This is a list of episodes from the sequel to the Skip and Sqak Anime Series, Skip and Sqak XD. The first season aired on August 24, 2013 and ended on June 28 2014. A second season aired on September 6, 2014 and ended on July 25, 2015. A third season is announced for fall 2015 to 2016.

All episodes air on Saturdays.

Season 1 August 24, 2013-June 28, 2014 32 Episodes
Season 2 September 6, 2014-July 25, 2015 48 Episodes
Season 3 September 12, 2015- August 27, 2016 60 Episodes

Season 1 (2013-2014)

  • 001 Welcome To Galaxian High (When the SSFF find out they've been promoted to Elite Heroes, they have to go to a Boarding School in space where they meet other Teams who are assigned there. Meanwhile, a new villain organization named the "Revengeance Evil Doomsquad" form together to destroy Skip and Sqak.) August 24 2013
  • 002 Dorm Service (Due to major conflicts to the other teams, members have to move to other dorms to sleep for the night. Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp and Tubby have to sleep with GIRL and Cynder, Robin, Roshan and Oswald have to sleep with WASP. Meanwhile, Dib has to sleep with Peachy who makes loud snoring.) August 31 2013
  • 003 The Reveal (The SSFF have heard news that the villainous RED causing havoc on earth. To their shock, they realized its actually their old friends from the old school wanting revenge on them for several defeats and wanna kill them by sending a missile to Galaxian High.) September 14 2013
  • 004 Ready, Aim, DUCK! (After getting fired by Melvin, Egghead is all alone until he gets accompanied with Cherry who got kicked out of the team's meeting. The other teams get suspicious as they believe Egghead is planning a secret assault.) September 21 2013
  • 005 That is a Prom-ise (The galaxian high prom is coming around the corner, and Sqak tries to look handsome enough to get Tara's attention. Meanwhile, Croco, Imp, Skip and Tubby create a new guy's scent for the prom only to realize the smell attracts blobs.) September 28 2013
  • 006 MalevolANT (Roshan has read several fan mail for the SSFF saying he is "nerdy", "goody-goody" and "boring", so he decides to change his name and look... including his personality.) October 5 2013
  • 007 Doin Bright (Thanks to Croco and Stingo, SSFF and WASP Teams are both trapped in a powerless ship. To get more power to their ship, the two teams have to steal a bulb of power source from a Red Ant Mother ship.) October 12 2013
  • 008 Recurring Arachnophobia (Cynder and Robin decide to tell their friends about the time Priceless eating spider eggs. Soon, the rumor quickly spreads around Galaxian High, earth and even Xoon. On Xoon, the Red Ants teases Priceless about the spider egg incident. Priceless becomes upset and decides to put eggs in the unknowing girl's stomachs, which later results Robin and Cynder barfing out spiders in front of the whole class.) October 19 2013
  • 009 Howl of the Candy (It's halloween night, and Sqak tries to find the "Milky Way Bar" before Ravi does. He takes Skip, Kyra, Sarah and Blinky with him on Planet Sweety, where candy is every where. But Sqak is too busy looking for the Milky Way Bar and Blinky gets too high on sugar.) October 26 2013
  • 010 Melvin Gear Solid (Melvin decides to sneak into the closed Galaxian High in midnight and gathers Lance, Bruno, and Jerry with him while Keef, Egghead and Priceless stay in the Red Ant Palace. Meanwhile, Skip, Sqak, Imp, Croco and Tubby can't sleep after watching an R-rated horror movie before bed.) November 2 2013
  • 011 To Love A Frog (Priceless sends her Red Ants to capture Skip and take him to the Red Ant Palace. Priceless then shows Skip what life on Xoon is like while trying to capture his heart. Meanwhile, Cynder and the GIRL Team form a plan to rescue Skip from Xoon.) November 9 2013
  • 012 Road Rat (While exploring the desert Planet Sand for their planet assignment, SSFF, WASP and BRUTISH encounter a gang of desert bikers who accept Oswald as leader of their group. Oswald seems to like it at start, but if he wants to stay leader he has to leave SSFF.) November 16 2013
  • 013 Redbot Wars (When Melvin, Bruno, Dr. Keef, Ty Wombat and Queen Priceless attack Planet Terresokyo in giant destructive robots, SSFF, WASP, GIRL and RAVI have to use robots of their own to take them down before they destroy the rest of the huge city.) November 23 2013
  • 014 Working as a Team (When SSFF and RED are abducted by a dangerous game show hosted by the insane Larry Lagoochie, they are forced to survive deadly obstacles... and 5 members of each team have to switch sides.) November 30 2013
  • 015 Galax-Mas (It's christmas eve, and everyone in Galaxian High is excited for Santa to come. However after SSFF told Priceless she was naughty, she doesn't believe them. But after seeing a bunch of coal in her stocking, Priceless and RED trick Santa to believe everyone in Galaxian High is naughty and she is the only nice girl.) December 21 2013
  • 016 Final fANTasy (Tek-5 is worried because he has no partner for the final quest in his wifi RPG game, Nerd's Quest VII, until Roshan wants to join him. However, as they play the game Roshan becomes addicted to it. So much, that he forgets to study for tests and hang with his friends who are fed up with him until they realized that Melvin is planning to unleash the enemies from Roshan's game to attack Galaxian High.) January 18 2014
  • 017 President Evil (Tara's father the president of Galaxian Incorperation visits Galaxian High, he invites the teams to Tara's hometown where her father tells the teams about how she became an elite hero. However, when Melvin heard about Galaxian's president visit he sends an alien bounty hunter named Metal to capture him.) January 25 2014
  • 018 Lost in Space Part 1 (SSFF, WASP and RAVI Teams all wanna use the Galaxian Ship's empty room for their own needs. When all three teams show up, they all begin to argue over the room until Skip clumsily pushes the detach button that causes the ship to drop the entire room pod into deep space.) February 15 2014
  • 019 Lost in Space Part 2 (SSFF, WASP and RAVI are stranded in space inside the empty room. The pod crashes into a small planet in the middle of the darkest sector of the galaxy. The three teams have to find a way to escape the planet and go back to Galaxian High.) February 22 2014
  • 020 Sqak's Bad Feather Birthday (Sqak has a horrible day on his 14th birthday especially during his party, so he tells the viewers of how it all happened.) March 8, 2014
  • 021 Nothing Ice To Say (Melvin uses his latest creation called the "Freezy 9000.5" on Galaxian High so it would be so cold to shut down the defense power. The teams fight RED in a snow ball war. Meanwhile, the laser of the Freezy 9000.5 causes Priceless to catch a cold so Egghead and Keef decide to take care of her, but they only make things worse.) March 15 2014
  • 022 Slack In Time (Melvin builds a time machine to go back in time and kill SSFF team before the came to the future. However, when the current SSFF found out about this, they go after RED through several past events of their adventures until the Time Machine is finally destroyed from the crash.) March 22 2014
  • 023 I Will Always Glove You (Tara wants to do research on Planet Fungi and brings Sqak and Ravi with her, where the two boys try to win her affections only to awaken a Toadshark that tries to eat them. Meanwhile, Oswald gets a pair of iron gloves that can display a radar and laser system. However, he loses the gloves and realizes Bruter took them. In the end, Oswald's gloves were actually in his backpack and those were Bruter's gloves!) March 29 2014
  • 024 Wet Hands Walk Off The Earth (Galaxian High is having a beach party on Planet Oasis. However when RED is constructing an underwater base that pollutes Oasis's water, the teams have to get back to duty and save the planet. Meanwhile, Sqak finds out Tara can't swim, so he decides to offer Skip's water wings to her in public, embarrasing her.) April 5 2014
  • 025 Cold Crimes (During a camping trip on Planet Forestria, the cabin gets splattered with juice much to Klux's outrage. Roshan, Skip, Sqak, Croco and Tubby work togethor to solve the mystery by questioning Ravi, Bruter, Kyra and Stingo. At the end it turns out that Jack Frost is responsible for the mess. Meanwhile, Logan believes that his birthplace is somewhere in the woods.) April 12 2014
  • 026 Pirates of the Outer Space (A group of space pirates led by Captain Starkiller raid Galaxian High and captures SSFF, WASP, GIRL and RAVI to place a curse to turn them into ghost slaves for eternity. The teams have to find a way to escape the space pirates and defeat Starkiller.) April 19 2014
  • 027 Old Enemy (Melvin struggles day and night trying to find a way to destroy the Galaxian High Ship and the teams, but always fails. He and his RED Team can't do the job themselves unless they get help from one of SSFF's old enemies, Rexes.) April 26 2014
  • 028 Dried Up (As all the rivers in Planet Forestria are drying up, Roshan and Kaida go down to rescue River Eels who are struggling to get back into the ocean like freeing an eel from a net, carrying an eel out of a drying bank, and even watching a mother eel laying eggs.) May 3 2014
  • 029 Mommy Dearest (SSFF, WASP and GIRL have been sent to protect a beautiful alien queen and her young babies from an alien poaching gorilla named Congo. Megan has trouble taking care of some of the alien babies so she relies on Croco for help.) May 10 2014
  • 030 Father Fears (Samantis's father wants to reclaim his daughter back to the Mantis Colony, which Samantis instantly refuses. She tells WASP a tragic backstory she suffered that made her run away to Galaxian High.) May 17 2014
  • 031 Doctor, There Is a Bug Inside Me (Melvin puts a virus into T1na's robot body to steal the Blue Ant technology inside her computer brain, killing her in the process. To save T1na's life, Dr. Tron has to do a repair surgery with SSFF and GIRL going inside T1na's body to destroy the virus before it's too late.) May 24 2014
  • 032 Galaxian Graduation (On Galaxian High's graduation day, RED sends a huge assault to earth and the Teams must help the Blue Ants fight off the Flasher army. At the end, RED were arrested and taken to jail by the Blue Ant Army and the elite teams start their summer vacation.) June 28 2014 SEASON FINALE

Season 2 (2014-2015)

  • 033 Broken Heart (Sqak goes into a depression with Tara going out with Ravi, so the boys try to show him how fun being single can be by taking him to a teen hangout called the "Lickity Split" where he meets a young bird named Sarina. Meanwhile, Robin and Cynder are overjoyed that Cherry is finally having a date with Ray the dog, but Robin soon realizes that he is cheating on Cherry.) September 6, 2014
  • 034 Meet the Feather Sisters (Sqak and Sarina start to go on a date. As the two are instantly getting along and hanging out alot, Sarina invites Sqak and his SSFF Team to her group of friends Fetria the flamingo, Rincha the chatter and Ophra the hummingbird who are all birds like Sqak and Robin. Sarina's gang, known as the Feather Sisters, are a rebellion team to Red Ants and Lectroads.) September 13, 2014
  • 035 A Virus Among Us (Sparky picks up the signal of an unknown alien artifact from an abandoned laboratory in a rocky planet and wants to study on it. He, RAVI, and SSFF decide to investigate while Sqak wants to spend time with Sarina. Down in the abandoned lab, the two teams get sealed and trapped inside from a cave in. Meanwhile, Sqak plans on taking Sarina out on a date.) September 20, 2014
  • 036 Tara-bal Breakup (Sarina explains to Sqak that she and her sisters spent years trying to find their mentor, an old vulture named Drag, who escaped the Space Detention Facility due to taking part of a rebellion assault. Meanwhile, SSFF and RAVI try to dig their way out of the collapsed lab only to encounter the lost artifact Sparky was searching for but he gets electrocuted when he tries to remove it. When Sqak gets a call from his team that they need a rescue, he recruits Tara to help him find the trapped teams down in the lab. When Ravi catches Sqak and Tara together unaware that Sqak is dating Sarina, he corners Sqak and they both get into a major argument with each other with Tara finally seeing their rivalry. Tara breaks up with Ravi because she thought he was a very nice person, much to his devastation) September 27, 2014
  • 037 Love Cry-Angle (After Tara and Ravi break up and Ravi becomes devastated, Sqak blames himself for ending their relationship so he tries to get his mind off it by hanging out with Sarina. SSFF and the Feather Sisters try to investigate weird activity going on in Bio-City where a robot crab named Clawz is robbing all the military's arsenal. Meanwhile, T1na is worried about Sparky who is still unconscious from the electric shock incident only to see something in his X-Ray. In the end, SSFF and the Feather Sisters saved the weapon supplies and realized that Clawz is part of the criminal Dangerous And Roguish Killers (DARK) organization working for an electric eel named Viral, who's energy is infecting Sparky's body.) October 4, 2014
  • 038 Gone Viral (Sparky finally awakens from his coma, but starts having strange behavior such as being aggressive, doesn't wanna play his video games, or won't talk to anyone and spends time alone which Ravi, Cherry, Tara and Bruter start to grow suspicious of. Later on that evening, Viral creates an virus alter ego named "Tekral" who takes control of Sparky's body. Tekral breaks into the Space Detention Facility and busts out Melvin, Bruno, Lance, Keef, Ty, Egghead and Priceless out of their prison cells.) October 5, 2014
  • 039 Criminal Breakout (After breaking RED out of prison, Tekral brings them to a virtual dimension called Virtual Dark where they are introduced to DARK members Clawz, Congo, Larry Lagoochie, Mr. Prickleton, Metal and Meowna. Tekral agrees to help RED with universe domination as long as he does the planning. Also, RED has a new member joining the team: Darcy Weasel, who has a crush on Robin, joins RED as their "sabotoger". Meanwhile, SSFF is shocked that Sparky was responsible for the jailbreak and they head to the Space Detention Facility to learn more about Drag's escape. In Drag's cell, teams see a beautiful mural of Alice which proves Drag was part of Shun's team.) October 12, 2014
  • 040 On a Bird Hunt (SSFF and Feather Sisters are close into finding Drag. They try to search down Bio-City's sewers where they found Drag's old camp site during his escape night. Meanwhile, Tekral gives RED special super abilities and sends them to destroy SSFF. SSFF and RED battle across the city which ends with SSFF escaping down the sewers to Shadowground, where it turns out on a news paper that Drag died in a plane crash during his escape which devastates the Feather Sisters.) October 18, 2014
  • 041 Bio-Ville Horror (On Halloween Night, Tekral plans to terrorize Bio-City by unleashing his horrifying Lectral army from a computer chip Darcy stole. Now the teams have to stop these scary virtual creatures from destroying Bio-City.) October 25, 2014
  • 042 Rise of the Dog (Ray, Cherry's ex-boyfriend, has been stealing glory by saving many planets then any of the teams. It later turns out that he is actually working for Meowna to steal all the fortune from planets, so the teams try to get rid of him for good.) November 8, 2014
  •  043 Mad-ieval (SSFF, WASP, RAVI and GIRL arrived in Planet Cavelot to recruit the planet's heroic knights to help in their war against Viral. The captain, Sir Galloway, wants to test the two team's strength, knowledge and confidence if they want to aid the heroes. Meanwhile, Croco grows jealous when Galloway flirts with Kyra. In the end, it turns out that Galloway is actually his identical nemesis Snatcher the thief in disguise and turned the real Sir Galloway into a shrub plant. Snatcher is defeated and Sir Galloway is turned back to normal.) November 15, 2014
  • 044 Blazing Glory (Tekral sets Forestria on fire after igniting a gas station. Now the teams have to put out the fire and rescue all the endangered residents. During this event, Sarah damages her arm trying to stop a falling tree from crushing a small animal.) November 22, 2014
  • 045 Barbarians (SSFF, WASP, RAVI and GIRL hear the story about a clan of alien barbarians fighting against DARK longer than the teams fought RED, and they want to convince them to help defeat Tekral and RED. However, the barbarians get hostile to the teams believing their disguised assassins sent by DARK to kill their leader, Lord Heck the rhino.) November 29, 2014
  • 047 The War is Just Beginning (Lord Heck explains to SSFF, WASP, RAVI and GIRL that the main gateway to Virtual Dark must be sealed to prevent Tekral's Lectrons from attacking planets and is located on Planet Nexus. In Virtual Dark, Tekral reveals to RED that the Lectron assault back at the barbarian's hideout was to distract the teams so he can steal all the ammunition for the villain's powerful weapons. With his Lectron army completely powerful, Tekral sends them to destroy every planet in the universe. The teams arrive on Planet Nexus only to get ambushed by Tekral's clones, RED and DARK at Virtual Dark's entrance. During the big battle, T1na tries to talk the possessed Sparky into his senses which awakens his conscious inside his mind where Viral orders Tekral to destroy the conscious. Sparky and Tekral get into a battle inside Tek's body, which causes him to jump around and fly all over the place. Before Tekral was going to kill off Sparky for good by deleting his life support, Oswald installs a "virus-eliminator" chip onto the malfunctioning robot. The chip destroys Tekral and Sparky gains control of his body again. Virtual Dark's gateway collapses which causes Roshan to fall down the chasm. As everyone believe Roshan's dead, a surviving Drag confronts them and reveals that Roshan is still alive with his arms and legs broken, being carried by his cloaked maid. RED and DARK are trapped in the sealed Virtual Dark. SSFF is glad to have Sparky back. NOTE: This is a one-hour special) December 13, 2014
  • 048 Step Further (Drag and his cloaked maid take SSFF, GIRL, RAVI and WASP to their base camp called "Bird's Nest" with the Feather Sisters, who are all pleased that Drag is alive. The injured Roshan was put in the medical tent with casts on his limbs. Drag's cloaked maid reveals to be Roshan's birth mother Alice, who is actually a clone Drag created so he can feel more happier with Alice alive. Meanwhile, DARK abandons RED in Virtual Dark because Viral wants to assign DARK to another location. RED decide to use Virtual Dark for their new base of operations to take over the universe.) January 17, 2015
  • 049 REDopolis (After winning a domination lottery at Villain Mart, Dr. Keef wins his own city with a million soldiers, billion slaves and his very own planet to rule which later had Bruno, Priceless, Darcy, Jerry, Ty, Egghead and Lance winning the lottery except Melvin who can't get any luck winning. The 8 villains decide to form their ruled planets together and named it "REDopolis". The teams have to take down the gigantic REDopolis before RED takes over many planets in the galaxy. Meanwhile, Melvin tries to win the lottery as well but keeps on losing.) January 24, 2015
  • 050 Villainous Valentine (On Valentine's Day, Priceless and Jerry work together to break up Skip and Cynder but don't get any luck. Jerry's "pink soda" later turns out to be a love potion as Skip falls in love with Priceless and Cynder falls in love with Jerry, much to the two villain's delight. When they found out the potion doesn't last long, Jerry and Priceless go steal all the love potions in Potion Industries owned by Phillipe Otion. GIRL, WASP, and RAVI try to hunt down these stolen potions before Potion Industries falls out of business. Meanwhile, Sqak plans to surprise Sarina with coconut-chocolate on their date but plans change when Sqak gets dragged into a mystery party by Croco, Tubby, Imp, Tara, Cherry and Oswald to find out who stole all of Phillipe's money from his vault. Sarina begins to miss having Sqak with her.)  February 14, 2015
  • 051 Love Birds (Congo, Larry, Metal, Clawz, Mr. Prickleton and Meowla all go to their master Viral who assigns them a task to assassinate SSFF, WASP, RAVI and GIRL and capture the Feather Sisters alive. Meanwhile, Captain Salt gives the teams their very own space ship called the "Star Orca" to navigate to other planets. Sarina tells SSFF that Drag and Alice were captured by Viral on locked away in his prison program. SSFF and the sisters head there, leaving WASP, RAVI and GIRL in charge of Star Orca. At the prison program, it actually turns out Drag and Alice were never captured and it was all a trap to capture SSFF along with the other teams. It is revealed that Sarina, Rincha, Ophra, Fetria, Drag and Alice were working for Viral as DARK attacks Star Orca with WASP, RAVI and GIRL inside it. Sqak manages to escape capture and gets angry at Sarina for betraying him despite her claiming that Viral threatened to kill her and her sisters if she didn't. Sqak breaks up with Sarina and heads off to save his captured friends, breaking her heart.) February 21, 2015
  • 052 The Rescue (After leaving Sarina, Sqak heads to the crashed Star Orca but can't find anyone. Knowing that DARK captured all his friends, Sqak joins with Lord Heck and his barbarians to free them from the prison program. Meanwhile, SSFF, WASP, GIRL and RAVI are all locked in Viral's prison program and they all get angry at Drag for betraying them, even though they feel bad for it. During the walk to the prison program, Sqak learns from Lord Heck that Sarina enjoys dating him which he realizes she really does love him. Sqak and Lord Heck's barbarians infiltrate the prison program, fight the security and free all the teams. When Sarina discovered that Viral wants to kill the elite heroes, she tries to fight him only to get overwhelmed by him and locked in a gas chamber to die. Sqak manages to break into the chamber, save Sarina's life and apologizes to her for dumping her. Sarina cries and embraces Sqak who allows her, Drag, Alice and the sisters to stay in Galaxian High. Meanwhile, Viral discovers about the reform of his own minions and vows to destroy Drag, Alice and the Feather Sisters for betraying him.) February 28, 2015
  • 053 Jurassic Croc (SSFF, GIRL, RAVI and WASP go investigate the disappearance of a scientist named Prof Roscoe on Planet Amazonia. They found his lab empty and wrecked, where Croco accidentally activates a contraption on himself. Later on, Croco begins to act weird lately such as yelling out loudly, eating meat like an animal and getting outside in the middle of the night. It turns out Roscoe's invention clones dinosaurs and it turns Croco into a "Crocosaurus Rex". RED plans to use Roscoe's hostile dinosaurs for their own needs.) March 7, 2015
  • 054 Mummy Knows Best (After breaking into a museum, DARK steals an ancient relic known called the "Stone Locust" which is claimed to be the key to a hidden temple full of treasure. The next day, SSFF and WASP investigate the crime scene and suspect RED is responsible. The two teams interrogate RED on Planet Xoon only to suffer an earth shake when DARK summon the temple rising from the sand. DARK then raids the temple stealing as much treasure as they can while Meowna steals the golden tiara of the ancient Xoon queen Terrifa. That night, the moonlight awakens the mummy Terrifa and her mummy soldiers from their sleep with Terrifa furious over her stolen tiara. Terrifa and her mummy soldiers ambush DARK in their base camp, turn Congo, Larry, Metal, Prickelton and Clawz all to stone and capture Meowna. Terrifa plans to punish Meowna by wrapping her in cloth and trapping her soul in an ancient coffin for eternity. If Terrifa succeeds into mummifying Meowna, her 3000th soul, she'll gain enough power to take over Xoon so SSFF, WASP and RED have to save Meowna and stop the ceremony.) March 14, 2015
  • 055 Brain Drain TV (Tubby's, Imp's and Dr. Tron's favorite animatronic kid's show "Banjo Bunny and Freinds" plays a music video which ends up draining Tubby's and Imp's brain power. SSFF, Feather Sisters and RAVI grow suspicious by this, so they try to question the show's creator Kenny Kewalski about the music video. It later turns out that the Banjo Bunny animatronics are actually chaotic robots being sold in the villain's black market by Kenny who is draining viewer's brain power to advance the robot's intelligence.) March 21, 2015
  • 056 Leader Schmeader (When Stingo and Kyra argue over their own leadership over WASP and GIRL, this conflict grows a problem as both teams worry about their leaders. Later on when this becomes a bigger issue with SSFF and RAVI as well, Stingo quits WASP stating that no team wants a "pathetic, brainless moron" for leader. He leaves Galaxian High during an asteroid storm, leaving Samantis WASP's new leader. Meanwhile, RED are actually the ones causing the asteroid storm with Dr. Keef's Asteroid Magnet machine to collect the asteroid's crystal shards to upgrade the Lectroad's weapon supply. Samantis, Riot, Logan and Blinky all try to find Stingo and bring back his confidence. When RED bring an asteroid attack on Galaxian High, WASP and Stingo managed to destroy the Asteroid Magnet and saved everyone. Stingo realizes WASP wants him as their leader and rejoins the team.) March 28, 2015
  • 057 Robot Update (When Sparky begins suffering a series of malfunctions, it turns out that his circuits are damaged. He asks Rincha if she can repair them but she can't, so Sparky has to be more careful but continues glitching so SSFF send Sparky to be repaired in Wrenchack Shack. Once there, Sparky is shocked to discover that it was a trap set by Tekral who turns out to have survived the virus-eliminator and plans to disassemble the robot and use his parts for his new body. When Sparky escapes from Tekral and tells SSFF what's happening, the gang have to save Sparky.) April 4, 2015
  • 058 Touchdown Showdown (Planet Olympias is holding the 400th Starball Tournament with SSFF and RED competing. Lance is Starball Team leader hoping to win a statue of himself displayed in the Hall of Champions, but after he learns that only 10 members can qualify as a Starball Team and Melvin gets badly injured during practice, Lance is furious that he only has 8 members left. Meanwhile, GIRL and Feather Sisters all plan to cheer on SSFF in the Starball Tournament. But T1na accidentally damages her reflex wires in her leg and cannot go to the tournament. While in the infirmary by herself, T1na confronts Tekral who promises to repair her leg with the offer of a handshake, but Tekral electrocutes and corrupts her with his virus energy, turning her into her corrupted alter ego V-na. V-na and Tekral joined Lance's Starball Team, hoping to destroy SSFF in the finals.) April 11, 2015
  • 059 Kitty Love (Kyra falls in love with a handsome feline named Marcus, but SSFF are surprised to find out that he is Meowna's nephew. When Marcus asks out Kyra to his aunt's restaurant, Skip, Sqak, Croco, Tubby, Oswald and Roshan all pretend to be Kyra's bodyguards as they are suspicious towards the handsome cat. Meanwhile, Cherry and Egghead sneak out of their teams so they can secretly go on a date with each other while RAVI tries to search for the virus corrupted T1na (V-na).) April 12, 2015
  • 060 Planet Zoo (RED captures all the small creatures in Planet Forestria and locks them up for the new Planet Xoon zoo where Lectroads and Red Ants are free to harass the animals, so SSFF, WASP and the Feather Sisters have to save the imprisoned animals.) April 18, 2015
  • 061 V-na's Wrath (Tekral comes to RED to aid them on their next villainous plot, claiming that he really wants to join their team. Once accepted, Tekral and V-na start to turn Planet Xoon into a giant sphere of high security. V-na links herself into Galaxian High's electricity and causes mayhem with the security traps to destroy the heroes. Though everyone survived, V-na immediately drains all of Galaxian High's power and using it for Tekral's upgraded planet. Without any power, Galaxian High will collapse into the sun so the teams have to get the power grid back or their school ship will burn. In the end, SSFF and Sparky engage a massive battle with V-na with Cynder kicking V-na into an electric fence, killing V-na and freeing T1na from her control.) April 25, 2015
  • 062 Cutie of the Colossus (Bruno plans to demolish Bio-City by creating an army of ferocious mutants. To do so, He and RED invade a genetic pet factory called "Cutie Ball Heaven" where they threaten the employees to make adorable Cutie Balls into savage killing machines. SSFF and Feather Sisters try to stop Bruno's mutated Cutie Balls before they destroy Bio-City.) April 26, 2015
  • 063 No Cute Pets Allowed (After successfully saving Bio-City from Bruno's Cutie Ball attack, SSFF and Feather Sisters discovered Fetria snuck one of the Cutie Balls named "Scravey" to Galaxian High because she can't resist how cute they are. When Bruno and Tekral find out there is only one Cutie Ball left, they send alien hunter Zeno to capture Scravey so Bruno can use his DNA to clone more mutant cutie balls. Meanwhile, Priceless wants to keep a giant flesh-eating centipede named Giggles for a pet much to the horror of Jerry, Keef, Ty, Egghead, Darcy, Lance, and Melvin. When Giggles begins terrorizing Xoon, Jerry immediately calls in the space exterminators who try to exterminate both Giggles and Scravey.) May 2, 1015
  • 064 Starfall (Galaxian High is visited by a critic named Charles who wants to assign with SSFF, much to their amazement as they didn't get any critics for a while. They let Charles listen to their plans to foil Red Ant and Lectroad invasions but keep getting foiled every time. SSFF start to suspect that Jerry has been spying and ratting out their plans to RED, but soon they found out Charles is actually a disguised chamalien named Jex working for Queen Priceless, and they tricked him into getting himself arrested by pranking Priceless during her Xoon float parade.) May 9, 2015
  • 065 Hall of Horrors (At a local amusement park, SSFF, GIRL and Feather Sisters discovered that the mirrors of a hall-of-mirrors attraction are actually portals to an illusion world where the silent Meemo Mime is kidnapping tourists and forcing them to watch his performances for the rest of their lives.) May 10, 2015
  • 066 Cloning Chaos (Captain Salt creates a genetic intelligent clone of himself and names it CS2 to help him with principle work. But however, CS2 has other plans for Salt's cloning which SSFF discovered. CS2 wants to make clones of the other teams in Galaxian High because he thought saving the galaxy will be more easier with intelligent clones.) May 16, 2015
  • 067 Bird Family (SSFF, WASP and Feather Sisters arrived on Planet Aves, an amazon planet populated by all sorts of birds, where Sarina reunites with her parents who want her and her sisters to stay with them although Sarina wants to be with Sqak. Meanwhile, RED plans to take over Planet Aves so Tekral hires the pilot dictator Sgt Brusk to help them in their invasion.) May 23, 2015
  • 068 Global Harming (Dr. Tron invents a fresh oxygen machine to produce fresh energy to a polluted planet. However, Darcey and his band of Furry Bandits steal the machine so RED can turn it into a space polluter so SSFF and GIRL have to save Galaxian Sector from major pollution.) May 24, 2015
  • 069 Water You Doing? (DARK plan to kill the inhabitants of Planet Vexter by drowning them in a wave of ocean water held by a dam. SSFF, WASP and Feather Sisters try to stop them and saved the inhabitants only for Sarina to get caught in the flooding rapids. Sqak saves Sarina from drowning where he learns that she has intense hydrophobia.) May 30, 2015
  • 070 Metroid Primate (Dr. Keef plans to raid Galaxian's Base on Planet Wex with his robot monkey army, with Dr. Tron fighting off the invasion himself. Meanwhile, SSFF and RAVI try to save the massive disasters Tron's and Keef's battling is causing.) May 31, 2015
  • 071 Behind the Scene (SSFF learned about a mysterious client who has been building robotic V-Bots for Viral to use as an army, and the client is also responsible for the creation of Clawz and Metal's suit. It later turns out that the client is Robin's ex-BFF, Lisa Rabbit, who wants to get revenge on SSFF.) June 6, 2015
  • 072 Joker Face (Joker Gambly, the owner of Cometzio Casino, invites Queen Priceless to his casino as a guest host. SSFF and GIRL learned that Joker is actually scamming millionaires out of all their money with his machines and RED found out Joker is gonna rob all of Priceless's money. SSFF and GIRL try to shut down Joker's studio while RED try to save their fortune.) June 13, 2015
  • 073 Terrible Tutor (Melvin, Bruno, Lance, Ty and Darcey all believe that Egghead isn't evil enough to be a member of RED, so they recruit an evil criminal mastermind: a genetic brain named Lobius, to train Egghead to be more evil like the other RED members.) June 14, 2015
  • 074 The Sun Vanishes(SSFF and Feather Sisters are battling RED in an asteroid field but their fight gets interrupted when the large sun disappears mysteriously, putting the entire universe pitch black. SSFF later learned that DARK has constructed a global trap that imprisoned the large sun into a small container.) June 20, 2015
  • 075 Journey to the Heart of Atlantis (Hip and Hop discovered an ancient map to the lost city of Atlantis where the teams discovered legendary fish people while exploring the sunken city. Tekral plans for him and RED to take control of Atlantis and rise it up to the surface as their empire.) June 21. 2015
  • 076 The Fast and the Curry (Ravi and Sqak compete in an annual race derby in the Galaxian Sector to prove who's got a faster leader. SSFF goes to Deran Dhoka to help them build a great kart for Sqak to compete but on one condition: they have to make Deran a curry made of the spices grown in the jungles of Amazonia) June 27, 2015
  • 077 Down Under (The Feather Sisters engage to go on a rescue mission down into the Realm of Wicked Souls by the realm's ruler the Soul Harvester, which later turns out to be RED's plan to get rid of the heroes.) June 28, 2015
  • 078 A Dark Secret (Drag brings SSFF and Feather Sisters to his abandoned laboratory where he shows them the machine that made Viral virtual, the Virtualizer, and prepares to destroy it hoping it will put an end to Viral for good. However, Viral's hench duo the Barrel Bros steal the Virtualizer before the gang could destroy it. The teams and Feather Sisters have to get the Virtualizer back from the Barrel Bros.) July 11, 2015
  • 079 Viral Showdown Part 1 (After stealing the Virtualizer, Viral gains control of Xoon and uses the entire planet as a comet to hurl towards earth, destroying both planets in the process. SSFF and RED must work together to save their two home planets from Viral's clutches. In the end, Viral retreats into his virtual dimension with SSFF and Feather Sisters in pursuit.) July 12, 2015
  • 080 Viral Showdown Part 2 (SSFF and Feather Sisters confront Viral where they engage a battle. WASP, RAVI and GIRL try to fight off Viral's army as Xoon and Earth slowly start to collide. In the end, the gang defeat Viral who disintegrates into pixels down a vortex and the virtual dimension begins to fall apart. The Feather Sisters are unable to leave as it turns out that they too are virtuals like Viral, with Sqak and Sarina bidding their farewells. Afterwords, SSFF are promoted to Space Rangers for saving the two planets and they get to go to a new school in the Staradian Sector with new teams of friends.) July 18, 2015 SEASON FINALE

Season 3 (2015-2016)

  • 081 Welcome to Staradian High (After defeating Viral, SSFF are promoted to official Space Rangers and attend Staradian High over at the Staradian Sector. The team later learned something secret about their new team friends.) September 12, 2015
  • 082 New Villains, Old Nemesis (RED and SSFF engage a Bruiser Bot battle only for a third Bruiser Bot to join the battle. When the two teams open up the Bruiser Bot's hatchet to meet it's mysterious controller, it turns out the Bruiser Bot was on self pilot by a chunk of crystarium in it's core. They learned that all the other self piloted Bruiser Bots are being made by a large machine called CEL. As SSFF, FUR, BUG and HAWK creep into CEL's lair to investigate, they realized that CEL is actually SSFF's long time nemesis Professor X2 and his SSSSS team who have returned and plan to take over the universe.) September 20, 2015
  • 083 Evil Unmasked (SSSSS are attacking Staropolis with SSFF going after JuJu. Skip punches JuJu in the face right before he was gonna escape, breaking his mask off in the process. However, JuJu's mask later comes to life and begins terrorizing Staradian High. Meanwhile, JuJu tries to hide his face from X2 and his other SSSSS members.) September 26, 2015
  • 084 Big Relatives (After learning RED is planning to steal all of Bio-City's water supply, Prof X2 sends Bigmouth and his relatives Loudmouth, Shemouth, Pottymouth, Blabbermouth and Sharpmouth to go sabotage RED's plot so he can steal the water. SSFF and FUR try to save the water supply from both RED, Bigmouth's relatives and Prof X2.) September 26, 2015
  • 085

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