The Abridged Mew Mew anime series is an upcoming abridged series to be published on YouTube and Fantendo, to shorten, dub, and parody the Tokyo Mew Mew anime, based on the manga series of the same name written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi. Directed by InukaneYumiko and published by InukaneStudios (IS), the episodes focus around five girls infused with the DNA of red-data animals that gives them powers much like the stars of Sailor Moon and allow them to transform into "Mew Mews". Led by the extremely annoying Ichigo Momomiya, the girls protect the earth from aliens who wish to "reclaim" it, even though the police can do it for them.

Though the original series was released on TV Aichi and TV Tokyo, Abridged Mew Mew is to be released solely on the Internet for free viewing, because InukaneYumiko never got the rights to sell it. However, if the creators of Tokyo Mew Mew agree to let it on television, it will be put there as soon as possible. It is unknown when the series premiere will be, nor when it will end, but it is planned to have 52 episodes, just like the original anime. Based on 4Kids Entertainment dubbing the anime so horribly, there will also be a series called The Mew Mews, by 666Kids Entertainment, parodying the dub. This will be published on Youtube and Fantendo after Abridged Mew Mew is finished.

The episodes use two pieces of theme music: "World is Mine", performed by Vocaloid software Hatsune Miku for the opening theme, and "Mirai wa Bokura no Te no Naka", performed by The Blue Hearts for the ending. In The Mew Mews, the opening theme is "Safe for Kids", performed extremely terribly on purpose by InukaneYumiko herself, to parody "Team Up" in the original Mew Mew Power dub. The series intensely parodies the plot holes and badly-written characters in Tokyo Mew Mew.

Episode list

Caution: Spoilers ahead. The spoliers are hidden, but you may click Expand to show them.

Season 1

Ep# The Mew Mews Title/Original English Title
1 "Zoey and Mark"/"Turning into a Rip-Off of Sailor Moon - Stupidity Lies in a Girl in Love with a Generic, Tree-Hugging Gary-Stu ~Nya!"
While Ichigo Momomiya is annoying Masaya Aoyama on their first date, two perverts who love Sailor Moon bathe her in a pink light and Ichigo subsequently sees herself being merged with a cat. The next day at school, she picks up her friend's fish with her mouth, falls and lands on her feet, and says "nya", much like a cat would do. The day after that, Ichigo follows Masaya into a park, where a winged Kool-Aid Man dumps all his Kool-Aid onto a rat, turning it into a monster. Ryō Shirogane, one of the pervert scientists, saves her and gives her a pendant that allows her to transform into an underdressed cat-girl named Mew Ichigo. With her special new powers, Ichigo defeats the rat-monster, turning it back into a normal rat. Afterwards, Ryō decides to be a jerk and not explain the monster to Ichigo, so the newly arrived and almost unheard-of Keiichiro Akasaka offers to do so instead on the condition that she gets in his car and to the Mew Mew Café. Scared of being seen in her Mew Mew state by Masaya, she unethically agrees.
2 "Corina is a Pokémon, because she's Mew Two! Get it? Bwahahahaha!"/"A new comrade that sounds like an old woman - Stupidity Lies in a True Snob ~Nya!"
Keiichiro tells Ichigo that the Kool-Aid Man was a Para Para, and infested the rat, making it a kirema anima. Because they liked Sailor Moon, they didn't call the police to take care of it; instead, they infused five girls with the DNA of red-data animals, enabling them to transform into "rip-offs of the Sailor Senshi called Mew Mews." Ryō then threatens her that if she doesn't help them by working at Café Mew Mew, he'll force her to watch Ponyo ten times over. Ichigo agrees. On the way home, Ichigo lies to Masaya that he passed out in the heat. The next day, she begins work at the Café, where Keiichiro gives her an R2000 robot, which she names Masha, after Masaya. On the way home, she meets the snobby Minto Aizawa, and her pet mouse, Mickey. Later that day, she returns to them to give her back her handkerchief, where Mickey is infected by a Para Para in the form of Ronald McDonald. In the fight, it's revealed that Minto is the second Mew Mew, Mew Mint.
3 "The Little Mermaid: Kid Edition"/"Fishy Story from School: Finding Ponyo's True Identity ~Nya!
At school, Ichigo meets a shy and timid Ponyo fan named Retasu Midorikawa. At the Café, Ichigo sees her being pressured by three bullies into photographing Ponyo, who is rumored to be haunting the school pool. Ichigo plays the rock version of the Ponyo song to make them go away. After work, Minto and Ichigo visit the pool to investigate "Ponyo", only to find Retasu there, watching Ponyo. She reveals that she was scared of her new fish powers and started "haunting" the pool. After battling a mayfly infested with a Burger King Para Para, Ichigo and Minto explain her powers and welcome her to the group. While walking home, an underdressed alien name Kisshu introduces himself, kisses Ichigo, and flies away.
4 "The Lion King"/"A Sneerful Date - the secret I could tell Obama-kun, but really don't want to ~Nya!"
After having her first kiss stolen, Ichigo avoids Aoyama, even declining a double date with him (not because of her sadness, but because she confused it for the fourth mini game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, Double Date). While searching for Para Para and kirema anima, Masha leads Ichigo into a park, where she runs into Masaya. Resolved to forget the kiss, Ichigo goes on the double date with him, where Masaya kicks away balls, just like in the mini game. When Kisshu attacks the park with an Oxi Clean guy Para Para and turns a lion into a kirema anima, Ichigo abandons Masaya to fight the infested lion. After Mew Ichigo, Mew Mint, and Mew Lettuce return the animal to normal, Ichigo returns to Masaya and he scolds her for not liking Double Date. Then, he rants to her about global climate change and gets Chris Plant, who was dating Masha and resembling the Weasel Couple, upset.

Note: In The Mew Mews, this episode is a bunch of clips from The Lion King.

5 "Gymnasty"/"Warming Rhythmic Gymnastics - becoming Stupid with a Cat's Dance ~Nya!"
One day, Ichigo is walking in the road and advocating for the fight against global warming. However, when a bus is about to hit her, a gymnastics team sees her avoid it by jumping over it. The gymnastics team recruits her only because she was protesting climate change. It turns out that the team doesn't really do rhythm gymnastics, but they protest global warming. After Ichigo rants about global warming to the audience, Kisshu attacks the gymnasium with a Mario Para Para, which turns a puppy into a kirema anima. Mew Ichigo leaves to fight the puppy with the other Mew Mews. Afterwards Ichigo is too exhausted for the team performance. It turns out that the team is disqualified anyway, because they should actually do gymnastics instead of ranting about a left-wing hoax. The team is angry and names Ichigo their Least Valuable Player.
6 "Mewsic"/"The Piano from the Sims - It's the Vomit-Inducing Gibberish Party! ~Nya!"
While working at Café Mew Mew, Ichigo and Retasu meet a Sim (a Mexican in the 666Kids dub) Obviously, they don't understand Sim-speak, so they have no clue what she's saying. Fortunately, Masaya appears, announces that he knows every language ever, and translates between them. It turns out that Ryou hired the Sim, Reporter Fever (Señora Jalapeño in The Mew Mews), to play the piano at an upcoming dance party to reward the Mew Mews for their hard work. At the dance, Kisshu develops a more powerful attack: steal a person's soul to make a kirema anima. Reporter is the victim of his new plan, and is turned into an evil, bipedal fox with a piano. Minto plays some of Reporter's music to accompany Mew Ichigo and Mew Lettuce in fighting the kirema anima. This music helps Reporter remember her real identity and, along with the Mew Mews' attacks, destroy the Para Para. In the end, the dance party ends and Kisshu is defeated.

Note: In The Mew Mews, Señora Jalapeño speaks Spanish.

7 "Mewnkey"/"The Rude Beggar - The Want for Ears and a Tail will Eat Ichigo!"'
As the stupid jerk Ryou is, he forces Ichigo to get his groceries for him. His shopping list was so big that Ichigo has to stop on a bench to rest from carrying the bought groceries. At the bench, an eight year-old girl name Purin performs acrobatic tricks in front of Ichigo and then demands, "GIMME ALL DAT FREAKING MONEY!!!!"

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