Super missle

Samus fires a missile

NOTE:PLEASE READ THIS the begining WILL suck because im not very good at begining but the rest ill try



Samus:huffff pufffff ahhhhhh (falls on grass)

samus:some fight huh link

LINK:.............(smiles a bit)

Note i bet you are wondering how they

got to were they are at well its a long story...


Sam:now samus try to shoot that Robotic Metroid

Samus (thought):I already know how to do this(samus fired a missile at it and the Metroid exploded)

Samus:sir i believe i've finished now

Sam:sure take 5

Note:Samus was growing very cautios as if she cud sence something


Intercom:code Blue All soldiers report to the heart of the ship

Note:samus rushed to the scene


Note:A huge shawdow apperared

It was a even bigger ship flying over there ship

Samus:WHats that

Captain:we dont know but uts not good possiblyspace pirates


Captain:Samus we Are going out to that ship and checking it out


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