Lionel is the main protagonist of Shy Guy's Land.


Lionel is a Shy Guy who always was looked down from all the other's as he broke the rule to never take off his mask to reveal his face, showing his black eyes with yellow irises, so they never wanted him, Lionel lives on Dream Island, along with his Chain Chomp friend, CC. But he wanted to recommit to show he CAN be different. After a raid on Dream Island of Bowser's Shy Guy's Lionel went off on his journey from England to Italy (because in my Alternate Universe i made up Mushroom Kingdom is in Italy because well Mario and Luigi are Italian!) Lionel goes off conquering the untouched places he never thought he'd be going to, meeting friends like, Barry the Wiggler, Alonzo the Bullet Bill, Louie the Goomba and enemies, such as Baron Grimm the Boo, and Maginson the Magikoopa. Lionel goes off to his grand adventure to put a stop to the Shy Guy raiders, and end the malarkey.


As with alot of my characters in my Alternate Universe, Lionel is a humanized version of the Shy Guys, he has a red hoodie, blue denim jeans, brown shoes, and he also used to have his iconic shy guy mask, but he wanted to recommit his complexion by ridding of his mask, which reveals his black eyes that have yellow irises, and he has black hair he keeps in a almost child-like style.


Lionel takes a personality like all the other Shy Guys, a nervous around strangers type persona, along with him blushing easily near women. But in Shy Guy's Land, he planned to change his overall personality, by making himself feel brave, make himself feel confident, and show everyone he CAN be special.

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