Lion's Quest
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Genre(s) adventure
Chapter(s) does it need any
Lion was sitting in the treetops. He had nothing to do, he had decided to return to his junge home, but has not revealed himself to the Kong family yet, but he had decided when he returned that today he would reveal himself. He approached the clearing where the Kongs live, gathering all the courage he had, which was not much when it came to the Kongs beacause as a child Lion lived in the jungle but was afraid of them, so he ran to vine valley, but returned when two Kongs came through, which inspired him to return. Lion kept on going, not thinking twice, doing something that would change his life forever. He left the clearing slowly, knowing that the Kongs we not expecting to see him, but what he did not know was that it was important that the first kong to see him should be on of the ones that passed through his territory...

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