Kind of Item Ear
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

The Liquiground is an FBG in Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo. It is found in Grass Town.


The Liquiground looks like a human ear, though it is actually a cover for a human ear. It is tan, and has a symbol of two mountains on it.


The Liquiground can liquify the ground. It has a wide range, able to turn the ground of an entire stadium into mush.


Name Description Effect Damage Gift Points
Drown Ground The user liquifies the ground under an opponent, causing them to sink. 25 25
Seismic Slip The user drowns all the ground that they can in the area. Each turn, the turn player has a 40% chance to slip, not being able to do anything for that turn. Using Seismic Slip again will deactivate it. 5 (per slip) 12