The Pokerockers

The Pokerockers are the default band. Their name is selected by the player, but The Pokerockers is their default name. They are an indie band, and their default lineup is:
Pikachu on vocals
Squirtle on bass
Charmander on guitar
Bulbasaur on drums

The Antirockers

The Antirockers are the rival band. Like in the pokemon series, their name is selected by the players, but The Antirockers is the default name. They too are an indie band, and they're default lineup is:
Magby on vocals
Elekid on guitar
Duskull on bass
Togepi on drums

Munchlax Is Hardcore

Munchlax Is Hardcore is a metal band in Pokemon Band. It consists of a quartet of Munchlax.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets are an electronic alternative rock band. They are widely known for their bleak songs. They consist of:
Misdreavus on vocals
Sableye on bass/backup vocals
Banette on guitar
Dusclops on drums

Pichu & Friends

Pichu & Friends is a pop group. They are incredibly popular, and consistently hit #1 on the charts with their latest singles. They consist of:
Pichu on vocals
Minun on bass
Plusle on guitar
Smoochum on drums


HyperBeam is an alt-rap band lead by Larvitar. They rival Pichu & Friends. They consist of:
Larvitar on guitar
Smeargle on bass
Smeargle on vocals
Smeargle on drums

Thunder Punch

Thunder Punch is a techno band made up of all electric pokemon. The band has some connection to The Pokerockers and the Antirockers. They reveal that before Pikachu joined The Pokerockers and Togepie the Antirockers, Pikachu and 3/4 of the Antirockers were part of a band, who they used to be rivals of. They consist of:
Pachirisu on vocals
Ampharos on Guitar
Magnezone on Bass
Chinchou on drums

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are a group of pokemon who play a form of alternative rock. They have two singers, Gengar and Gardevoir. Gengar sings in a rough, gravelly voice, which is contrasted by Gardevoir's rather soft voice. Their complete lineup is:
Gengar on vocals
Gardevoir on vocals and guitar
Mawile on bass
Snorlax on drums

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