Lisa the rabbit is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak Series. She is a smart teenage rabbit who's Robin's best friend. She first appeared in the episode Science Fair Ruin, where she and Robin first met. She later tried to get all the credit for their science fair project, but later apologizes to Robin in the end.

However, in Rangers she betrayed the gang as she believes her and Robin's intelligence can protect the world forever and tries to destroy the Blue Ant Race as she believes they're a minor influence in her goal.

Back In Action

Lisa later appeared in Back In Action, where she gives gadgets for the gang to use.


Lisa soon appeared in Rangers, where she and Robin begin to work together as mechanics building gadgets. But, Lisa has a secret: she is actually working as a mole for the Red Ants using a disguise named the Shadow Virus. The reason was because she believes she and Robin can protect the universe from now on with billions of their weapon defenses, and she somehow came to see Robin's friends and her romance with Roshan getting in the way of their friendship.

Lisa then sabotages the SSFF's Transport Device (to prevent them going to the junkyard) with Cy-bots, and builds a giant robot made of Red Ant technology over at the Junkyard to destroy Sunny City and kill the entire Blue Ants, fearing they will take all the credit for her hard work. The SSFF found out about Lisa's plans and persue her inside the robot, where they destroy it completely by destroying all it's power sources. Lisa, angered about this, was about to kill Roshan until his friends confront her as they wear new armor from the remains of the robot. After an explanation from Lisa on why she betrayed them, the SSFF fought and destroyed the Shadow Virus.

Afterwords, Lisa was arrested for trying to destroy Sunny City and was taken to the Blue Ant Prison. However, during the credits she escaped along with the New SSSSS but it was unknown if she was with them during this.

Battle Quotes

These are all the quotes Lisa says during her boss battle in Rangers.

Inside the Robot

  • (When attacking)
  • "Let's see if your missile proof!"
  • "There is no escape!"
  • "Get a load of this!"
  • "I got you know!"
  • "I'll kill you all!"
  • "A shield won't help you in this shot!"
  • (When a power source gets destroyed)
  • "Well... I didn't need that thing any way!"
  • "Agh! Stop breaking my machine!"
  • "You pain in the-!" (gets cut off)
  • "Your going to destroy us all if you keep smashing those!"
  • "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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