu. Chasing after it, Bill accidentally falls in the river, prompting Pikachu to go back to the fishing spot and tells the boy about what transpired. Luckily, Bill gets saved by the boy's fishing rod, but then a Seadra attacks, making the task of saving Bill harder. As the Seadra tries to break the rope Bill's holding on to, the boy uses his fishing rod to go into the currents, capturing the Seadra. After the battle, much to Bill's shock, the boy heals Seadrathrough an unknown reason...
70 Enter the Elite Misty and Oak talk about the mysterious boy's journey, and Oak sends a Pidgeot belonging to someone to give that person a message. Elsewhere, in the forest, one of the two figures from earlier watches the boy and Bill. As Bill marvels at the boy's mysterious powers, the figure watching Bill and Yellow reveals herself, introducing herself as Lorelei of the Elite Four. Explaining about the Elite Four's intentions on defeating Pikachu, she attacks with a Dewgong, in which the boy retaliates with his Doduo, causing Lorelei to retreat. In a nearby cave, the boy tells Bill that Red was indeed defeated by the Elite Four, and that he was assigned by Oak to find Red with Pikachu. Yellow then prepares to resume his journey, much to Bill's surprise.
71 Cool as Ice, Part 1 LOrelei returns, attacking the boy and Bill with Spike Cannon. The boy sends Pikachu in its ball to see the causes of Lorelei's attacks. After discovering Lorelei's Dewgong and Cloyster's formation of Spike Cannon, the boy reveals his power to read the thoughts of Pokemon to Bill. The boy then returns to attacking Lorelei again, faing her with a decoy Pokeball, and ruining her Pokemons' method of forming Spike Cannon. As Lorelei asks of the boy's name, he finally reveals iy- Yellow. Somewhere else, someboyd is taping in on Lorelei and Yellow's conversation, and winces about Yellow giving away his name,
72 Cool as Ice, Part 2 Lorelei resumes attaxcking Yellow and Bill, by created an ice rink to help her move faster. Yellow forces Doduo into the river, but is cornered by Lorelei. As Lorelei prepares to kill Yellow with her Cloyster, she asks about Yellow's healing powers, which Yellow confirms. As Lorelei prepares to kill Yellow and Bill, her plan is foiled when Yellow's Ratatta breaks the wave she froze with Hyper Fang, allowing a quick escape for Yellow and Bill. As Bill marvels at Yellow's abilities, the boy falls asleep. Lorelei contacts another member of the Elite Four, Agatha, and talks about Yellow possibly reading Pikachu's memories of Red's fight with Bruno. Lorelei then declares that the Elote Four might target Yellow after all...
73 Don't Underestimate Nerds! In Celadon City, Erika talks to Misty of Red's ambiguous fate. Meanwhile, Pikachu has a nightmare about Red's defeat at the hands of Bruno. Yellow is then met by Erika, who was told about the boy's journey by Professor Oak. Erika gives Pikachu the chance to be raised by her, but a Celadon townsperson arrives, claiming Red has been spotted. As Pikachu and Red are presumebly reunited, Red is revealed to be an imposter- a Super Nerd named Miles- who disguised himself as Red to fool Erika and Yellow. Miles then attacks with his Marowak, and escapes with Pikachu into Celadon City, with Yellow and Erika in hot pursuit.
74 Miles's Marvelous Plan In an unkown location, Blue receives a letter from his Pidgeot, and silently reads what it says. In Celadon City, Miles hides from Yellow, revealing that Agatha sent him to capture Pikachu for a large amount of money. Yellow returns for Pikachu, but Miles unleashes his three Pokemon- Marowak, Persian and Paras- onto Yellow. Yellow retaliates with Doduo and Ratatta, much to Erika's confusion. Erika then finds Yellow's ropped notebook on the ground, an analyzes it. As Yellow tries to find Marowak's Bonemerang (covered with Paras's Spore), Miles uses Persian's Scratch to distract Yellow. Knowing how difficult theis fight will be, Erika contacts another Gym Leader to help- Blaine.
75 The Gym Leaders Attack Yellow is still having trouple with Miles thanks to the Spore-induced Bonemerang and Persian's Scratch. Yellow decies to put Doduo and Ratatta back in their Pokeballs, and takes a direct hit to the chest. However, much to Miles's surprise Yellow managed to put Doduo and Ratatta on the Bonemerang, allowing the Pokemon to attack. As Miles tries to escape,four people stop him- Brock, Misty, Erika, and Blaine. As Miles tries to kill them, Pikachu retaliates by creating an electric field around Miles, and Ratatta and Doduo attack with fallen debris. As Miles is finally defeated, the gym leaders allow Pikachu to make a decision about who'll he join. Pikachu decides to stay with Yellow. Blaine then uses his Growlith to track down Red's whereabouts, and confirms the location to me Mt. Moon.
76 Gastly's Haunting Hour Miles's unconscious body begins to be surrounded by gas, revealing itself to be a Gastly released by Agatha to attack the Gym Leaders. As Yellow awakens, he meets the Gym Leaders, and Pikachu rescues a Caterpie stuck in a tree as a result of Blaine's Growlithe's attack. As the Gym Leaders try to figure out how to defeat Gastly, Blue appears with Charizard, defeating Gastly by hittin its core. Blue reveals that he too is investigating Reds whereabouts, and tells Yellow and the Gym Leaders about Agatha. As Blue leaves, he tells Yellow to train hard in order to save Red. However, Yellow decides to join Blue, so he could train under him for the battles ahead. Brock and Misty then give Yellow their Graveler and Omanyte, respectively, and Yellow leaves with Blue.
77 Blue's Tale of Two Years Ago Yellow gets excited getting ready to train with Blue, and asks about why he knows Agatha so well. Blue then tells Yellow about him crossing paths with her on his way to the Indigo Plateau to years ago. It all started when Blue encountered a Plaras while surfing to the plateau. With his Golduck's help, Blue manages to capture it. However, another trainer appears, claiming he wanted the Lapras so badly because of a certain reason. After getting some info from his grandfather about the Abandoned Power Plant (the reason why the boy wanted Lapras), Blue goes to said power plant to get he kid's Haunter back.
78 Pokemon Power Surge Inside the Power Plant, Blue and the kid introducing himself as Evan, are ambushed by a group of Magnemite and Magneton. Using his Machamp, Blue pinpoints the weaknesses of the magnet Pokemon and defeat them. The two then comes across some gas, and a mysterious voice calls out to them. Evan recklessly explains about Blue's relation to Professor Oak, which amuses the voice. A Gengar then attacks both Blue and Evan, and uses Hypnosis on Blue, putting him in a trance. As Blue becomes victim to Gengar's Dream Eater, Evan worries about what to do next...
79 Awakening From a Bad Dream Agatha reveals herself to Evan, and explains the origins of the Abandoned Power Plant. Meanwhile, Blue is struggling with the powers of Dream Eater, and sees his past self training with his master. After hearing words of encouragement from his master, Blue awakens and discovers his plight. Using Golduck to read his mind, Blue telepathically speaks to Evan via his Pokedex, and encourages him to go reclaim his Haunter from Agatha. Building up his courage, Evan manages to reclaim his Haunter, buying time for Blue to escape Dream Eater and defeat Agatha with his Poekmon. Blue then releases his Lapras for Evan, claiming he hasn't any need for it anymore. As Blue finishes his flashback, he discovers Yellow fast asleep, much to his shock.
80 Ecstatic About Evolution Yellow and Blue arrive at Rock Mountain, where Blue begins to train with his Pokemon while Yellow watches. The Caterpie Pikachu saved from Celadon City appears, and Blue asks Yellow to try and capture it. That night, however, it's discovered that Yellow didn't capture it yet, much to Blue's surprise. WIth BLue's help, Yellow manages to capture Caterpie. Yellow's Ratatta then evolves into a Raticate. This turn of events causes Yellow to cry, much to Blue's shock. BLue then explains about the evolution cancellation technique on the Pokedex just in case Yellow's other Pokemon evolve. Meanwhile, on an unknown island, Lorelei and Agatha converse with another human, who departs to Vermillion City...
81 Pikachu and Caterpie's Exciting Adventure Yellow leaves for a quick errand, asking Pikachu to watch over Caterpie. The two Pokemon go on a crazy adventure, with Pikachu trying to protect Caterpie in any way he can. Yellow then returns with Caterpie's favorite food- flowers that took him a full day to get. Yellow then sees Pikachu and Caterpie resting, calmed down from all the adventures they had together.
82 Monkeying Around A week after Yellow began training with Blue, Blaine researches on Miles, the Super Nerd from Celadon City. Brock is also at Mt. Moon, trying to find Red's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Yellow catches up with Red's Pokemon, becoming srprised after discovering Red's Eevee. He and Blue are then surrounded by a group of Mankey, but Yellow still struggles with his Pokemon while BLe effortlessly defeats them. Blue then ponts out the Mankey's leader, a Primeape, and orders Yellow to distract it. After Yellow does so, Blue transfers his Porygon into Yellow's Pokedex, and defeats the Primeape. Yellow then decides to part ways with Blue, so he could train independantly. As Yellow leaves Blue, Blue asks Pidgeot to sned him a message to his grandfather.
83 The Rocket Returns Yellow and Pikachu continue their search for Red on the S.S. Anne, thanks to Blue's advice. Lt. SUrge happens to be on the S.S. Anne as well, enjoying replay battles of the Indigo Plateau fights. However, the S.S. Anne is soon nder attack by three members of Team Rocket--Harry, Al, and Ken. Revealing that Team Rocket is still thriving, they try to sink the S.S. Anne so they can get a promotion. Yellow discovers the polt at battles the trio. Despite the trio's scoffing about her choice of Pokemon, Yellow manages to defeat them. After the battle, Surge discovers Red's search for Red, and decides to help her- but not before telling her about a myth about Vermillion Harbor.
84 Under the Sea Surge tells Yellow about the Evolutionary Stones that lie at the bottom of the Vermillion Harbor, prompting Yellow to go find them. As Yellow begins to fish, a giant Tentacruel drags Yellow and Pikachu into the ocean. The Tentacruel reveals that a baby Tentacool is stuck under a boulder, and Yellow tries to rescue it. He suceeds, but loses his breath. However, Yellow not only survives but could also breathe under the sea! He eventually finds the location of the evolutionary stones, but discovers that all but the Leaf Stone has been taken. Yellow then remembers about Eevee having the ability to evolve into three different forms, making him think that Red took the stones.
85 Going Green A mysterious intruder arrives at Bill's sea cottage with the intention of breaking into it. The intruder, Green, infiltrates the cottage to try and tap into the Pokemon Storage System, but is caught by Bill. After some persuasiveness, Green gets allowed to use the Storage System, and discovers that Red recently got Eevee back on his team- meaning that he's still alive. Immediately after, however, A Hitmonlee destroys the Stoarge SYstm, forcing Green and Bill to escape on the former's Blastoise. The episode ends with Bill and Green hoping for Yellow's safety.
86 Wrath of the Dragon While Yellow is training Red's Pikachu, she helps a Swimmer that got caught in a tidal wave. The Swimmer reveals that he was going to take part in a Pokemon Surfing Contest, and lets Yellow borrow his Slowpoke so Yellow could win the grand prize- a Dragonair. Before the reace starts, however, the Dragonair meant to be given out at the end attacks the spectators, revealing the mysterious man from the unknown island from earlier on it- Lance. As Lance destroys a portion of Viridian City with Hyper Beam, Yellow decides to pursue Lance, giving the Swimmer back his Slowpoke.
87 Hitmonlee Kicks It Up Green and Bill are still getting pursued by the Hitmonlee, who bounces Blastoise off itself using its springy body. As Green and Bill recover from the crash-landing, Bill notices facing off against Hitmonlee, waiting for a command. Green uses a command bubble to try and reach Blastoise, but Hitmonlee manages to discover it and pp it. Green however, remains calm, while Hitmonlee makes Blastoise release a bunch of bubbles. This was so another command bubble can reach Blastoise, and sucessfully does so. Blastoise uses OX□♥○ with its pumpers to defeat Hitmonlee. However, Green reveals that the enemy were just buying time... Bback it Vermillion City, Yellow tries to attack Lance, but is defeated by Dragonair.
88 Surf's Up, Pikachu! Lance reveals his intention to eliminate all Pokemon Trainers from the world, and reveals that he was the mastermind behind Red's disappearance. As Dragonair wraps up Yellow, Lance reveals himself as the leader of the Elite Four, and knocks Pikachu into the ocean. After discovering about Pikachu's allegiance to Red, he tries to kill it, but Pikachu manages to use Subsitute. Lance then uses Dragon Rage- which knocks Yellow, Pikachu, and the subsitute into the ocean. As Lance thinks that he's won, he discovers Pikachu and Yellow still tailing him, thanks to Pikach learning Srf underwater. Lance is seemingly defeated, and Yellow decides to travel to Cinnabar Island.
89 Island of Living Plants Professor Oak receives Blue's message from Pidgeot, revealing that Blue's heading towards the Elite Four's heaadquarters at Cerise Island. Yellow manages to find a Farfetch'd who lost its home thanks to the forest strangely attcking it. Yellow decides to help it, and discovers that the forest is actually a horde of Exeggutor and Oddish in disguise! Yellow contacts Oak about what happened, and Oak has a feeling that the Pokemon are predicting a horrible event in the near future... As Yellow manages to bild a new nest for Farfetch'd, Oak talks about putting his trust in the boy to his granddaughter, Daisy. Back at Cerise Island, Lance is revealed to have survived, and vows to defeat Yellow.
90 All Fired Up! Yellow and Pikachu arrive at Cinnabar Island, where they discover a Jr. Trainer (Evan, the boy BLue helped out two years ago) waiting for his friend to arrive so they could train together. As his friend arrive (an old, bald man), Evan and his Haunter hurl stones at him. A mysterious shape manages to deflect all of them, much to Yellow's surprise. After complimenting Evan's performacne, the old man invited Yellow to come with him. After arrivng to the man's lab, he reveales himself to be none other than Blaine! Brock suddenly receives a message from Brock, revealing that he found Red... or so he thought. Brock then reveals and ice cocoon in the shape of Red himself...
91 Destination: Cerise Island! Blaine deduces that Red was freed from somene after being hit by an ice attack, and decides that someone must've helped him. Just then, Misty interrupts Brock's signal, and reveals that armies of Pokemon are invading Pewter, Cerulean, and Celadon city for an unknown reason. We then see Brock, Misty and Erika trying to hold off the Pokemon, with Erika suspecting about the Elite Four. Blaine then tells Yellow about the headquarters of the Elite Four- Cerise Island- and decides to meet with Yellow at the island. As Yellow heads for Cerise Island, Blaine manages to arrive there... only to be met up with Blue at three other gym leaders- Lt. Surge, Koga, and former Team Rocket admin Sabrina, having been told by Blue about Cerise Island.
92 A Fight to Remember, Part 1 Oak discovers about the Elite Four's attacks on the cities and is outraged about it. Meanwhile, Blue and Blaine converse with the Surge, Koga and Sabrina, questioning the latter about coming to help. Somewhere else on Cerise Island, Lance orders Lorelei to summon Bruno for the final showdown. Lorelei discovers Bruno remeniscing about his battle with Red... During Bruno's flashback, Red begins to fight Bruno, sending his Pikachu to attack Hitmonlee and Poliwrath to attack Hitmonchan. Both of Red's Pokemon are defeated, while the rest of the Elite Four observe Red's Gyarados mow facing Bruno's Onix.
93 A Fight to Remember, Part 2 Gyarados and Onix continue to fight against one another, with Onix using Dig to evade Red's attacks. Red then calls out Venusaur to attack Onix, but the latter's tail smashes into Red and Venusaur, sednding them further underground. After Red and Bruno wait for a bunch of Diglett to finish crossing, Bruno suddenly falls down. The other members of the Elite Four finally reveal themself to Red, and Agatha reveal the Badge Energy Amplifier that Team Rocket has with them. Lance then reveals about a secret eigth compartment in the amplifier, and reveals his motve for calling Red to Mt. Moon--the whereabouts of Giovanni.
94 A Frightening Fourmation After Red claims about him not knowing where Giovanni is, Lance then asks Red to join his army. After Red refuses, Lance decides to finish off Red and his Pokemon, ordering Lorelei, Agatha and Bruno to effortlessly defeat his Pokemon. As Red tries to escape, Lance orders Lorelei to do a certain technique- freeze Red and his Pikachu's arms and legs, slowly encasing them in ice. As Lorelei and Agatha leave, Lance orders Bruno to finish Red off, laughing manaiacally as Bruno does so, knocking Red off a cliff. However, Red still holds on long enough to order Pikachu to go to Pallet Town to tell everyone about what happened to him. With that, he falls to the bottom of the cliff, and is frozen solid...
95 A Cerise Start! Pikachu awakens from another bad dream of Red, with Yellow comforting it. Just then, Green and Bill arrive at Yellow's location, with the intention of going to Cerise Island as well. Bill decides that Green helped Yellow on his quest, and decides an unkown fact about Yellow is indeed true. Using Green's Horsea, Yellow, Green and Bill follow a Slowbro belong to Lorelei onto Cerise Island. Once iinside, they meet up with Blaine, Blue, Surge, Koga and Sabrina. Meanwhile, the Gym Leaders are still struggling with their attemts at defeating the Elite Four's Pokemon, and is also revealed that a mysterious person is protecting Fuschia City in Koga's absence.
96 Alakazam's Battle Tactics The trainers inside Cerise Island begin to talk about the current situatuion, with Sabrina claiming she was forcefully dragged along into battling the Elite Four thanks to Surge and Koga, deciding to work with them only once. Blue also reveals his intentions to defeat Agatha. Sabrina orders her Alakazam to give out Spoons of Destiny to the trainers, pairing them up. Yellow is paired up with Blaine, Blue is paired up with Koga, and Green is paired up with Sabrina. Bill discovers his Spoon not bending to a partner, and Sabrina reveals about the Spoon not bending to people if they don't have a will to fight- or if their partner is unavailable. Surge's spoon is also bent, deducing that he was supposed to be partnered up with Red, to thanks to him being unavailable, Surge takes along a reluctant Bill with him instead. The four groups of two then split up, ready to face their toughest challenges yet.
97 Grim Grinning Ghost Blue and Koga search for one ofthe Elite Four, and come across Agatha, much to Blue's pleasure. Agatha's Arbok eventually manages to separate Blue and Koga by causing stalactites to fall and form maze. agatha's Gengar makes things even worse by licking Blue, causing his eyes to be paralyzed. As Blue tries to find Agatha nd Koga with the latter's Supersonic, Agatha's own Golbat opposes it. Then, Agatha revelas how she could change the patterns on her Arbok's stomach at will, making the ninja helpless against her...
98 The Pattern of Success As Koga and Blue contine their fight against Agatha, Koga finds a way to break out of Agatha'a Arbok's patterns. As Koga tries to attack the Arbok with his Weezing and Muk, Arbok's stomach changes into a new pattern, making their attacks useless. After the tw Pokemon get knocked out, Koga decides to shoot ninja stars at Agatha- all of which miss. However, this was proven to be a decoy- one of the stars had a cure for Blue's paralysis, allowing Blue and Koga's Golbat to defeat Agatha's Golbat. Koga's Golbat then uses Leech Life on its trainer, and uses Koga's blood to ruin Arbok's pattern, and Blue's Golduck manages to defeat it with Confusion.
99 Chilling out with Lorelei Green and Sabrina explore a cave in another part of Cerise Island, and discovers the Marsh Badge somehow floating over a rock. However, Lorelei makes her appearance, cuffing Green and Sabrina with her ice dolls. As Lorelei proceeds to attack with her Cloyster and Jynx, it's revealed that she managed to capture Green's Horsea. Green manges to regain her Horsea, but is knocked out by Jynx in the process. As Sabrina's Venomoth attempts to steal the ice dolls, it's knocked put by Cloyster. However, Cloyster faints thanks to Venomoth's Mega Drain.
100 Master of Martial Arts Bill and Surge make it to a cave with a giant stone bridge uunder a pond full of Victreebel acid. Bill nearly falls into the pool, but manages to save himself with his Magikarp. Bruno then appears, offering them a challenge- whomever gets past the stone bridge (which turns out to be a wild Onix) first wins. Surge accepts the challenge without hesitation. In another area of Cerise Island, Yellow and Blaine are searching for a member of the Elite Four. The two then discover Bill and Lt. Surge beginning their battle with Bruno. However, thanks to a clear wall in between the two pairs, they cannot talk or aid each other. Bruno summons his fighting Pokemon0 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Machamp- to engage in battle with Lt. Surge and Bill.
101 Exeggcute-ing the Plan As Lt. Surge and Bill struggle in their fight against Bruno, Yellow and Blaine try to break through the clear wall to help them, to no avail. As Yellow and Blaine are wrapped by an Onix so they can't interfere with Bruno's battle, Surge and Bill devise a battle strategy to defeat Bruno's Machamp. First, Bill's Exeggcute uses Egg Bomb and Barrage to shoot out minature eggs. Lt. SUrge then uses Electrode's Self-Destruct, making the wild Onix thrash in pain, and knocking everyone off the bridge. Surge then uses his Magneton to shield him and Bill from the fall. Bill then wonders if Blue fell into the acid below...
102 Remembering Professor Oak At Cinnabar Island, Evan is watching over Miles, who finally wakes up and discovers that he's on Cinnabar Island. Both he and Evan talk about the frozen Red sculpture an Mt. Moon, and how Miles managed to disguise himself as Red in the first place. Back at Cerise Island, Agatha, still recovering after her battle with Blue and Koga, has a flashback about why she holds a grudge against Professor Oak- she and Oak were part of the same research group. but Oak left to fulfill his dream of creating the Pokedex. Agatha eventually lost to Oak in the Pokemon League after 8 hours of battle. Agatha then vowed to dkill Blue to get back at the professor.
103 The Elite Pushes Fourward Blue and Koga are finding a way to escape the cave they fought their battle against Agatha in. Koga then feels faint, finding it strange that it wasn't from Golbat's Leech Life uses against Agatha eralier. Blue then discovers his own shadow coming to life, and discovers about Agatha's Gengar coming to attack them. Blue and Koga try to attack with Golduck and Koffing, but are defeated easily. Meanwhilw, in Kanto, the Elite Four divisions managed to invade Vermillion, Saffron, Cinnabar and Viridian City, and the Gym Leaders protecting Kanto are slowly losing their battles. Misty orders her Starmie to send a massage to the trainers on Cerise Island.
104 Reunion, Revenge, and Red Bill and Lt. Surge try and climb up the Onix bridge after their figth against Bruno, but Bruno's Hitmonlee puulls Surge down, revealing that Bruno survived his battle. As Surge closes his eyes to accept his death, a vine tangle him up, saving him. As Surge's Spoon of Destiny bends to someone, the person who saved Surge is revealed- Red. As Red joins the battle, Yellow, Pikachi and Blaine try to talk to him, to no avail. he walls then cave in as a result of Electrode's Self-Destrcut, causing a tsunami to come in at Yelow's end. As she and Blaine hold on, Yellow's hat comes off, revealing that Yellow is in fact a girl! She and Blaine then get caught by the tsunami, sepearting them from Red...
105 The Return of Mewtwo The gym leaders protecting Kanto discover a pattern of the cities the ELite Four's forces are attackng- all of them have Pokemon gyms. Meanwhile, Yellow and Blaine recover from the tsunami from earlier, with Blaine still shocked at Yellow's true gender. Suddenly, a tremor pushes Yellow and Blaine further into the cave, done by Lance. It's then that Blaine revels his trump card- Mewtwo (whom Red fought in the first Pokemon movie). Blaine then decides to fight Lance, taking Yellow and himslef to safety. Lance then calls out Dragonair, who could manipulate the weather. While the battle rages on, Blaine orders Yellow to distract Lance's Aerodactyl while he destroys Lance's other Pokeballs. Mewtwo manage to turn his spoon into a fork, and destroys Lance's Pokeballs. Lance is seemingly defeated, but Blaine falls to the floor as well.
106 Lance's Hidden Talent Blaine explains that Mewtwo can only fight for so much time--3 minutes to be exact--until both him and Mewtwo lose their energy. As Yellow celebrates Lance's presumed defeat, Lance reappears, explaining that his Pokeballs were decoys, and summons the rest of his Pokemon below. Yellow manages to rescue an energy-drained Mewtwo, and decides to face Lance herself. Although stunned by Yellows Pokemon, Lance prepares to fight Yellow- but not before healing his Pokemon- the same way Yellow did! Yellow then tells Mewtwo about a person born every year in the Viridian Forest- one with the power of reading Pokemons' minds, as well as healing them. Yellow then tries to make aplan with her Pokemon to defeat Lance, but the plan backfires. Lance then retaliates by ordering Dragonite to use Fire Blast, knocking Yellow onto a boulder surrounded by a rvier of lava...
107 The Elite Four's Last Stand, Part 1 Back on Sabrina's side, Lorelei's Slowbro makes it use Amnesia to forget the damage it takes, and eventually knocks Sabrina into a fissure. But with Green's extra Wweight, Sabrina can't hold on and falls into the hole. However, Green recovers and uses Blastoise to save both of them (with Sabrina, in turn being knocked unconscious). Green then reveals the reasons why she sent Yellow to rescue Red, and also that she gave Yellow her trademark straw hat. Green then orders her Clefable to steal the voodoo dolls, but Clefable trips shattering the dolls. It's then revealed that the arm that Sabrina was attached to was a Ditto, who magaes to defeat Lorelei. Sabrina then wakes up, berating Green for tricking her with a Ditto arm.
108 The Elite Four's Last Stand, Part 2 Bruno and Red resume their fight that was interrupted by Lance at Mt. Moon. Red begins with his Venusaur to attack Bruno's Hitmonlee. Bruno then sends out Hitmonchan, and Red, particularly due to the fact that Hitmonchan can se elemental punches, calls out his Eevee. It's then revealed that Red has the three evolutionary stones taken from Vermillion Harbor, allowing Eevee to change into Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon at will. Bruno then releases Machamp, with Red likewise releasing Poliwrath. However, Machamp takes off its belt, and unleashes its full energy, knocking Poliwrath and Eevee off of the Onix bridge. However, Eevee changes into Vaporeon to climb back up on Onix, and changes into Jolteon to defeat the two fighting Pokemon. Content at his battle finally being over, Bruno leaves the arena, satisfied. As Red, Bill and Surge head through a cave caused by Jolteon's attack to reunite with the others, Red reveals about how he got out of the ice--someone managed to help him, also giving him the evolutionary stones and Spoon of Destiny. He also finds his Pokedex Yellow dropped due to the tsunami.
109 The Elite Four's Last Stand, Part 3 Blue continues to fight Agatha's Gengar, deducing that it's hopping into shadows at his own free will. Koga then prepares a plan to defeat the Gengar, which Blue manages to understand. As Gengar gets tricked into hitting Koga's Arbok's tail, Blue uses Porygon to defeat Gengar with Psybeam, defeating Agatha. Koga'a Golbat then uses COnfuse Ray to find Agatha lurking in the shadows. Agatha mocks Oak's creation of the Pokedex, and Misty's message finally appears in the sky. Koga discovers that the Elite FOur were trying to find Badges for energy of their plan. Agatha then reveals that she used mind-control to order the Pokemon to attack the cities to search for one badge that the Elite Four needed. As the cave begins to collapse, Agatha vanishes, and Koga manages to escape with his Muk. Now alone, BLe descovers his Pokedex beeping- a sign that Red is within his presence.
110 Born in the Forest Lance tries to defeat Yellow by pushing her into the lava. Yellow manages to get close to Lance's Dragonite to read its mind, revealing that Pikachu and Yellow were both born in the Viridian Forest. Lance then reveals that he came from the Viridian Forest as well, explaining why he could heal his Pokemon like Yellow did. Pikachu and Dragonite clash, with Lance complimenting on Yellow's fighting skill, and talks about his techniques of his Dragonair. He decides to use Dragonair's third skill to fight Yellow's Pokemon. Using Mewtwo's fighting skill as help, Yellow manages to trap Lance in a whirlpool of lava, but Lance tries to escape, knocking into Yellow. As she lands safely, she discovers that Lance is nowhere to be found.
111 The Boss Comes Back Yellow deduces that Lance fell into the lava, unaware that Lance is still at large with a bubble protecting him. Lance surprises Yellow with Bubblebeam, breaking one of her arms. As the fight moves to the volcano's crater, Yellow's Pokemon devises another plan to stop the bubbles and defeat Lance. The plan fails due to Doduo's Drill Peck not being powerful enough to break through Lance's bubble. However, a mystreious figure appears to help Yellow- another person born in the Viridian Forest- and a person Pikachu has a grudge against- Giovanni! Giovanni uses Rhyhorn to break Lance's smaller bubbles, and tries to break the main bubble with Nidoqueen. However, like Doduo, Nidoqueen's attack is too weak to break through the bubble. As Lance mocks Giovanni, the latter uses Beedrill to break through the bubble, and traps Lance in the middle of its String Shot web. As Giovanni prepares to kill Lance, the latter just sneers, as an incredible mass of energy appears before Cerise Island.
112 At Last, The Last Badge Lance laughs triumphantly as Giovanni's own gym badge reacts to the energy. lance then reveals that he was after his badge- the Earth Badge--the final badge of the Kanto region. Lance then reveals that Cerise Island is shaped in the form of Team Rocket's Badge Amplifier, and that he lured Giovanni to the middle of the island--the perfect place for the Earth Badge to react to. Green and Sabrina also sense Bruno and Agatha defeated, so Sabrina and Green part ways. Lance then reveals his ultimate plan to Yellow--to read the minds of the mysterious Pokemon flying above Kanto, and command it to destroy Kanto. As Lance escapes with Aerodactyl, Yellow is left to deal with his Dragonite. As Dragonite tries to follow his master, Yellow reads its mind and discovers its undying loyalty to Lance. As Yellow approaches Lance, she is immediately attacked--however, her Caterpie evolves into Metapod, shielding her from the blast. As all of Yellow's Pokemon begin to evolve, Yellow makes a speech to never let Lance "evolve" with power after battles, and orders all of her Pokemon to gain the strength to finally take down Lance. As Metapod evolves into Butterfree, Yellow flies towards Lance, ready to battle him one last time.
113 A Legend Unforgotten, Part 1 Yellow and Lance finally clash for one last time above Cerise Island's volcano. Lance explains that he'll see the legendary Pokemon to annihilate humanknd with a single stroke of its wings. Yellow also discovers that Pikachu finally regained his memory of battling Bruno, and comes to an epiphany--the only way Lance could be defeated is by a force more powerful than him. With the help of Red, Blue and Green, Yellow summons the power from her home forest and Pikachu unleashes a move ten times more powerful than Thunderbolt--Megavolt. This attack finally defeats Lance, ending his plans to wipe out humanity and saving Kanto.
114 A Legend Unforgotten, Part 2 Giovanni observes the decisive blow given to Lance by Yellow, and meets up with his former lieutenant, Sabrina. Giovanni orders Sabrina to return to running Saffron City's gym, and decides to leave to parts unknown. Meanwhile, the gym leaders on the mainland discover a huge amount of energy restoring their homes. Yellow thanks the legendary Pokemon before fainting from exhaustion. After having a dream about Red, Yellow wakes up, discovering that she, Red, Blue, Green, Bill, Blaine and Lt. Surge are on their way back to Kanto. While Blaine is marveling at Yellow's new Pokemon, Red explains that Lance and the legendary Pokemon vanished. As everyone returns to Kanto, Yellow's journey finally ends. However, Green tells a friend of hers about the incident with the legendary Pokemon, and explains about nothing that could assist her in finding the legendary Pokemon that abdcted her at a young age. As Green finishes talking to her friend, the scene (and story) shifts to a brand new region--Johto.

Johto Journeys

Season 3: Pokemon: The Johto Journeys

Number Title Description
115 Arriving at Johto In the town of New Bark Town, there lived a boy named Gold. He lives in a house filled with Pokemon he befriended during his childhood. one night, while playing billiards, his radio stopped working, primpting Gold to find whoever was behind the malfunction. He then meets (and falsely accuses) a boy named Joey, who tells him the real culprit of Gold's malfunctioning radio- a Murkrow who also captured a bag of some kind. Joey explains that the bag was to be given to Professor Elm. Gold decides to take action, using his billiard cue to launch a sneak attack on Murkrow, saving the bag. The next day, Gold decides to join Joey in deilvering the bag to Professor Elm.
116 Who Gives A Hoot? On his way to Elm's lab, Gold discovers a game taking place in his town. He ponits out to Joe that the gu running the game is a scammer- ordering his Hoothoot to cry whenever a contestant is about to win. Gold decides to try the challenge, making Aipom confuse Hoothoot with Swagger beforehand, and manages to blow the scammer's cover. As everyone celbreates Gold's victory, Gold realizes is backpack full of Pokemon to be missing. Deducing there's been a mix-up in bags (as the ones responsible wanted Joey's bag), Gold decides to rescue his Pokemon.
117 Don't Touch That 'Dile! At Professor Elm's lab, a mysterious boy and his Sneasel manages to take one of Elm's Pokemon--a Totodile. When Elm catches on to what's happening, Sneasel uses Icy Wind to knock Elm into unconsciosness. Gold and Joey arrive at the lab, but Elm msitakes Gold for the thief, and both him and Joey are knocked out thanks to Sneasel's ice. Gold meets Silver, deciding he was the one responsible for stealing his Pokemon, and goes after him with another of Elm's Pokemon- Cyndaquil. Meanwhile, members of Neo Team Rocket--the revived version of Team Rocket--discovers they got the wrong bag (confirming they stole Gold's bag by accident), and throws it away, making a Poliwag in its Pokeball roll away into the river.
118 The Rocket Returns... Again Gold continues to chase after Silver, still thinking that he was responsible for his bag being stolen. Gold manages to corner Silver with his Cyndaquil, claiming he'll get his bag and Elm's Totodile back. However, Gold gets knocked out by an Elekid belonging to Team Rocket. After the grunts clear up the bag misunderstanding, they try to attack Silver, but are easily defeated by it. Gold eventually manages to wake up, and is confronted by a policeman. Gold then goes to the police station, and composes an image of Silver. However, since he wanted to catch him himsef, Gold purposely added incorrect facial expressions to slow the police down. Later, as Gold and Joey discuss about their mission, Professor Oak suddenly appears.
119 A Test For The 'Dex Gold talks to Oak about Silver and his two thefts on one of Oak's Pokedexes and Elm's Totodile. Gold then asks for a Pokedex to help him find Silver, but Oak declines. Frustrated, Gold puts his Pokemon on a harsh training regimen to prove that he's worthy for a Pokedex. However, a rainstorm washes Joey's Rattata away, and Gold tries to save it, but both are saved by Oak's Ledyba. Oak then decides to give Gold a Pokedex, but not before asking him what Pokemon mean to him. After Gold realizes they're like partners to him, he finally gets the Pokedex. As Gold mentions his backpack to Oak, the latter shows him it, discovering it knocked aside near a river. With one of his goals down, Gold heads off alone to Violet City to search for Silver.
120 Batter Up, Rookie! Gold defeats a young trainer named Casey--a big supporter of Team Electabuzz. After being defeated, Casey claims Gold won by foul play, and runs away to train for a rematch. During the rematch, which takes place at a baseball diamond, Gold decides not to use Exbo (who beat Casey beforehand), due to it having the advantage over Casey's Chikorita. Gold and Casey then have their rematch, with Gold's Aipom defeating Chikorita. With the battle now over, Gold compliments Casey's fighting, and the two reconcile and become friends.
121 Illusion Confusion Gold gets lost in a forest, and gets frightened by menacing faces appearing on the trees. However, a Hoothoot appears, using Foresight to get rid of the faces. Scanning Hoothoot with his Pokedex, Gold decides to befriend the Hoothoot so he could get out of the forest easily. Getting the Hoothoot is easy. Getting out of the forest, though, is no easy task.
122 Spinarak Attack Arriving at Catallia City, Gold hears of a legendary thief called the Black Arachnid--a Pokemon thief whose signature Pokemon was a Spinarak. Gold then hears of another person who claims to be the Black Arachnid's sucessor. Deciding to put this so-called "thief" to justice, Gold decides to capture the "Black Arachnid II" and stop Catallia's crime wave. But things get a little more complicated when the Black Arachnid II's Spinarak evolves in Ariados.
123 Snubbull Snobbery Gold arrives at Palm Hills, a neighborhood known for its rich estates. While deciding to check out the town, Gold encounters a Growlithe who was attacked by something. The culprit is revealed to be a Snubbull, owned by Madame Muchmoney. Even though Muchmoney claims that she takes good care of her Snubull, Gold still becomes suspiscious. Gold then decides to battle Snubbull so he could prove how violent it is to Muchmoney. After seeing her Snubbull's violence, she decides to release her Snubbull and leave it in a play area.
124 The Whistle Stop Nearing Violet City, Gold discovers an old and rickety bridge, noticing a gap that happened during the bridge's lifetime. While pondering on how to get across, Gold meets Arielle, a Traier who can command a group of Ledyba using a whistle. With Arielle's help, Gold gets across the bridge, but his antics makes him lose Arielle's whistle. Taking the guilt of losing the whistle, Gold decides to help Arielle find it. Eventually, Gold manages to find it, and in gratitude, Arielle takes Gold to Violet City.
125 Vibrant Violet City Upon arriving at Violet City, Gold contacts Professor Elm, revealing to the professor that his Cyndaquil has been taken as well. Elm is then contacted by Oak, and they have a talk about Gold. Later, Gold discovers that oneof his Pokemon is still missing from his bag--his Poliwag, Polibo. AFter failing to find Polibo, Gold comes across a man named Earl Dervish, whose package was stolen by a thief. Deciding to help, Gold manages to capture and apprehend the thief. While celebrating his victory with rice balls, Gold discovers from Dervish that Elm's assistant is coming to Violet City, and Silver was spotted at the nearby Sprout Tower.
126 A Bout with 'Sprout Arriving at Sprout Tower, Gold discovers about Sprout Tower's origins from a statue outside. Entering the tower, Gold gets surprised by a bunch of sages, who wish to have Gold join them. Rudely refusing, Gold faces off against the sages' Pokemon--which all turn out to be Bellsprout. Using the Bellsprouts'formations to his advantage, Gold tricks the Pokemon into stacking into a tower, allowing Cyndaquil to defeat them. Afterwards, Gold asks about Silver's whereabouts, and finds him.
127 Tussle at the Tower Gold and Silver begin to battle, with Gold attempting to bring Totodile back to Elm. During their fight, Gold discovers that Totodile is content with staying with Silver, much to his chagrin. However, the battle winds up setting off some traps Sprout Tower's sages put as security measures. However, Gold and Silver temporarily put aside their differences to escape the traps. As God tries to thank Silver, he finds that he vanished, much to his anger. Meanwhile, Silver's Totodile evolves into Croconaw.
128 Falkner Takes Flight At Goldenrod City, Bill is discussing about the Gym Leaders of Kanto and Johto, and how Viridian City has no Gym Leader since Giovanni's absence a year ago, with the Pokemon Association. Back in Violet City, Gold leaves the city behind and takes a nap. However, he's awoken by a herd of Sunkern and a bird Pokemon. Gold soon hears the sound of someone training--Falkner, the policeman Gold met at New Bark Town. Falkner reveals his plan to succeed his father as gym leader of Violet City before the two are attacked by the bird Pokemon chasing the Sunkern herd--Skarmory. Falkner manages to battle cand capture Skarmory, while Gold captures a Sunkern. GOld then declines Falkner's offer of training him and continues his journey. Meanwhile, Falkner is given a letter for the Gym Leaders Inauguration Examination from Bill.
129 Grin to Win Arriving at Bloomingvale Town, Gold meets Sonrisa, who explains about the Sunflora Festival going on at Bloomingvale and how she plans to compete with her Sunflora. However, one of the Sunflora seems depressed--and it's because its Sunflora playmate isn't around to play with it anymore. Now, it's up to Gold to reunite the two Sunflora together, and help Sonrisa win the festival against some snobbish competition.
130 Foul Weather Friends As Gold is traveling to his next destination, he notices a Hoppip caught in a gust of wind. Following it, he meets (and falls in love with) Mariah, who enjoys predicting the weather with her Hoppip--however, she plans to do more research between Hoppip and the weather. However, things get complicated when Gold not only has to deal with an Oddish who wants to join Mariah, but a tornado threatening to scatter Mariah's Hoppip. Thankfully, the Oddish helps Gold and Mriash save all the Hoppip,and is named an "honorary Hoppip".
131 All Wired for Battle Gold meets a dojo master named Muramasa, and his Scizor, Masamune. Gold learns that Muramasa's top disciple, Shingo, always believes that he could predict the outcome of any battle using his laptop. Hoping to prove Shingo wrong, Gold has his Pokemon battle Shingo's Scyther, and manages to defeat it, contrary to what Shingo's laptop said. Learning that it's not all about probability, Shingo vows to train harder under Muramasa. Meanwhile, Professor Elm's assistant arrives at Violet City, trying to give him a Pokemon Egg to hatch, but doesn't find him.
132 Unown Territory While cooking lunch, Gold discovers that he made it to the Ruins of Alph. There, he meets Bugsy, an explorer who's trying to search for his fellow explorers after he lost contact with them. Exploring the ruins, Gold and Bugsy are attacked by Neo Team Rocket (led by battalion leaders Ken, Al, and Harry) and discover that they've captured Bugsy's team and are aiming to capture the mysterious Unown. However, the Unown manage to defeat Neo Team Rocket, and Bugsy stays behind the study the Unown. Meanwhile, the battalion leaders report to their boss about the events that happened.
133 The Mysterious Poke-Thief Arriving at Route 32, Gold meets a fisherman named Wilton, who tells him of a thief stealing Pokemon. Upon finding the thief--a Granbull--Gold attacks it with his billards pole, impressing Wilton. The two discover that Granbull only had a dislocated jaw it needed the fixed--in which Gold did with his billiard pole. As Granbull returns the Pokemon it stole, Gold dicovers Polibo among them. As Gold reunites with his Pokemon, Wilton gives Gold his phone number, compraing his prowess to his niece's. Gold also retrieves the Pokemon Egg from Professor Elm's assistant.
134 Apricorns Galore, Part 1 At Azalea Town, Silver gives a Black Apricorn to a man named Kurt. Kurt crafts the Apricorn into the Heavy Ball. Meanwhile, Gold comes arrives at the town and learns of the Apricorns' abilities. Unfortunately, Gold gets into an argument with Kurt about the latter's craftsmenship, betting that he'll work as Kurt's aprrentice if he can't use one of the crafted balls properly. Gaining the Friend Ball, he plans to capture a Pokemon for Kurt's granddaughter, Maizie--which turns out to be a Teddiursa found in the mountains. However, Gold meets Silver again, who's trying to catch an Ursaring with his Heavy Ball.
135 Apricorns Galore, Part 2 Gold tries to capture Teddiursa for Maizie, but is continuously interrupted by the attacking Ursaring and his failure to catch Teddiursa itself. Thinking that Kurt's Pokeballs are faulty after all, Gold is corrected by Silver, who teaches him how to attack Teddiursa's weak point to capture it. With that info, Gold and Silver capture Teddiursa and Ursaring, respectively. Using his new Ursaring, Silver manages to defeat a few Neo Tem Rocket Grunts planning to sell Slowpoke Tails for profit. Returning to Azalea Town, Gold meets Bugsy and discovers of the attempted Slowpoke Tail theft. As Gold leaves Azalea Town, Gold wonders what Silver's true motive is.
136 Shrine of the Forest, Part 1 In the Ilex Forest, a worker for the Charcoal Kiln and his Farfetch'd get lost. While trying to find their way out, they're spooked by a oice warning them to leave the forest. Gold and his team eventually get lost as well, and stumble upon the unconscious worker and Pokemon. While trying to take them to safety, the two are possessed by a Gastly and attack Gold. As Gold continues to fight the Gastly, it's suddenly assisted by an Ariados, a Houndour, and a Delibird. A masked man suddenly comes outof the shadows, issuing the same warning the worker heard to Gold.
137 Shrine of the Forest, Part 2 As Gold continues facing the masked man, the shrine within the Ilex Forest begins to glow. The masked man attempts to approach the shrine, but Gold distracts him and his team long enough for the light within the shrine to vanish. With his chance gone, the masked man leaves the forest. The next day, Gold relays what happened to Professor Elm, and learns that the masked man's suit is crucial to deducing his identity. Meanwhile, Silver is informed by someone via transmitter to keep and eye on Gold.
138 No Big Woop Gold stumbles upon a building run by a girl named Olesia. Gold discovers that the building is actually a school made for exclusively teaching Wooper. However, when Olesia decides to run errands for her mom, Gold decides to watch over the Wooper in her stead until she comes back. Gold learns how to properly teach the Wooper, and manages to impress Olesia when she returns. Olesia considers letting Gold be the new teacher, but Gold declines due to his mission.
139 Steeling Victory Gold learns of a trainer that is said to be unbeatable. Deciding to check them out, Gold meets the trainer--a girl named Miki--and her Pokemon, Skarmory. Gold battle Miki with his entire team, but is defeated--even with Exbo's advantage over steel.Deiding to rematch Miki, Gold trains Exbo so it could gain victory over Skarmory. Eventually, Gold rematches against Miki, and Exbo manages to triumph. Miki then decides to face against the Gym Leaders of Johto to get stronger.
140 Psychic Sidekicks Gold happens upon a town filled with many Psychic-Type users. Gold learns from on eof the town residents, Cherry, that the town has all those users to keep Ghost Pokemon in the woods from attacking their village. After Gold fights against Cherry, a group of Gengar attack, overpowering the townspeople. However, Gold manages to use his tricks to defeat the Gengar and earn the respect of the townspeople.

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