A= Slap - Lip slaps, first normally, then backhanded. It comes out fast.

B= Pannel Toss - Lip tosses a Pannel at her opponent  after it hits them it bounces off and fades away.

(A)= Stick Poke - Lip points her stick in the direction she is looking it. The attack comes out extremely fast and flowers the enemy and has nice knockback. The range goes only little beyond Lip's body.

(B)= Pannel Swap - a cursor pops up infront of Lip ( in her direction ). when it goes over a foe they swap places with Lip and are stunned for a short time.

D A= Stick Spin - Lip spins from left to right with her stick knocking foes back  ( Simmilar to Mario Tornado )

D B= Garbage Block - Drops a garbage block right in front of her foes hit by this will be knocked on their side.

U A= Magic Powder - Lip raises her hand upwards and throws some kind of fairy dust, which takes a triangle form, in the air. The range of this attack is good, but knockback isn't that high.

U B= Watabou - Flies in the air with Watabou, Oponents take minor damage and are stunned for a short time.

FINAL SMASH= Tertris Attack - Lip exclaims "Ikuso, Panerus!" and jumps in the air. Suddenly a wall of Panels raises from the ground and blocks fall onto foes inflicting damage depending on size, ( similar to Iceburg from Ice Climbers ). 

Taunt 1=Lip does a little victory dance.

Taunt 2= Lip turns around to look at the back of her skirt, wiping some dust off.​

Taunt 3=She puts up her thumb and says "Yay!"​


Lip on the Halburd Stage,

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