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Japanese Girl is a line of paper doll scams released in 2014 by InukaneStudios. The dolls portray Japanese female characters and their dubbed counterparts. They are sold with books that tell stories about the characters.

Provided below is a list of characters from the Japanese Girl franchise.

Original characters

The Original Characters were initially the main focus of the Japanese Girl franchise. This product line aims to tell nonsense fanfiction stories in six-book series.

The first scams in the Original Character franchise (Miku, Senpai, and Ichigo) shared the same body, face, and clothes, but had different colors and hair styles. The rest must resort to different molds.

In the future, InukaneStudios will put out a "Worst Friends" line; supplemental characters from the core book series will be made into paper doll scams. These "Worst Friend" scams share the book collections of the main characters, but each has her own book, and additional scams are marketed under their names.


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