Link SSB4
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Availability Default
Series The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Home Stage Skyloft
Final Smash Triforce Slash


Link is the name shared by the main protagonists of The Legend of Zelda series. There are many incarnations of Link, each possessing the Spirit of the Hero, with some of them being blood related as well. They are chosen by the Goddesses to protect the land from evil whenever deemed necessary. In the majority of Zelda games, their adventures take place within Hyrule, traveling through the land, collecting important items, and defeating a wide variety of enemies while trying to save both Princess Zelda and her kingdom from the clutches of Ganon, Vaati, or other villains.

The first Link was introduced as a young Sword-wielding boy, but since The Adventure of Link, the identity, appearance, and role of each incarnation of Link has varied from game to game. Many of the Links are given titles to identify them, such as the Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time and the Hero of Winds in The Wind Waker.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Hero's Bow - Link equips his bow, with the arrows serving as projectiles. Charging increases the speed, distance and damage dealt by an arrow. (4%-12%)

> : Gale Boomerang-  A projectile which damages opponents as it flies away and drags opponents towards Link during its return. Can be angled up or down. A "smash throw" (similar to when performing the input for a smash attack) increases the distance the boomerang can travel. (7% (near), 5% (middle), 0% (far/return))

^ : Spin Attack -  This move functions differently when grounded and airborne; an aerial Spin Attack is used as recovery which grants Link great vertical distance. Hits 8 times in the air. A grounded Spin Attack is akin to most Zelda games, and functions similarly to a smash attack with great knockback. (12%/9%/7%/5% (ground), 4% (air hit 1), 2% (air hits 2-8), 4% (air hit 9))

v : Bomb -  An item based projectile Link pulls out. On contact with a surface, it detonates, dealing damage to opponents and can hurt Link as well (though the bombs do not cause damage to Link if the explosion hits an opponent). The explosion can grant him an extra Spin Attack if used skillfully. An odd function is that it will deal 8% damage when it hits the opponent's feet. (5% (upper body), 8% (feet), 9% (down smash aerial, feet))

F : Triforce Slash -  Link sends out a beam of light from the Triforce of Courage symbol on the back of his hand to stun enemies in front of him. If the beam comes in contact with an enemy, Link dashes forward and slashes them repeatedly while they are trapped in a Triforce-shaped energy field, with the last hit being a powerful stab and launching the trapped enemies away. (1% (first hit), 3% (hits 2-15), 2% (hit 16), 15% (hit 17))

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