Fire Cloak

The user is able to shoot fire blasts. They also gain white and red fur/feathers/a cloak. For example, Barker has red ears, legs and arms and white fur.

Digging Helmet

The user now has a mole suit, coloured their main colour. They also can now dig underground and use their paws to scratch. As an example, Quack's suit would be blue.

Cloud Cape

The user can now fly with no limits, and can shoot a beam at enemies. They will gain a cape and mask that are their main colour. For exmaple, Stomp's would be brown.

Circle Capsule

Ther user can is now a ball form of themselves, and can roll into enemies and create a road shock.

Super Sword

The user gains a sword and a swordsman outfit coloured their main colour. They also now have a black bandana and a mini sword in their belt.

Multiply Flute

The user gains another version of themselves. They can now perform a twin jump and a star blast. The actual player will have their main coloured circle above their head.

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