This is list of largest characters, Nintendo and Fantendo Universe.


Image Name Description First Appearance Voice Actors
UNinTENded Unten TBA TBA Tom Kenny
Crappy Jake Pose2 Jake TBA TBA TBA
Fyre2 Fyre TBA TBA TBA
130px Alice Harumi TBA TBA Tara Strong
Naluigiartwork2 Naluigi He's Luigi's long lost bro who's less of a scaredy-cat. TBA TBA
Matthew Matthew TBA TBA TBA
Danni (TLoC) Danni TBA TBA TBA
Zario - smash Zario TBA TBA TBA
Crimson el Frozerade Frozerade TBA TBA TBA
Sketchforthe4thtime Sketch TBA TBA TBA


Crossover Characters

Five Nights at Freddy's

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