Funeral Pack

The first DLC packet released consisted of all ten tracks of Arcade Fire's "Funeral" album.

Song Artist Effect
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Arcade Fire Deejay digs a tunnel to escape enemies. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Arcade Fire Vampires appear and assist Deejay in fighting. When a vampire bites an enemy, the enemy helps Deejay for a while. Cannot be used in bright sunshine. Costs 10 Battery Power.
Une Année Sans Lumière Arcade Fire Deejay shoots sparks from his eyes, setting enemies on fire. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) Arcade Fire The enemies are enveloped in darkness and cannot see. Costs 9 Battery Power.
Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) Arcade Fire The enemies age rapidly, weakening them and slowing them down. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Crown of Love Arcade Fire Female enemies temporarily side with Deejay and attack the other enemies. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Wake Up Arcade Fire Makes Deejay nearly invincible for a brief period of time. Costs 14 Battery Power.
Haiti Arcade Fire Changes weather to bright sunshine, thereby wounding ice-based enemies. Costs 9 Battery Power.
Rebellion (Lies) Arcade Fire An army of rebels are summoned, trampling on-screen enemies. Costs 9 Battery Power.
In the Backseat Arcade Fire Deejay uses a car to run over the enemies.

Gorillaz Pack

The Gorillaz Pack includes five tracks by the virtual band Gorillaz.

Song Artist Effect
Dirty Harry Gorillaz Deejay is equipped with a gun to shoot Enemies from a distance. Costs 5 Battery Power.
5/4 Gorillaz Deejay performs a magic track that baffles and distracts enemies. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Man Research (Clapper) Gorillaz Mad scientists and their creations appear and attack the enemies. Costs 10 Battery Power
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz Enemies become content and happy, no longer attacking Deejay. Costs 10 Battery Power.
Stylo Gorillaz The Gorillaz appear in their Stylo car, and run over the most powerful enemy on the screen. 8 Battery Power.

Rokstarr Pack

The Rokstarr pack includes the singles featured in Taio Cruz' album "Rokstarr".

Song Artist Effect
Break Your Heart Taio Cruz Female enemies will be weakened. Costs 4 Battery Power.
No Other One Taio Cruz All enemies will disappear except the strongest one. Costs 11 Battery Power
Dirty Picture Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha A flash will stun the enemies. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Dynamite Taio Cruz An explosion will occur on enemies and hidden areas, opening them up. Costs 9 Battery Power.
Higher Taio Cruz ft. Travie McCoy Lets Deejay jump higher.
Telling The World Taio Cruz Enemies will constantly take very small amounts of damage. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Falling In Love Taio Cruz Male enemies will scatter and female enemies will become more aggressive. Costs 7 Battery Power.

Nine Inch Nails Pack

The Nine Inch Nails pack contains four tracks.

Song Artist Effect
Capital G Nine Inch Nails Bombs are dropped from the sky on the enemies; EXP and coin reward are double. Costs 11 Battery Power.
The Day the World Went Away Nine Inch Nails The setting vanishes, leaving Deejay and the enemies fighting in a zero-gravity void. Costs 9 Battery Power.
My Violent Heart Nine Inch Nails Deejay goes berserk, rampaging around the screen and killing enemies. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Hurt Nine Inch Nails Deejay deals twice as much damage as he would normally; enemies become depressed and slow to react. Costs 14 Battery Power.

Bon Iver Pack

The Bon Iver pack contains two tracks.

Song Artist Effect
Holocene Bon Iver A holographic projection of Deejay appears on the other side of the screen, distracting enemies. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Skinny Love Bon Iver Enemies lose weight and strength; 20% chance of all enemies on screen falling in love with Deejay and not attacking. Costs 7 Battery Power.

Meme Pack

The Meme Pack contains four tracks.

Song Artist Effect
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley Enemies start dancing. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Want You Gone GlaDOS Enemies are thrown out of the way of the player for a short period of time. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Dragostea din tei O-Zone Enemies flee in terror of this obscenely catchy song. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Zombies on Your Lawn Laura Shigihara Zombies rise from the ground to assist Deejay. Costs 10 Battery Power.

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