Link, the Hero of Time
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game U Hyrule Warriors
Availability Starter
Final Smash Triforce Slash/Skyward Strike

Link returns to theSuper Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Link has been buffed up including having more reliable killing attacks, as well as using attacks such as the Gale Boomerang and the bombs, makes Link a bit lighter. Link's Hero's Bow has also been buffed up, dealing more damage. Aesthetically, Link appears much like he does from Hyrule Warriors and bears the blue scarf from the game. He also retains several elements from the game as well from games such as Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time.

Changes from Smash 4Edit

  • Link's Up Aerial does more damage and, while it has a long attack duration, has reduced landing lag. It has enhanced priority.
  • Link has a faster running speed than before, but a bit harder to stop. Appears to be his running animation from Hyrule Warriors.
  • Using items such as the Gale Boomerang, Hero's Bow, and others reduces his weight meaning he can move faster, jump higher, and fall faster, but also is susceptible to launch speed.
  • Hero's Bow takes less time to charge up and has reduced ending lag.


Special Set AEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Hero's Bow 4%-12% Link can fire an arrow from his bow and arrow. Charging it increases the speed, distance and damage.
Custom 1 Power Bow 4%-20% Sacrifices speed and distance for damage and knockback. A fully charged arrow does high knockback.
Custom 2 Quickfire Bow 4%-8% Flies straight and quick and can pierce through enemies and objects but deals little damage and no knockback.
Side Special Gale Boomerang 7% (near), 5% (middle), 0% (far/return) Link throws the Gale Boomerang which generates a tornado and can bring items and the opponents to Link. Smashing it increases the distance traveled.
Custom 1 Boomerang 9% (near), 7% (middle), 5% (far), 3% (return) Much like its Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee incarnation. It deals damage on its return trip back to Link.
Custom 2 Ripping Boomerang 4% (near), 2% (middle), 1.5% (far), 0.7% (return) Travels less distance than the Gale Boomerang, but damages players much more efficiently and causes hitstun to ensure the attack does multiple hits.
Up Special Spin Attack 12%/9%/7%/5% (ground), 4% (air hit 1), 2% (air hits 2-8), 4% (air hit 9) The Spin Attack functions differently when in the air and when on the ground. The aerial version does 5 hits and pushes Link upwards. The grounded version acts as a powerful Smash attack with great knockback.
Custom 1 Shocking Spin 14%/9%/7%/5% (ground), 4% (air hit 1), 1% (air hits 2-4), 6% (air hit 5) When on the ground, it generates electricity and has great damage and knockback with less charging time. However, as an aerial move, it has significantly reduced recovery distance but creates electricity.
Custom 2 Whirling Leap 0% Link sacrifices damage and knockback for a great recovery distance. The attack propels Link high into the air with the player able to control the trajectory of the spin.
Down Special Bomb 5% (upper body), 8% (feet) Link pulls out the Bomb and can chuck it at opponents. It has a new feature that, when used while crouching, Link will roll it instead of chucking it. It does more damage from the feet than the upper body.
Custom 1 Giant Bomb 8%-10% Link pulls out the Giant Bomb and tosses it. It has a larger blast radius and deals more damage but doesn't explode upon contact, but rather acts as a timed explosion. It can be crouch rolled.
Custom 2 Meteor Bomb 5% A weaker bomb with a shorter fuse that can cause a meteor smash in the air. It can damage and hinder Link if he makes contact with it.

Special Custom Set BEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Scattershot 2% for every seed Link pulls out his trusty slingshot and fires a round of Deku Seeds. They don't do any knockback but do 2% for every seed. Charging it fully fires 5 seeds total.
Custom 1 Dazing Scattershot 0% Link fires Deku Seeds that cause a daze/helpless fall affect when it makes contact much like the Deku Seed item. It is a bit slower than the Scattershot default. Charging the attack fires 5 seeds total.
Custom 2 Singleshot 5% Link fires a quick single Deku Seed. It is much quicker than the default Scattershot and can be fired in quick succession without any ending lag.
Side Special Spinner 3% (every hit), 8% (attack button) Link hops on the Spinner and can damage opponents with every hit. The hits do hitstun which ensures it does multiple hits. The player can also press the attack button to cause it to do an extra attack for higher damage, though it has significant lag. Pressing the special button cancels the attack.
Custom 1 Stationary Spinner 2% (every hit), 10% (attack button) Link stays still rather than moving forward and will generate high spins. The spins do less damage, but deal more hits. Pressing the attack button deals more damage. It is useless and potentially suicidal when done in the air.
Custom 2 Bouncing Spinner 5% (every hit), 4% (attack button), 7% (upon landing) The Bouncing Spinner bounces as it spins forward. It does more damage every hit, but deals less hits, less damage through the attack button, but more damage when it lands on an opponent.
Up Special Sail Cloth 2% A whirlwind appears underneath Link which hoists him high into the air. He pulls out his Sail Clothe and glides back to the ground. The sail clothe can do 2% damage as he travels downward.
Custom 1 Delayed Sail Clothe 2% Much like the default, but Link will not pull out the sail clothe automatically. Instead, he will descend back to the ground and is able to input an aerial attack. Pressing the B button causes him to pull out the Sail Clothe.
Custom 2 Billowing Sail Clothe 8% Much like the default Sail Clothe, pressing the B button as Link glides down causes the clothe to billow out, dealing more damage and knock back than the default version.
Down Special Gauntlet 15% ( thrown), 5% (debris) Link puts on his Gauntlet and grabs a boulder from the ground. During this time, he is much heavier than usual and can't jump. Pressing the special button again causes Link to throw it in which it explodes. Pushing causes him to hold it upwards which can block attacks. Holding down causes him to set it down in front of him. Pressing the attack button causes him to smash it with the other gauntlet, dealing area damage.
Custom 1 Iron Gauntlet 25% ( impact), 24% (attack), 8% (debris) Much slower and laggy than the Gauntlet but deals much more damage and knockback. Link puts on the Iron Gauntlet and pulls out from the ground a large iron pillar. Link can either throw it forward with high damage and knock back with the special, swing it using the attack button but with very bad ending lag/failed hit, or can set it down by holding the control stick down.
Custom 2 Gauntlet Punch 18-24% Link puts on the gauntlet and can charge up a punch attack. Charging up the attack increases the power, but also the ending lag. Link delivers a very powerful punch with high knock back.

Final SmashEdit

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Triforce Slash 1% (snag), 30% (last hit) Link locks onto an opponent and dashes forward, trapping them in a Triforce and slashing the opponent multiple times. Link then finishes with a final slash that does high knock back.
Final Smash 2 Skyward Strike 2% (first hits), 28% (final hit) Link raises his sword to the sky and charges it with electricity. He then fires a volley of crescent shape blasts that deal damage. The final attack does the most damage and does area wide damage.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Takes his sword, holds it back, and strikes a pose while going “Haii!” (Up)
  • Link twirls his sword, sheathes his sword, and then unsheathes it again. (Right)
  • Link sheathes his sword and runs a hand into his hair while going “hmmm”. (Left)
  • Link opens a fairy bottle and watches it spin around him. (Down)

Character Selection ScreenEdit

  • Link places his shield in front of his sword and then strikes upwards.
  • Link unseathes his sword and slashes it forward.
  • Link unseathes his sword and points it forward.

On Screen AppearanceEdit

  • Link appears while riding a cyclone of wind and jumps out, unsheathing his sword.
  • Link descends from a column of light, lands, and unsheathes his sword.
  • Link appears soaring on an Loftwing, jumps off, lands on the ground via Sailclothe, and unsheathes his sword.

Victory AnimationsEdit

  • Slashes his sword and looks to the right.
  • Horizontal swipe with his sword and then holds up while shouting.
  • Slashes twice and then sheathes it.
  • Link plays the Ocarina while winds swirls about him.
  • Jumps onto Epona and raises his sword while shouting.
  • Holds out his hand as if he found some sort of item in a chest.

Victory FanfareEdit

A remix directly from Smash 4 based on the tune that will play when Link obtained a Triforce Piece in The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Idle PosesEdit

  • Briefly poses with his sword behind him.
  • Looks behind him.
  • Rotates his shield arm.
  • Taps his foot on the ground behind him.


Link's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

"Link, the Hero of Time has saved Hyrule and Princess Zelda countless times. You would think Hyrule would make Link mayor or thank him for saving the world every generation. However, Link doesn't seem to mind and continuous to strive forward to vanquish evil. Link brandishes a variety of weapons and gear such as Boomerangs, Hookshots, and Bombs to get through dungeons and defeat enemies. He is the hero that Hyrule deserves!"

Link (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Purple 

"The Gauntlet is a powerful item found by Link. Upon donning it, he can lift exceptionally large objects such as boulders and statues. He truly becomes that of the super hero though once he takes them off, he is back to square one. In Super Smash Bros., the Gauntlet can be used to pick up boulders from the ground and smash or throw them to deal damage."

Link (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Yellow 

"Link's trademark melee attack is the "Spin Attack". It has appeared in countless of The Legend of Zelda games and is featured predominately as the "go-to-attack". It has been updated throughout the years from using up Magic power to being able to be charged. In Super Smash Bros., it can be used as a recovery to propel Link high into the air.

Chainmail Link

Unlock: Boss Battle Console/Chainmail Link

"There was once a time that Link did not possess the powers and equipment that made him the Hero of Time. He was a recruit within the Hyrulian Army and, by large, an untested soldier. It wasn't until Zelda took notice of his drive and when the Kingdom was attacked by enemy forces that Link showed his true courage. This outfit represents his time spent as a foot soldier in the Hyrulian army.

Ocarina of Time Link

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld/Ocarina of Time Link

"The young versions of Link and Zelda teamed up in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to defeat Ganondorf, the King of Evil. In order to do so, Link had to recover the Master Sword. Once he did and pulled it out its pedestal, then slept for 7 years and aged into his adult form. Using the Master Sword, he carved his way through Ganondorf's armies and traps and defeated the King of Evil in combat. But despite appearances, is he different from the other incarnations of Link?"

Link (Sail Clothe)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Skyloft Link

"The Sail Clothe is a useful item that propels Link high into the air. It was a gift given to him by Zelda for winning the Wing Ceremony in Skyloft. In Super Smash Bros., the attack will propel Link in the air and allow him to slowly float to the ground. However, it leaves him vulnerable to attack by grounded opponents."

Link (Bomb)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Dark Link

"Link has never been said to have an explosive personality, but when combined with incendiary devices, he becomes pretty fiery in comparison. Link is able to use various Bombs in his adventures. In Super Smash Bros., Link can throw bombs in various ways and even roll them to explode the bomb at opponents feet. But be careful since he too can be caught in the explosion!"

Link (Zora Tunic)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Blue

"When Link needed access to the Water Temple, he found himself stuck as he could not survive underwater for long periods of time without drowning. The Zora Tunic is exactly what he needed as it gave him the ability to survive underwater without worrying about oxygen. Link would definitely be disqualified at swimming competitions."

Link (Fierce Deity Link)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Black

"Once Link dons on the Fierce Deity Mask, it transforms him into a powerful warrior. Young Link was able to transform himself into this form which looked oddly like his adult form. He was able to deliver powerful cutting attacks and energy blasts. However, it won't have any effect on actual game play for those looking to get an edge on the battle - tough luck!"

Link (Down Taunt)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Red

"Fairies are curious creatures that reside in crystal clear pools of water. They seem to be connected to the Great Fairy somehow. When a weary traveler comes upon their spring, they are happy to heal them of all hurt and wear. However, some opportunistic individuals (Link *cough cough*) feel compelled to capture the poor things in a bottle for later use. The Organization for Equal Treatment of Faeries should sue Link."

Triforce Slash

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

"It's time to run when you see the Triforce. Link will trap his opponents within the confines of the Trriforce and immediately let loose all of that pent up adventuring aggression! Link delivers countless sword strikes until it reaches its climax where he then attacks with one last sword slash - defeating anyone foolish enough to challenge him."

Skyward Strike

Unlock: All Star Mode (Hard and Very Hard)

"The Master Sword is an infamous known for holding a great power. Link can harness this power by pointing his sword to the heavens and absorbing lighting energy. Link is able to then mold this celestial energy into a crescent shape. Link then fires this energy at any unlucky foe that stands before Link and his destiny. These energy crescents fly through the air; splitting the air and time itself."

Alternate CostumesEdit


Color Title Color Notes Status
1st Green Link's default tunic Starter
2nd Red Link's Fire Tunic outfit Starter
3rd Blue Link's Zora tunic Starter
4th Purple Link purple tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. Starter
5th Yellow Tunic based off from power upgrades and Skyloft Knight tunics. Starter
6th Black Based off from Dark Link, an enemy in The Legend of Zelda series. Starter
7th White Based off Link's outfit he starts off with in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Starter
8th Black Resembles Fierce Deity Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Starter
9th Pink A pink tunic Starter
10th White Resembles the Postman costume from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Hyrule Warriors. Starter
Ocarina of Time Link Green Resembles Ocarina of Time's model for Link Locked
Magic Armor Red Based off of Link's Magic Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Locked
Chainmail Link Gray Resembles Link's chainmail outfit from Hyrule Warriors. Locked


  • Link is one of the few characters to have an alternate costume based off an earlier version of him in a previous Super Smash Bros. game including another color scheme.