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Universe The Legend of Zelda
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Triforce Slash

Link (リンク, Rinku) returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. V. He was confirmed along with Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus, and Inkling in the Official SSBV trailer + Inkling Reveal Trailer shown at E3 in 2018. His appearance is based of his Legend of Zelda U appearance mixed with his Hyrule Warriors appearance.

Link, this time around, is voiced by his Hyrule Warriors voice actor - Yuki Kaji. All of his previous voice clips were re-recorded so he does retain the same voice content with just a different voice.

Changes from Smash 4


Like every other veteran, Link now appears much more vibrant and his appearance is more based off his appearance in his games with a small realistic touch.


Slightly faster ground and aerial speed.

Ground Attacks

All tilt damage decreased.

Aerial Attacks

Up air does less damage but has increased priority.

Grabs and Throws

No Changes

Special Moves

Triforce Slash power increased.

Special Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Hero’s Bow 4%-12% Link equips his bow, with the arrows serving as projectiles. Charging increases the speed, distance and damage dealt by an arrow.
Alternate 1 Ball and Chain 14% Must be charged. During the charge animation, Link puts on his Ball and Chain. When fully charged, A must be hit to swing the Ball in whichever direction Link is facing. High damage with high knockback but leaves Link vulnerable if it’s shielded or dodged. Has high range and can kill lighter fighters really early. The Ball and Chain is the weapon from Hyrule Warriors.
Alternate 2 Silver Bow 6%-15% Much like Hero’s Bow except Link fires Silver Arrows. Which travel farther uncharged and do more damage and a bit more knockback. They leave Link more vulnerable than the Hero’s Bow as it has more cooldown.
Side Special Gale Boomerang 7% (near), 5% (middle), 0% (far/return) A projectile which damages opponents as it flies away and drags opponents towards Link during its return. Can be angled up or down. A "smash throw" (similar to performing a smash attack) increases the distance the boomerang can travel.
Alternate 1 Boomerang 9% (near), 7% (middle), 5% (far), 3% (return) Travels on the same route as the Gale Boomerang, however, unlike the Gale Boomerang, this one retains its properties from both Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, where there are no whirlwind effects whatsoever but there is damage on the boomerang's return. It has less knockback, but a better angle.
Alternate 2 Fire Rod 8% Link waves his Fire Rod which lets out a fiery blast. Low damage but pretty high knockback. Can be reflected as it is considered a projectile. Leaves a burned effect on those hit.
Up Special Spin Attack 12%/9%/7%/5% (ground), 4% (air hit 1), 2% (air hits 2-8), 4% (air hit 9) This move functions differently when grounded and airborne; an aerial Spin Attack is used as recovery which grants Link great vertical distance. Hits 5 times in the air. A grounded Spin Attack is akin to most Zelda games, and functions similarly to a smash attack with great knockback.
Alternate 1 Shocking Spin 14%/9%/7%/5% (ground), 4% (air hit 1), 1% (air hits 2-4), 6% (air hit 5) A much more powerful version of the Spin Attack, where Link is able to deal much more knockback with an electric effect and can charge the move more quickly. The downside however is the fact that Link's recovery is much shorter and has poor horizontal motion. The aerial version can semi-spike, but cannot hit backwards.
Alternate 2 Whirling Leap A special type of Spin Attack that can only be used as a recovery move. It produces no hits and thus, no damage whatsoever, but actually travels much higher and much further than the normal recovery, even to the point of not relying on momentum and performing multiple left and right movements.
Down Special Bomb 6% (bolt meteor), 8% (bolt non-meteor), 15% (blast) An item based projectile Link pulls out, with its design from Twilight Princess. An explosion deals damage when in direct contact with an opponent, though it's possible to get additional damage from an indirect hit from a blast. Link can hurt himself with this move, which can grant him an extra Spin Attack if used skillfully. An odd function is that it will deal 8% damage when it hits the feet
Alternate 1 Bombchu 2% (contact), 9% (explosion) Link drops Bombchu which travel across the ground and explode on contact
Alternate 2 Giant Bomb 9%-11% A bomb that has grown to massive size, increasing its hitbox and properties, though it remains practically the same. However, they cannot blow up when thrown at the opponent, and need time or another explosion to blow up. They deal damage based on range.
Final Smash Triforce Slash 1% (snag), 45% (last hit) Link locks onto an opponent and proceeds to slash them repeatedly with his Master Sword. A luminous image of the Triforce appears around the opponent as Link slashes them. The final strike launches the opponent.

Animations and Misc.


SIDE - Performs a pose whereby he stands on one leg and holds his sword in an attack position.

UP - Swings his sword, then sheathes and unsheathes it.

DOWN - Navi flies out in front of him, then returns.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Link swings his sword, sheathes it then adjusts his gloves.

On Screen Appearance

Link appears in a whirlwind and unsheathes his sword.

Victory Animations

Gives two swipes of his sword, then sheathes it

Thrusts his sword forward, then thrusts it up into the air.

Swings his sword, then poses.

Losing Animation

Link is seen clapping.

Crowd Cheer

“Link Link Link!”

Victory Theme

A remix directly from Smash 4 based on the tune that will play when Link obtained a Triforce Piece in The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Fighting Stance

Retains his fighting stance from SSB4.

Idle Poses

Link briefly poses with his sword behind him

Link looks behind him.


Retains his walking animation from SSB4.


Retains his dashing animation from SSB4.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description
Locked First
Locked Second


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