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List of Blooper Mario Plushies Episodes

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This is a list of Blooper Mario Plushies Episodes and this first line is pointless to read.

Season 1

Singing and Dancing --- Mario and Luigi Sing and Dance to Annoy Everyone

Day of the Ax --- Luigi figures out Bowser’s Weakness: an Axe. But accidentally flushes it down the toilet, chopping it in half and making Wario laugh unstoppably

Luigi’s Toy Chomp Trouble --- Luigi gets a job at the Mario Toy Company but then gets fired almost immediately by Donkey Kong and Pauline. So Mario gives him one more chance but then his new toy chomp eats Mario

Mystery Volcano --- Mario takes a trip to rumble Volcano but then tries to figure out whom safe-proofed the volcano because he sees no reason

Diapers and Scents --- The mushroom kingdom’s currency has been changed to dirty diapers and the Mario bros have an endless supply so they need to get fired from all their jobs

The Little Toad --- Mario finds a baby Toad on the street so he and Luigi try to take care of it

No Peeking! --- Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Turtwig play a game of hide and seek, but it goes a little overboard…

Streetpass Stupid --- The Mario bros. get trapped in the internet through Streetpass

Soccer Survival --- Luigi beats Mario at Foosball, but Mario won’t admit it

Over the Bridge --- Wario kidnaps Princess Peach; Luigi discovers Wario flunked his cooking assignment

Suppapawwaz! --- Mario gets superpowers and Luigi must stop him from joining the Teen Titans

Sweet Ride --- Wario accidentally runs over Peach on a Joyride. Turtwig bores everyone with factoids.

Jinxed --- Mario and Luigi try to get to work, but distractions are caused by Mario’s Bad Luck and Luigi’s Good Luck; Wario loses the Bros. new pet Chain Chomp

Picture This! --- Luigi accidentally uploads a picture of Mario in the shower to the internet

Superior Mario Brother --- Luigi feels like he’s only Player 2 and Never Player 1

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