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Link SSB4
The Heros of All Time
Last Apparition Zelda Wii U
Availablity UNLOCK
Ultra Final Triforce

Link (pronounced /ˈlɪŋk/ lingk)[13] is the name shared by the main protagonists of The Legend of Zelda series. There are many incarnations of Link, each possessing the Spirit of the Hero,[14] with some of them being blood related as well.[15] They are chosen by the Goddesses to protect the land from evil whenever deemed necessary.[16][17][18][19][20][21] In the majority of Zelda games, their adventures take place within Hyrule, traveling through the land, collecting important items, and defeating a wide variety of enemies while trying to save both Princess Zelda and her kingdom from the clutches of Ganon, Vaati, or other villains.


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Final Triforce: Link pounces on the opponent before sprinkle of sword (similar to SSB series)

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