Full Name Lion
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Location Donkey Kong Island
Current Status Hunting
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) claws, lion power
Ability/ies none
lion power
First Appearance Super Smash Bros. Rain Of Fire

Lion is a lion introduced in Super Smash Bros. Rain Of Fire. he has never encountered any other sentient biengs.



As a child, Lion found himself on an island which he has been on as long as he can remember.

Super Smash Bros. Rain Of FireEdit

Lion's first playable appearence was in Super Smash Bros. Rain Of Fire

Adventure mode: Rain of fireEdit

Lion is one of three playable charcters not in the adventure mode, the others being Roy and Doctor Mario.

Lions quest (video game)Edit

in the introduction Lion goes to the Kongs village and and meets Diddy kong, he then asks where Donkey Kong is and Diddy replies that donkey kong disappered a few weeks before. lion promises to find him, he answers the questions any Kongs have to ask him, but when Tiny Kong asked where the rest of his people were, he could only say "honestly, i don't know". then he goes off to find Donkey Kong so he could be trained.

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Lions quest (fanfic)Edit