Artwork by Sorastitch (tbc)
Full Name Lisica
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 592FC
Gender Female
Location Renardes Estos
Class Fox Agent
Fox Emperor/Kresthitan Empire
Main Weapon(s) Sword
First Appearance Foregone
Latest Appearance Foregone

Lisica is a companion in Foregone, who became a Fox Agent in 604FC, on her twelfth birthday.


Lisica was born to a poor family in Kresthita, in the year 592FC (eight years before the Kresthitan settlement of Aelai). Her parents were murdered because her father was unable to pay back a debt he owed to a local gang. She was saved by a Kresthitan soldier, Roland, who adopted her and raised her as his own.

Lisica began developing aspirations to become a soldier like Roland, until she was contacted by a Fox Agent who told her the Fox Emperor had chosen her to join their order. Roland encouraged her to accept the offer, being the great honour that it was, and Lisica joined the Fox Agents on her twelfth birthday.


Lisica is the first companion available in Foregone, and appears at the beginning of the game to deliver the message to the Slave to Fate that the Emperor wants them to be the first human to enter The Aerwoods.

Her companion quest is The Fox and the Grapes, where the Slave helps her decide whether to continue working for the Fox Agents or to return to her original ambition of being a soldier.

Personal Information

Physical Description

Lisica is of a strong, somewhat muscular build and average height. She has short hair which is naturally brown, which she has dyed orange with white tips to resemble a fox's fur. Her eye colour was made orange through magic as part of her initiation into the Fox Agents.

She wears a white robe with ornate orange patterns on it, the typical uniform of a Fox Agent. Underneath the robe she wears light mail armour.