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This is the list of episodes from the Neverhood Television Series.

Season 1 (2011-2012)

  • 001 The First Chao (The Chao Gang argue over who was the first chao Queen Mamuta created. When they asked her, they realized her first chao was Dr. Kogg!) October 2 2011
  • 002 Special Delivery (Klaymen, Rico and Claude were volunteered to deliver a package far from the Neverhood, only for the trio to get lost in the desert.) October 9 2011
  • 003 Birthday Bashed (Today is Klaymen and Rico's birthday, but everyone only gives Klaymen presents and forgot it's Rico's birthday. Losing his temper, Rico goes on a rampage at Klaymen's party.) October 16 2011
  • 004 Turf's Up (While Kogg and Nasia go on a romantic hike togethor, Klaymen and Rico go and cause mayhem at their empty mansion.) October 23 2011
  • 005 Side Kicked (When Klaymen is recognized as a hero, Claude gets jealouse. So Klaymen decides to make Claude his sidekick, only to get him more jealouse.) October 30 2011
  • 006 Party Time Below (A devil chao from the Underhood tricks chaos into selling their souls by granting their desires. Everyone sells their souls except Rico and Miz, who both try to bring the devil chao to the good side.) November 6 2011
  • 007 Don't Monkey Around (Nasia wants to keep a hyper ferocious little chimp she saw while gardening and names him "Cutey Pie". Cutey Pie attacks Kogg and wrecks their entire mansion, but in the end Nasia still wants to keep the little chimp as she thought he was playing.) November 13 2011
  • 008

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