This is a list of Ultimate Finishers found in the game Cartoon All-Star Rumble.


Name Description
Goofy Goober Rock Spongebob pulls out a peanut-shaped guitar, and preforms the song Goofy Goober Rock, causing sound waves to fly though the stage and KO oppanents.
Patrick-Man Partrick turns into his alter-ego Patrick-Man, and gains more strength in his attacks.
Captain Magma Squidward turns into his alter-ego Captian Magma, and gains a fire/volcano based moveset.
Super Tight-Wad Mr. Krabs transforms into his alter-ego Super Tight-Wad, and flies around dumping barrels of Tarter Sauce on oppanents.
Miss Appear Sandy transforms into her alter-ego, Miss Appear, and is able to invisible, and gain a force-field based moveset.
Sorcerer Mickey Mickey turns into his alter-ego Sorcerer Mickey and is able to preform magical spells on oppanents while causing shooting stars to fall down on the stage.
Minnie's Orchestra Minnie pulls out a baton, and summons a group of animated musical instruments to attack oppenents with musical notes.
Spinach Can Popeye eats a can of spinach and proceeds to run around the stage attacking oppenents with a powered-up moveset.
Spinach Can Olive Oyl eats a can of spinach and proceeds to run around the stage attacking oppenents with a powered-up moveset.
Triple Finisher Ash will summon all 3 of his playable Pokemon to unleash their most powerful attacks.
Gummi Homer Homer transforms into a huge green gummi candy, and can make sticky piles of goo causing oppenents to get stuck.
Bart-Man Bart transforms into his alter-ego, Bart-Man and gains increased speed and attack-power for a short amount of time.
Hand of Buddah Lisa pulls out a book and calls on the hand of Buddah to push oppenents out of the stage.
Marge's Megaphone Marge pulls out a giant megaphone, and summons various residents of Springfield to attack her oppenents.
God's Helping Hand Ned Flanders puts his hands together, and says a prayer for God. God's hand will then appear from the top of the stage, and smash the stage for an insta-KO.
Lasanga Attack Garfield pulls out a pan of lasanga,  and eats it. After eating the lasanga he gains a temporarily stronger moveset.
Volt Tackle Static Shock uses his electric powers to gain various metal objects, forms into a ball and slam dunks the metal for an insta-KO.
Inner Moka Moka Akishiya will tear her Rosario cross off to transform into her alter-ego, Inner Moka. Inner Moka contains one of the most powerful attacks in the game.
Ghoul Tsukune TBA
Super Sayian Goku summons all seven of the dragonballs to transform into Super Sayian Goku, in which he is invincible and able to fly around the stage with insta-KO attacks.
Super Sayian Vegeta summons all seven of the dragonballs to ransform into Super Sayian Vegeta, in which he is invincible and able to fly aorund the stage with inst-KO attacks.
Demon Inuyasha Inuyasha's blade will turn red, and he transforms into a demon version of himself. Any oppenents that are near by will be caught in the attack.
Gonna Wreck It! Wreck It-Ralph transforms the stage into Fix-it-Felix's game and smashes brick wall trapping, and KO'ing all oppenents.
Sea Duck Baloo jumps into his famous plane, the Sea Duck and is able to target oppenents with various types of fruit causing insta-KO's.
Calling All Engines! Sir Topham Hatt pulls out a megaphone and shouts out "Calling All Engines!", afterwards a parade of various engines run through the stage and KO oppenents.
Calling All Engines! Mr. Percival pulls out a megaphone shouts out "Calling All Engines!", afterwards a parade of various narrow gauge engines run through the stage and KO oppenents.
American Dragon Jake Long transforms into his dragon form and is able to fly and spew out fireballs.
Mach 5 Speed Racer calls on his trusty Mach 5 to help him. Any oppenents that are in the way of the Mach 5 are thrown onto a race track where the Mach 5 can preform an insta-KO.
Moneybin Scrooge McDuck pulls out a money bag and the stage will transform into his famous money bin. Scrooge will then proceed to dive into the gold pile and cause insta-KO's.
T-Squad Huey, Dewey, and Louie will transform into their alter-egos, the T-Squad. Huey will gain super speed, Dewey will gain telekinesis, and Louie will gain super strength.
Blade Royoko Royoko pulls out a giant blade, and slices through oppenents, causing an insta-KO.
Sonic Rainboom Rainbow Dash flies up into the sky, and comes back down super fast, resulting in a break in the sound barrier, causing any oppenents to swept away.
Animal Army Fluttershy flies into the air, and calls for the help of her various animal friends to attack her oppenets.
Justice is Blind! Toon Mills Lane puts on a blindfold and a pair of boxing gloves, and proceeds to stumble across the stage giving insta-KO's if he's fast enough.

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