Items are a common aspect in games of all types, especially in those of the role-playing genre. MainFrame is no such exception, providing a plethora of items for players to use while traveling through Naahvelicon. Items are split into six categories: Weapons, Armor, Restorative, Power, Other, and Key.


There are ten categories of weapon within MainFrame, each dedicated to a specific character. Each weapon type has basic normal attacks, as well as a single (two in the case of Gunblades) type(s) of attack. Swords, Twin Blades, and Scythes are slashing weapons. Bludgeons, Rods, and Knuckles are bashing weapons. Twin Guns, Bows, and Cards are stabbing weapons. Gunblades vary between stabbing and slashing depending on the attack.

Item Name Element Stats Notes


Wooden Sword None Zelix's starting weapon


Stone Club None Beth's starting weapon


Holy Staff None Lisa's starting weapon


Metal Wrench None Alex's starting weapon

Twin Guns

Shadow Blasters Dark Kirsty's starting weapon

Twin Blades

Prism Blades Light Chris's starting weapon


Stone Fists Earth Brian's starting weapon


Forsaken Bow Metal Serina's starting weapon


Native Deck Wind Azure's starting weapon


Bit Slasher Techno Yuri's starting weapon


Restorative Items

Power Items

Other Items

Key Items

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